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$10k everyday App Scam Review-3 Reasons Why You Can’t Trust This

Have you ever had one of those days when you’ve woken up feeling great and then had your mood spoiled by some douche bag? Yup, me too. In fact, I had exactly such a day quite recently and the reason for the worsening of my mood was that I was asked to write a $10k Everyday App Scam review.

10keveryday app review scam button top10keveryday-scam-review-logoSo far it’s no big deal, right? Writing scam reviews is my ‘thang’—it’s what I do—so I should have just shut up and got on with. But this $10k everyday App Scam Review was different. Why? I’m glad you asked, let me tell you the answer; no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t take the job seriously. I’m not kidding—just click on their website, take a few minutes to watch the ridiculously staged presentation video and hear what they have to say. And then you’ll understand why writing my $10K everyday App scam review proved to be such a chore!

10keveryday-scam-review-fake-personSure, if you’re in any way scam savvy then I know you’ll find a bucket full of reasons not to trust $10k everyday App, but to spare your mood and not spoil your day as I did mine, I’ll keep it down to just three big ones.

Reason 1: $10k everyday App. I mean, what? Are you serious?

Almost immediately, and right after I stopped laughing, I began to get that sinking feeling in my gut that writing my $10k everyday App scam review could get a little messy. My regular readers will already know how much I hate overblown profit claims and impossible, if not improbable, promises of financial return. Such claims and promises are, after all, the most obvious red flags you can imagine when it comes to spotting a rogue company in the world of binary trading options. And while the title of this $10k everyday App scam review actually says it all—you just have to let it roll around the tongue for a moment—ten thousand dollars every day;10keveryday-scam-review-fake-trade

There, can you taste it? Can you taste the fraud?

Weird isn’t it? That such obvious tricksters have created a scheme so crooked, so obviously dedicated to stealing your money that just saying the words leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Reason 2: Welcome to the actors’ studio?

Okay, so it’s widely recognized that fraudsters employ paid actors to deliver their dubious messages. And if it’s not then it should be. The fact is, it makes the life of any intrepid scam hunter a whole lot easier. But here’s the thing; during the course of my $10k everyday App scam review, I found not just one but an entire ensemble of actors all playing roles designed specifically to lure unsuspecting investors into their scheme.

10keveryday-scam-review-helpI’m not just talking about the lead role here. The actor who calls himself ‘Richard Banks’ (is it just me or does anyone else find that name suspicious?) may think he’s putting in a stellar performance but guess what? He won’t be getting any Oscar nominations soon. Sad as it may seem to those of you who still have a tender spot in your hearts, ‘Richard’ belongs to the plethora of failed thespians who, lacking any kind of role-playing talent have sunk to appearing in low paid videos designed solely to con innocent investors.

If overblown reward claims and a bunch of ham actors hasn’t already set your alarm bells ringing, then hold onto your hats. The third red flag in my $10k everyday App scam review will be the one that really takes the smile off your face. It sure did mine.10keveryday-scam-review-live-profits

Reason 3: The small print ain’t so small!

I’ve already explained why I called this $10K everyday App scam review ‘3 Reasons Why You Can’t Trust $10k everyday App.’ It’s to spare you the infinite agony of trawling through each and every page of their promotional website looking for even more reasons. For most of my trusty readers, three reasons will be enough. But I could give you over 4 thousand more. Yup, over 4 thousand! Why? Because that’s how many words there are on the $10k everyday App terms and conditions page.

Now, everyone knows that before we part with a single cent we should all read the fine print, right? Unfortunately, human beings are naturally lazy. It’s not our fault that’s just the way we evolved. So, when we are faced with a document (or web page) of almost biblical proportions, do we read it? Nope—our brains just tend to switch off—which is exactly what the scammers want! Luckily, you have my $10k everyday App scam review at your fingertips. Sifting through all the minute details of online binary option trading schemes is part of my job, and oh boy—when I began combing through the T&C’s of these guys, even I found myself struggling to make it through all the way to then end!10keveryday-scam-review-register

And so you don’t have to spend your precious time peeling back the (dishonest) layers of this particular binary options software onion, here are just a few of the red flags, with translation, on the ‘page where no one else goes to read a damn thing.’


$10k everyday App scam review translation: Sure, give us your money. But if you lose it all, don’t come crying to us!


$10k everyday App scam review translation: Hey, we just sell the software, we have no idea if it works or not!


$10k everyday App translation: Don’t look at us, you’re on your own here, buddy!


$10k everyday App translation: What? You really need me to translate this???10keveryday-scam-review-fake-results


I could go on. Yet for the sake of your piece of mind (and mine), I won’t. Needless to say that the conclusion of my $10k everyday App scam review does not fall in favour of the company. But as always, it is not my job to judge, I just write the review and hope I have given you enough of the low down skinny to make an informed decision. The final choice is yours. Check out my YouTube Channel for video updates, click here for direct access.


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$10k everyday App Scam Review-3 Reasons Why You Can’t Trust This


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