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The Cyberdevil's Domain - A playground of creative arts, music, movie reviews, anime and Flash. And then some.
Happy Pico Day Again!
2024-05-18 12:38
Quick doodle. :) Couldn't settle on the right color combo so here's a bundle of alternative commemorative centerpieces of simplistic typography and Pico-relevant design for the grand and gr… Read More
2024-05-18 08:05
Pico Day! Hmmmm! ... What do I say huh? What do I do? I'm up online all night with the NewGrounds crew Celebrating today all these youthful toons Some a third of a century old soon! Still th… Read More
PicoDay2024 - You Are Truly Awesome
2024-05-18 08:04
// Here's a little something for Pico Day y'all! Props @Aalasteir on instrumental, idea and production, and @Picochu on the awesome cov… Read More
Happy 17!
2024-05-17 12:15
Over in Norway they're celebrating today! It's their national day. I'm Swedish, so I don't usually celebrate this, but for some reason a buddy (also Swedish) asked if I'd like to join him o… Read More
Com Puter
2024-05-17 09:12
Ever heard of It's a virtual browser-based OS! A free one, with 500MB storage and a variety of standard apps and games installed and ready to use, in a style that seems familiar… Read More
2024-05-14 12:51
Some site-related updates since last y'all: I've updated the PHP version on CDB! Finally. From 7.4 to the latest and greatest. I had some script-related issues with the upgrade, as I knew I… Read More
CyberD Now First On Google For CyberD!
2024-05-14 11:12
It's almost like a palindrome innit? CyberD is suddenly showing up first on Google when you search for CyberD! Give it a try. :) Well at least it was. It seems it's currently showing up #2… Read More
2024-05-14 11:12
CyberD is suddenly showing up first on Google when you search for CyberD! Give it a try. :) Well at least it was, it seems it's currently showing up #2... but that's quite the jump since las… Read More
2024-05-09 15:53
My schedule spiraled out of control yesterday. It'd probably help if I had a schedule in the first place. That required control. I have notes. I have a calendar on the wall on which I write… Read More
The Fall Guy (2024)
2024-05-07 17:29
This one was fascinating. I watched it with a buddy, at the movies, in a room that'd seat 512 people, yet we were probably no more than ten, tops... I really hope we were just there at an o… Read More
2024-05-04 08:34
Saw the old classic Star Wars: The Phantom Menace at the movies yesterday, and I just realized this is probably why they're showing it! May the 4's be with y'all Read More
2024-04-30 16:35
These are starting to become a tradition allofa sudden huh? I had a good friend over this weekend, so no Sunday recap this time either. Played frisbee golf all Saturday, and it went surprisi… Read More
2024-04-30 15:26
Gotta agree with AndreiJikh, as per his comment on this video, this is one of the coolest things I've ever seen on the internet. Those transitions too Read More
Peak Norwegian Rewards
2024-04-30 15:26
Free luggage, free seat reservation, free Fastrack and bonus points. :) During the height of the pandemic Norwegian (the aviation company I've been flying the most with the last decade or s… Read More
The New 100 Words
2024-04-30 15:22
Here's the initial notice you received when visiting the recently redesigned 100 Words for the first time last year. I'm not sure I 100% like the new design over the old design even now - t… Read More
2024-04-23 10:11
Cause I didn't get around to this on Sunday! I've been rummaging through old screenshots I'd at some point intended to mention on the blog recently, uploading a bundle, but I'd rather not le… Read More
2024-04-23 09:58
Animated with AI... the future of this medium really does show promise, imagine a world where just about anyone can make full-length animation like this, without so much as a studio... Inte… Read More
The Secret We Transfer Message
2024-04-23 09:53
Shout-out WeTransfer's cool company culture. :) The above basically translates to: Wow! We weren't expecting anyone to actually read this, but you proved us wrong! Screenshots may or may no… Read More
Public Doodle Board
2024-04-23 09:52
Don't recall where this was from. Public board. Anyone could draw. I wonder what age group was doing most of the drawing Read More
Copter Insania 3
2024-04-22 07:30
That game still is pretty addicting! And it runs with Ruffle now, well after the supposed death of Flash. Twenty years before Flappy Bird we had this, and it's still just as addictive… Read More
Aquaman X3
