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Cambridge Method Scam Review: Scam Alert!

Cambridge Method Scam Review

Well, the weekend is almost upon us and the scams just keep rolling in. The Cambridge Method promises to earn traders “hundreds of thousands of dollars” within 30 days. Is this true or yet another scam designed to take our money and run? In my Cambridge Method review I shall give you the dirt on this latest trading method.

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Cambridge Method Introductory Video

The video opens with the presenter, Jake Orton, getting out of his car and walking up to his mansion (which looks vaguely familiar, especially once I got a glimpse of the inside. I think there must be a few “McMansions” that these scam artists rent out on a regular basis for videos such as this). He keeps telling us repeatedly that we can earn “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in just 30 days or he will give us $10,000 of his own money. He must repeat this 5 times, I lost count actually. The video kept stopping and starting so that made it pretty annoying, but I think this is just another technique designed to make us think that there are literally thousands of other people watching the video that it’s causing streaming issues. And there just may be thousands watching it. But my job is to catch them in time and warn others before they invest their hard-earned savings and lose it to con artists like Orton.
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Anyway, Jake Orton doesn’t really give us much information on as to how Cambridge Method actually operates, other than it automatically generates trading signals and we never have to do anything. In fact, he says we can quit our jobs and live off the millions of dollars we will earn with Cambridge Method trading system. He even shows us screenshots of user accounts as well as one of his several bank accounts (this one has 12 million dollars) to prove to us that Cambridge Method can earn us big bucks in just says. One user earned 700 grand in 29 days.

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I feel compelled to remind you once again that claims as such are not true. Yes, trading binary options can be extremely lucrative (I am living proof as it is my primary source of income) However it will not make you 700 grand in just 30 days. Any system that promises you such things is a scam, folks. Do not fall for false promises and fancy gimmicks. There are reliable trading platforms out there, but Cambridge Method is not one of them.

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Jake Orton claims that he only allowed his family and close friends to have access to Cambridge Method and that they all earned “hundreds of thousands of dollars in just 30 days.” He says that Cambridge Method has never lost a trade. Again, this is a huge red flag. No trading system is 100% accurate nor will they ever be. Binary options is a 50/50 risk…you either win..and profit, or lose…and lose your investment, or perhaps break even, but you will never win 100% of the time. Anyone who tells you this is lying to you.

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Orton also tells us that he will give us ten grand of his own money if we do not earn a profit it 30 days…so we have nothing to lose. We either earn upwards of 100,000 grand a month or he will give us ten grand…how can we lose? And Jake Orton claims that since Cambridge Method has never lost a trade, he has never had to pay out the ten grand.

And we have to sign up right now, because there are only 20 spots left. We get free access to the Cambridge Method for 6 months and then we will have to pay £512 a year. But it is free for 6 months and in that time we can earn millions.

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He does have some testimonies from people who have supposedly become millionaires thanks to the Cambridge Method. Might i remind you again, that they are just paid actors who are looking to make a few bucks?

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In fact, Jake Orton himself is one of these paid actors. My team and I did a thorough investigation and could find no information to prove that Jake Orton is the CEO and founder of Cambridge Method, nor that he worked as neither a Risk Analyst Modeler, nor anywhere in fact, for the London Stock Market. We could find no information to tie Jake Orton into the financial market at all in fact. He does not have a LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook account. If he were as successful as he claims he is, he would have some type of social media presence. So it is safe to say that Jake Orton does not exist, except for the purpose of this Cambridge Method scam video.

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Cambridge Method Website

Cambridge Method homepage is set up like most of the typical binary options scam websites. Video front and center, a generic FAQ section, “live” trade results, some phoney reviews, and so forth. All of this information is easy to fabricate on Photoshop and the Facebook and Twitter feeds are phony as well. Anyone can spit out a fake review in a matter of seconds. Don’t be fooled the fact that the scammer behind Cambrige Method took a few minutes to make a well-designed website. After all, they took the time to make an elaborate video.

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Also, do not be fooled by the countdown timer on the bottom right corner nor the claim that there are only 7 spots left. Over the course of a few hours, I left the page several times only to return to the same find that there was 2 hours and 7 spots left, so again, this is another scare tactic that has been designed to scare us to sign up for Cambridge Method. I guarantee you that that same countdown clock will read 2 hours and there will still be 7 spots left a week from now.

Conclusion: Cambridge Method is a blatant scam

Cambridge Method and Jake Orton are both a clever hoax designed to scam unsuspecting trader out of their money. Do not fall for their lives. Cambridge Method is a scam!

But don’t let this deter you from finding a more reliable system. Allow me to point you in the right direction.For all the latest news subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Also click the big green button for my top picks.

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Cambridge Method Scam Review: Scam Alert!


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