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About Through its unique combination of risk, excitement and potential financial gain, Betting has been blessed with everlasting appeal. From the times of Roman gladiators to the rise of eSports, players have wagered on the outcome of their favourite events. The global betting and gambling market is worth a massive 3 trillion USD (80% of which underground). And as online and mobile channels continue to thrive, the industry is poised to grow even further.Nevertheless, betting has always been plagued by a dark side. Regular scandals involving
malicious bookmakers and fraudulent agencies have seriously undermined the industry’s
reputation. When bettors lose, they lose everything. And when they win, they may not
receive the promised amounts. Furthermore, exorbitant fees and unwarranted complexity
discourage potential bettors from playing at all. Somewhere along the lines, betting went
from being a social, engaging activity to becoming an individual, risk-ridden peril.

Even in its fairest implementation, traditional betting remains a highly centralised endeavour,  taking power away from the players and placing it in the hands of bookmakers.Simply stated, in the long run individuals inevitably lose all their funds against “the will bring the fun back in betting, building an innovative, decentralised, transparent platform combining modern technology with a superior social experience. By doing so, can reach segments with untapped market potential, such as casual bettors overwhelmed by the complexity or trust issues of conventional betting solutions. With all this in mind, we created Bethereum: a brand new blockchain-based platform designed to address the shortcomings of traditional betting and bring a host of innovative features.

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Bether is a deflationary and unmineable Token with strong potential for increase in value and
liquidity. The upcoming token sale is the only time when Bether tokens will be created.
Furthermore, all unsold tokens allocated to the token sale will be burned. Fully compatible with the ERC20 standard, it is easily transferable and storable in widely used Ether wallets such as MyEtherWallet or Mist – as well as in own Bethereum Wallet.Players will be able to obtain the token either directly via the Bethereum Wallet or on various major exchanges.

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Token Burning

Players will be charged 5% of all winnings in order to cover the cost of third-party services
(e.g., Smart Contracts, data feeds, statistics). Smart Contracts will automatically burn 10% of
this commission. As explained above, this will result in a decrease of the token supply,
driving up the value of the Bether token.

Token sale 

A token sale is an innovative fundraising method based on blockchain technology. token sale and the corresponding token creation process will be covered by Bethereum Ltd., a company based in Hong Kong. For maximum transparency and participant protection, the sale will be regulated by a Smart Contract deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain.During the token sale, Bether tokens will be available in return for Ether (ETH) contributions,at a fixed conversion rate (to be announced prior to the sale start date). To obtain Bether tokens, contributors will send Ether to the official Bethereum token sale Smart Contract address. Bether tokens will be automatically sent to the contributors’ wallet address as soon as the purchase is confirmed. However, Bether tokens will not be transferrable until the token sale has ended and the tokens are activated.

Token Distribution

Market Opportunity

The market potential for a superior social betting platform is absolutely massive. Recent
estimates place the global gambling and betting market at a value of up to 3 trillion USD
(both regulated and unregulated). Licensed gambling alone exceeds half a trillion USD.As broadband and smartphone penetration keep rising, the market is inexorably shifting from traditional to online channels. The online betting industry is already worth nearly 50 billion USD, with mobile-based platforms experiencing explosive growth of over 40% per year. Just in the European Union, the average mobile gambling spend per adult went from 1 USD in 2010 to over 15 USD in 2017.


The online betting industry is afflicted by a number of serious problems. Among other
considerations, odds are vastly in favour of the bookmaker, payouts are not always honoured, and regular winners are restricted or banned. There is a lack of transparency and security, high fees and low returns, and low social involvement. These factors alienate a significant number of potential bettors from taking part in such systems.


Gamification is the application of game design principles and techniques to non-gaming
contexts. Conventional betting operators have generally disregarded this aspect, dismissing
such features as achievements and leaderboards as trivial videogame fanfare. And yet,
plenty of research and empirical evidence shows that gamification plays an essential role in
driving player engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.1 Mobile game developers, in particular, have long embraced and honed many mechanisms aimed at tapping straight into players’ natural desires for achievement, competition, status, social belonging and recognition, and cooperation. The 2.2 billion mobile players out there are quite used to gamification and social sharing, from the games they play on a daily basis.

Road Map


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