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We Don’t Meet Anyone by Accident—3 Types of Cosmic Connections.

Nothing happens by chance.

Every single meeting has a great purpose beyond.

Sometimes, we need some people in our lives to wake up and change the direction of our lives. Other times, we also need people to uplift and remind us who we are. And sometimes, it is simply about those that are meant to hold space for us.

Ironically, sometimes we are not meant to know the purpose of every person we meet in our life. But we are still open to whatever each encounter will reveal.

We should look at the world we live in some ways as having Cosmic Connections running all through it. Some threads are silken and crimson. Others may be roughened burlap. Each of the threads depicts a different meeting which has yet to happen.

We are supposed to interact with one another in our life and let our lives overlap.

Sometimes, it seems that social media is chasing away our need for those real life-connections. But something within our minds starts to shift when we start to believe that every single thing happens for some reason.

Not all of the encounters are supposed to last forever. Sometimes they come in for just a little moment in time. It was maybe to delay you so that you avoid a car accident. Sometimes, our universe sends us people that will help upon our journey. Even if they are not meant to be a significant part of that journey.

Our life is a magical mystery of synchronicity. It is the belief that our universe sends us signs along the way, to help us take the right direction toward our life purpose. An example of this can be the random meeting of people, numbers, songs. They let us know that there is a plan in place which we are not yet aware of.

Perhaps, we cannot truly ever plan our destiny. But we can probably prepare ourselves for it, just by making room for the unexpected things to come.

Cosmic Connections 1: Souls meant to wake us up.

These are those individuals that come into our lives permanently or maybe for an extended period. Sometimes, they can even be soul mates or twin flames. They come into our lives to create a roadblock for us. They will ultimately stop us from living the life that we had been living actually, and they will make it impossible to ignore the call to awaken.

In many cases, these people are rare gold. Sometimes we can sense them at our initial meeting. Often, there is a sense of recognition in our eyes and familiar vibration.

Every one of us has an idea of how we think our life will go. And then, we get to the place where all that we can do is laugh. Nothing in our lives goes according to a plan. The reason for this is because things are not meant to be.

Instead, sometimes we can receive divine intervention from these souls in a prior soul contract. In essence, we have agreed on meeting in this life before being born. We have also decided upon the time and the place of meeting.

Cosmic Connections 2: Souls who help to remind us who we are.

We are amazing children filled with fire and creativity. But somewhere along the way, we forget to believe in with such vigor.

Often, we sell out for being adults and responsible. This is not about the amount of money we make. Or even what kind of job we have — it is about our soul, as well as the inner compass.

One of the most challenging aspects we face is the decision. The journey to be ourselves, to break the mold and to live according to our own truth.

These kinds of souls come into our lives to remind us who we are so that we can be more true to ourselves. Sometimes, they will gently do that. But sometimes they will be more disruptive so that we can remember what that which we have so deeply forgotten was.

We have to remember who we were before we tried to be like everyone else in the world.

Cosmic Connections 3: Souls who simply hold space for us.

These are the ones that we simply cross paths with momentarily.

They are conversations which start instantly and last for hours while we are on the bus. Or they are those smiles as we walk with a coffee in our hands, wondering how our hearts became broken once again. It seems that sometimes we believe that Cosmic connections should be these lifelong experiences. But the reality is that we have them every single day.

Only because some person does not stay in our lives for years, it does not mean that the purpose of that person is not a fulfilling or a meaningful one. Often, these kinds of souls do not know us well.

However, the beautiful thing about every one of us is that we all have a story. We are all with a purpose in this life. Sometimes, people come into our lives, and they stay. But other times, they merely hold space, so some other changes can also happen.

The threads of interconnectedness are actually what make this planet as amazingly unpredictable as it is. We just never know when we will bump into someone that was sent to us to change our lives.

Inspired by Elephant Journal. Image Credit: John Pipere. It may be re-posted with proper attribution only with prior approval from

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We Don’t Meet Anyone by Accident—3 Types of Cosmic Connections.


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