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It's a strange thing.

I Woke up around 8:30 today. I know did. I think. I'm pretty sure. A few minutes later it was 10:56, and though I felt awesomely refreshed I also felt awesomely disappointed I'd missed so much of the day!

In my dreams I wandered a corridor, and tossed and turned in bed, and woke up at five and couldn't go to sleep again. I went down to the kitchen to get a glass of water, but for some reason (I blamed it on the tiredness in the Dream - though I knew it was something else) I pelted the counter too much with the pitcher and the glass and woke up my mom, who came downstairs bleary-eyed wondering why I'd decided to get up so early.

I managed to spill a bunch of water on the side of the Stove too, and for a while, as I drank my glass of water, wondered what made this strangely calming running sound... till I realized it was the water running down the stove - running through the gap between stove and counter.

I looked around to find something to soak it up with but it took a long time before I found the dishcloth, and many swipes before I'd gotten away all the water, and of course I couldn't reach all of it. It usually takes a long time before I find the dishcloth. People hide it in all the strangest places in the kitchen. Behind things. Where you can't see it. Realism in a dream.

Somehow I'd managed to spill water on the left hand side of the stove too, where there was a bed of flowers (marigolds I think) lying to dry, and managed to wet a part of those in the process. The dishcloth left a trail of silky-white milk-like substance after it - I assumed it was from the licorice/lemon yogurt I'd tried before bed, IRL, so I swiped away a part of the flowers with it. Didn't look too clean. Shame about that, but when my mother came down to ask about my earliness she didn't seem to notice.

Before this early-morning visit to the kitchen I know we'd been about. Doing something. I can't recall it now. We were outside - the whole family, and it was cloudy and ominous and I'm pretty sure it was a nightmare but I can't remember the details... so that's why I woke up at 5... in the dream. When I woke up at 8:30... outside the dream? When it was really 10:56.

Well, better later than never! Guess I'll try to get a move on and see how much can be accomplished in half a day. Good day. (At least it started with a dream.)

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