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Newly Listed Coins On CoinmarketCap: Ushering In Herbalist Coin, BZLCoin, Shivers, Livepeer, COVA

Herbalist Coin (Herbs)

Herbalist Token is a project designed to solve expensive rare herbs problems by building a blockchain integrated marketplace that will bring farmers and buyers together. “On our platform, any farmer is going to be able to list their products and find buyers around the globe easily and quickly,” Anton Lorenz, founder of HERBS announced.

The platform is geared towards eliminating intermediaries;
cut unnecessary costs; increase the profit of the growers and decrease the price of the product for customers making rare herbs more accessible to everyone. By doing so, the creators also believe it will enhance the Cryptocurrency adoption drive.

“As a Herbalist project our token is an ERC20 token for now,” Lorenz said concerning the underlying token. “It is appropriate to be used in our platform once it opens.”

The founder is convinced that in half a decade the project will be the Amazon or Alibaba of the Herb and agriculture market. They are working hard to make it a one-stop shop for rare herbs globally.

Lorenz had this message for his community:

“We have a great community that has supported us since the beginning of our journey. We care about their views and feedback. They help us grow this wonderful project and motivate us to be better than the previous day. We love them all. We just ask them to believe in us and keep supporting us.”


BZL is the Brazilian cryptocurrency that seeks to reach where the others have not. It facilitates the purchase of products and services through a new payment method, reaching the final consumer with the lowest market rates.

Estevão Bezerra, CEO at BZLCoin pronounced that their aim is not only to be a digital asset, but a currency, where people can use to negotiate in their physical and virtual stores. The platform also allows sellers to advertise their products to sellers.

The underlying technology of BZLCoin is a PoW and PoS hybrid using the TRIBUS Algo. The hybrid nature impedes the development of ASICs and ensures its decentralization.

On where the project will be in the next five years, Bezerra had this to say:

“A lot of work… And with work one gets rewards. Well, for BZL it will not be any different. Our goal is for the Token to be used for shopping all over the world.”

The CEO asked the community to continue to support them so that they can reach their goal. “Do not see BZlcoin for the price now, do not just see it as a digital token, see it as an idea. Do not just buy the coin, buy the idea,” he said to the BZL community.

Shivers (SHVR)

Shivers is a hybrid of cryptocurrency and traditional film finance and distribution. Their goal is to join crypto to a commodity instead of another transaction-only base cryptocurrency.

“Shivers is meant to be “digital movie tickets” for our in-house produced films and will be used to unlock exclusive horror films and be the currency which we use for all licensing of our films,” Dar Warison, founder of Shivers revealed. “Through our partnerships with Infamous Horrors and Team McAfee, we believe we can create something totally unique to the crypto space.”

It is built on the Ethereum network. The team announced in the future they would like to create a more complex system where the tokens would unlock movie files directly.

“We see Shivers as an opportunity to combine two very large markets, the crypto market and the horror market, to facilitate the creation of unique and exciting projects,” Warison noted. “In the next five years, we see ourselves having eight to ten films completed with a mixture of traditional distribution and directly through our tokens.”

According to the founder, the past year was spent building a solid foundation for Shivers through establishing partnerships for listing on exchanges. With a solid foundation in place, they are very confident that 2019 is going to be a year full of progress. “We are very excited to release details of our first film in January and want to reach out to our holders to join us on this unique ride,” he concluded.

Livepeer (LPT)

Livepeer is a video infrastructure platform with a network that enables video transcoding. Users who run the Livepeer Media Server stake the token in order to provide a security deposit against the work that they perform transcoding video.

Doug Petkanics, Founder of LPT stated:

“If they do the work honestly, they earn the fees paid by the network’s users (fees are in ETH, and the users are video developers, not individual streamers). Token holders who don’t want to run a node can instead delegate their stake towards another node – they provide more security and help route work towards nodes who are performing well for users. The end result is a cheaper, more scalable, decentralized video infrastructure network that leverages idle compute all around the world.”

Livepeer is built on Ethereum, IPFS, FFMPEG, and a whole host of web3 technologies that power various aspects of the platform. Petkanics explained that all the code is open source and It’s been live on Ethereum’s mainnet for about eight months in development for about two years.

Their focus in the next five years is to enable amazing scaled video applications that couldn’t exist under centralized cost structures. Video applications that can run at scale and enable their users to participate in the world economy, monetize their time, consume amazing user-generated content or bridge communications across the world.

“Get involved in the network and participate! Delegate and QA the network, help contribute to the open source video ecosystem, create tools or content for other token holders teaching them how to be a part of the Livepeer project,” was Pet.kanics’ message to the LPT community.


COVA is a distinct criterion for data to be used as capital. Though Data is swiftly becoming the most vital asset in the world, yet currently there is no infrastructure to control how it is used. Cova provides a unique solution to this predicament and allows data owners to take advantage of the commodification of data.

“With the new COVA internet protocol, the owner of a data package can comprise a data usage policy that specifies the data’s expected behaviour, Wenyi Ji, a team member informed CWS. The COVA internet protocol makes sure that the policy is enforced by code and it is called the machine-enforceable data usage policy – “Smart Policy”.

Ji unveiled that powering the COVA network is a substrate of TEE nodes that run COVA software, and provide the horsepower of secured and trusted execution. All data and code that is processed by the COVA network are securely pieced together, hidden and protected inside an enclave. Smart Policies are written in Centrifuge, and provide data owners with a new tool in their arsenal to prevent their precious data from being abused.

“We will first target industries that have a high demand for data,” Ji hinted. “Therefore, we are now negotiating with major pharmaceuticals and financial companies in China.”

This was his message to the community:

“Thank you so much for supporting COVA. We hope the new listing will be beneficial to our ecosystem, including developers, users and investors.”

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Newly Listed Coins On CoinmarketCap: Ushering In Herbalist Coin, BZLCoin, Shivers, Livepeer, COVA


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