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An Overhyped Product All Of Us Use Regularly

Yes, our moms swear by it and so do the instagrammers and the bloggers and the list goes on…. But what if I say that this ‘sent straight from the heaven’ Coconut OIL  is not that heavenly a product and that it’s most likely to disappoint you. Though it has its share of benefits but using it as a sunscreen and deodorant, doesn’t it sound too good to be true? Don’t you want to know the ‘sweared by’ myths… Well, here you go..

#1. It works as a sunscreen

If it doesn’t harm, doesn’t mean you would start wearing it as a sunscreen. Yes, it does provide sheer protection but just not enough to skip your sunscreen for. Don’t risk it ladies.

#2. Using it as a deodorant

Yeah! sure you can, if you want to smell like coconuts and would manage with the sweat for it.

#3. Coconut milk should be consumed daily

To your surprise, coconut milk should ideally be consumed in moderation. Preferably twice a week.

#4. It is good for heart

Researches show that it increases LDL ‘bad’ cholestrol levels more than the other vegetable oils but not as much as butter and concluded that using canola oil or soybean oils i.e. polyunsaturated vegetable oils over Coconut Oil would reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

#5. It makes everything taste like coconut

It is a very light oil and one might not even be able to detect it’s presence in most of the foods.

#6. Coconut oil alone can moisturize hair

That, my friend, is a lie. Though coconut moisturizes your hair but it needs more products to lock in the moisture. So, next time, don’t expect the results to be highly flattering.

#7. To get rid of stretch marks

Nope, don’t expect it to work that ways. It can’t replenish the ground substance which, at the first place, causes Stretch Marks.

#8. It gives you defined curls and combats breakage

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT expect the results to be even close to what the show in the advertisements. It might make your hair smooth but never the ‘oh-so-perfect’ as transformation that the promotions show. As for the breakage part, nothing can make your hair good if it is damaged. You have to get it cut, learn to take proper care of those locks and don’t damage them again.

#9. Replacing it as a moisturizer

Yes, you can use it as one without any harm but only in small amount. using much of coconut oil clogs the pores causing breakouts.

#10. Coconut water is more hydrating than water

Though quite some people say that but there is no scientific proof for it.

Get up beauties and start collecting more information rather than just blindly following what people say. Don’t admire, just inquire.

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An Overhyped Product All Of Us Use Regularly


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