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InfraShares Review 2021: Invest In Infrastructure

Infrashares review

The idea of investing in a large Infrastructure project may seem out of the realm of possibility for the average investor. But that’s no longer the case, thanks to Infrashares -- a crowdfunding platform for infrastructure projects.

With this newfound access, you have the opportunity to invest in infrastructure projects you believe in. If successful, you could enjoy the benefits of creating social and environmental impacts while reaping a worthwhile financial reward. We take a closer look at how the platform works in our InfraShares review below.

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Quick Summary

  • Provides an opportunity to invest in infrastructure projects
  • Choose investments that align with your values
  • Open to anyone, regardless of accreditation status

InfraShares Details

Product Name


Min Invesment

Varies By Offering

Fee For Investors

Unclear (None Listed)

Open to Non-Accredited Investors




Table of Contents
What Is InfraShares?
What Does It Offer?
Are There Any Fees?
How Does InfraShares Compare?
How Do I Open An Account?
Is It Safe And Secure?
How Do I Contact InfraShares?
Is It Worth It?
InfraShares Features

What Is InfraShares?

Back in 2016, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) opened the door to allow the majority of U.S. residents to invest in crowdfunding projects. The move was enacted through the Title III JOBS Act. And it opened the door to big opportunities for investors.

The move prompted Brian Ross and his co-founders to create InfraShares in 2017. The aim of InfraShares is to give everyone an opportunity to access direct infrastructure investment opportunities by pooling funds from multiple investors.

What Does It Offer?

InfraShares offers a relatively unique investment opportunity. Here’s what stands out. 

Infrastructure Investments With Social Benefits

All of the infrastructure investment opportunities listed on InfraShares are based on an ability to provide 'social return.' According to Infrashrares, any project listed on the platform must be able to “general lasting economic, social, and environmental benefits.”

As an investor, you can easily determine which area a particular project falls into. A few of the possible impacts include renewable energy, workforce housing, artificial intelligence, and clean energy.

Project Vetting

All investments come with some amount of risk. But it's important to weed out potentially lucrative opportunities from outright shady deals. That’s why InfraShares runs any potential offering for its platform through a 14-point risk evaluation.

The proposed project must pass the test in three distinct areas. Here’s a closer look at the risk evaluation process.

Compliance Risks

In terms of compliance, the project must:

  • Meet legal criteria for a regulated crowdfunding opportunity
  • Not exhibit signs of fraud
  • The management team must pass a background test
  • The facts present by the company must be verified
  • All of the required disclosures must be in place

Financial Risks

Financial risks are also considered. A company must have:

  • Sufficient liquidity to sustain operations
  • Access to financing, even in volatile markets
  • An appropriate use of leverage
  • A reasonable valuation

Execution Risks

Finally, the execution risks associated with the project are considered. These include:

  • A review of the business model
  • A check on the key players
  • Proof of traction through measurable progress
  • A basis in proven technology
  • The ability for the market demand to support the project

If the project satisfies these checks, then InfraShares will invite them onto the platform. This rigorous testing increases your chances of being presented with worthwhile investment opportunities.

Open To All Investors

You don't need to be an accredited investor to work with InfraShares. This means you have access to the opportunities you're interested in without unnecessary hurdles to jump. 

Note that unaccredited investors will be subject to limitations on how much they can invest based on their net worth or income. Investment minimums vary by project.

Illiquid Investments

The companies on InfraShares are privately-held. Essentially, that means you can’t just sell your shares at the drop of a hat. There is no secondary market for InfraShares investments or a defined share redemption program.

In most cases, you’ll either receive a return on your investment through revenue shares, the company going public, or it getting acquired by another company. According to InfraShares, this often takes 5 to 7 years or more to accomplish. With that, you should consider this as a long-term investment option with minimal opportunities to leave on your own schedule.

It should also be noted that the investment opportunities available on InfraShares are high-risk. Providing private seed funding for new or developing businesses is far more risky than investing in the publicly-traded stock of a well-established conglomerate like Pepsi or Procter & Gamble.

Are There Any Fees?

Those who are seeking investment on InfraShares will need to pay a 6% payment fee and a 2% equity fee on funds raised through the platform.

Unfortunately, the company is less clear on investor fees. It's possible that investors don’t encounter fees as this isn't too uncommon on platforms that help businesses raise money. But that wasn't confirmed anywhere on the company’s site.

How Does InfraShares Compare?

InfraShares provides a unique opportunity to invest in infrastructure projects through crowdsourcing. There are few alternatives in the United States; however there are some similar companies in Europe including Citizenergy and One Planet Crowd.

If you live in the U.S., you can access other equity crowdfunding sites like Republic and SeedInvest. Although these companies aren't solely focused on infrastructure projects, they provide similar liquidity and investment mechanics. Here's a quick look at how InfraShares compares:

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InfraShares Review 2021: Invest In Infrastructure


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