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June 2018 trading, investing, results

S&P 500  2,713.22 -13.49 (-0.49%)  Dow 30  24,174.82 -132.36 (-0.54%)  Nasdaq  7,502.67 -65.01 (-0.86%)

June is over and I battle with myself to keep up posting my trades and results. It is hard to do so. I work full time and manage a few accounts at the same time. I trade many trades and it is difficult to post them all.

Just in June itself, I made 666 trades in one account – the Ira Account alone. Overall, I made 2593 trades.



With so much trading, it became more and more difficult for me to keep up posting all my trades and their adjustments. I wish I could post more to be able to help others to learn trading but as of now I do not know how to do that without being consumed by it.

I do download my csv file from my brokerage account which I upload to the spreadsheet which then calculates everything else for me, such as premium income, number of trades, net liquidation value, and other portfolio metrics but I still couldn’t figure out how to record my individual trades so you can benefit from it. As of now, I am not able to do it and must stop doing it as it is very time consuming.

I still will be posting some of the trades on our Facebook Page where you can follow those trades.

I trade options to create income. Income, I can use to invest into Dividend growth stocks and to pay for the bills and other expenses.

As of today, I manage three accounts:

1) A business account
2) An IRA account
3) A ROTH IRA account
4) A personal margin account

Over time, I finally came to realization that a trading capital is important. I am under-capitalized in my business account. And I struggle in that account very much. I get beaten hard and losing money no matter how much I try not to.

Same thing is happening with my ROTH account. Not enough capital. Troubles to trade. And… losing.

But the IRA account has enough capital and trading it is easy and not stressful. When a trade goes against me I feel no fear as I have enough capital to adjust the trade and move on. I don’t have such comfort in the business account and in the ROTH account. Unfortunately.

Thus, I decided to adjust my strategy. I will mute trading in the business and ROTH accounts and will start saving money. I will take only small trades, small enough to take stock assignment should it happen or have enough capital to adjust a trade. This means no trading in those two accounts and be saving only to raise enough capital.

Here is the June 2018 trading and dividend investing results. The results are mixed. Mixed with great income in IRA account but terrible losses in the business account.



As you can see above, the IRA account performed great while other accounts suffered losses. For example, I got assigned to JNJ stock but I didn’t have enough capital to take the assignment. So I had to liquidate the position at a loss. Or another position – STX going against me (volatility raising) and the account couldn’t bear it, so I had to close at a loss. Over-trading and little capital is a killer.

There fore, I need to adjust and start saving.

Here is the entire year results so far:



 · Dividend stock investing

Dividend investing is doing great. I keep using 50% of all options income and buy dividend stocks.

Since the death of David Fish, who maintained the great dividend champions list I had to create my own list to keep the selection of stocks running as no one seems to be updating the David Fish’s list anymore.

As of now, my list is semi automated so I do not have to do all updates manually myself but it doesn’t include all stocks, only those I invest in. And I keep buying.

Here is a review of our accounts stock holdings:

Traditional IRA




TD account

In June we purchased the following shares:


 · Dividend Income

ROTH IRA dividend income


IRA dividend income

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June 2018 trading, investing, results


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