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All That Social Media Stress…Time to Unplug?

Let’s face it.  You can’t live with it, nor can you live without it.  Many, many of us are addicted to it.  At the same time, however, it’s causing A LOT of stress.  With everything going on in the world, one’s news feed is pretty much inundated with other people’s opinions, often saying how they’re part of an oppressed group, and how things need to change.  I agree with that, yes, and yes, I agree that the world may have become much more ignorant and could very well be going back in time – especially with equal rights.  However, that seems to be all MANY of us are seeing.  Why can’t there be more posts which are light and funny?  So it could give us some sort of break?  


In addition, I find some issues are being exaggerated or over-played.  Especially body image.  You can probably say that I “don’t understand” because I’m thin, or but guess what?  I do.  We ALL have body image issues, whether we’re big, small or somewhere in between.  And some people’s views are VERY MISLEADING.  In addition, wanting to be smaller/looking good isn’t always about our patriarchal society.  It could be because WE WANT TO.  And while it isn’t healthy to attempt to be the so-called “ideal” as “dictated” by Media, just sitting on one’s bum, doing nothing but binge watch Netflix while eating chips and drinking pop isn’t great either.  I suppose if you CHOOSE to do it, you could – it’s just not the best choice, that’s all.  Ruin your health if you want.  No one’s stopping you.  I could say the same thing about wearing (or NOT wearing) make-up.  Don’t stop wearing it because you’re protesting what is generally accepted.  Stop wearing it because you WANT TO or because it’s messing up your skin.  However, that’s not what I’m typically seeing on my feed.  It’s always, always, always about “those in power” telling us “what to do.”  What are we?  Fifteen and trying to defy our parents?  What’s worse is when people try to tell you that YOU are part of a certain type of oppressed group.  Umm, really?  So you’re going to paint an ENTIRE group with a broad brush?  What if I DON’T feel oppressed?  Okay, wait, I am.  Because YOU are oppressing me by correcting me when I’m disagreeing with you.  Besides, “oppress” is a very strong word.  And your attitude is verging on cyber bullying.  I’m serious! 

I probably SHOULD be taking a Social Media break, but when you blog, it’s not that easy to do – you use social media to promote your posts, so you end up reading all that crap.  I try not to get into social media fights with people, because it’s never resolved.  And it’s a problem on both sides of the political spectrum.  Maybe we should have a “happy social media day” where we only post puppies and cookies or something.  Oh, wait, cookie posts would lead to gluten comments and whether one really NEEDS to be gluten-free if they’re not celiac – provided they’re more “traditional” style cookies.  Anyway…..

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All That Social Media Stress…Time to Unplug?


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