2024-04-22 07:22
Did I ever tell you the story about how I ended up watching the same movie a full three times at the cinema, even though I wasn't necessarily that big a fan of it; actually found it somewha… Read More
The Transaction SPAM
2024-04-22 07:18
Had an interesting surge of SPAM emails a while back. Very many senders, and very similar formatting and theme, and quite a few of them went right through Gmail's SPAM filter! Seems a tempo… Read More
The Flash Forward Battle Rap Scrap
2024-04-20 12:55
What blog category does this fit into hmm? Might need to make a new one for games and animation and what-not, for forms in which mediums and classifications combine... The game's out anyhow… Read More
2024-04-20 12:29
// It's a battle y'all! The first battle that I've had the gall to partake in. Fascinating art where you play grim. Thrash and attempt to be great in… Read More
2024-04-20 12:23
Kwing versus Cyberdevil! use the arrow keys to move... Z to punch, X to kick, C to block, Down to duck Characters do double damage when it's their turn to rap Let's do this! VS1 - KWING Kwin… Read More
2024-04-13 12:09
I'm sitting on the train. Listening to Jocko Podcast #249. About Face. Eight hours to Stockholm from Åre. Five to go. Sipping my second cup of coffee currently. Had some GF sandwhiches… Read More
2024-04-13 11:42
Just requires a post of it's own is all, the unfortunate demise of this artist and icon most of us have probably somehow been influenced by, even if you don't recognize the name... If you do… Read More
2024-04-05 18:17
I'm heading off to Åre y'all. Tomorrow morning. Way too early. Is it even possible for me to get comfortable with morning times, I wonder... I find peace when the light dims; when ever… Read More
Sunday Recap - Sprain & Kneecap
2024-03-31 11:44
Getting back to these Sunday posts a bit. Not next Sunday though, then I'll be on a mountain, hopefully. Probably not skiing because of that inconspicuous sprain though. As for my kneecap: t… Read More
2024-03-30 09:15
I realize... I need to hone my blog. This is the kind of quality I strive for. The quality I currently provide y'all is: nonsensical, quick, unambitious, unimportant often, trifle, stifled… Read More
2024-03-26 13:00
I got into the Fallout games again just recently (first experience was so so), but they've been around a looong time! This time I enjoyed 'em, and I've grown to appreciate the depth of lore… Read More
2024-03-24 12:46
So I was sitting by the computer this morning, minding my dues as I usually do in mornings, with my left leg comfortably folded beneath my right leg, and was just about to head downstairs to… Read More
2024-03-23 09:28
I need to write a bit. On productivity, and the work process as I currently perceive it, as to maybe better understand and come to terms with how to properly tackle tasks at hand. These are… Read More
2024-03-07 10:34
I'm headed there this weekend! Hopefully*. Hotel costs are about 30% higher than they are in Sweden - which is high enough already. Commuting costs however are about half our price - and eve… Read More
Post The Second Friday...
2024-03-04 10:09
It's been two Fridays already huh? Time passeth all too quickly... I've been pondering: 1. Posting a lot more code-related tidbits on the blog, that amounted during recent code-related endev… Read More
2024-02-19 22:58
...I'm off to Östersund again! These days they fly eh? Speak more Friday Read More
2024-02-18 17:05
Upgraded mah OS last week. It's the third time I'm reminded my computer's capable of it, and in the spur of the moment - after some quick Googling just to see there were no notable downsides… Read More
2024-02-18 16:55
Stumbled upon a pretty good cheat sheet for better health in a random YT comment section recently, hope Steve doesn't mind the sharing... 1. Walk barefoot. Studies prove it. You are fatigue… Read More
2024-02-15 23:32
Artists are really upping the game with their music videos lately! This started with potential but holy shit man the way it progresses... possible favorite of the year right here. And Dave… Read More
Fat Tuesday 2024
2024-02-14 16:14
I did not forget to post this year! But I am late posting... I was planning to have this up yesterday, when suddenly contact forms on my sister's business site stopped working, and I realiz… Read More
2024-02-14 16:11
The design gig that's been consuming most of my time since early November last year has finally come to a close! It's hard to believe it's really over. Is it over? I'm not sure yet. I may be… Read More
2024-02-14 15:41
Watch your thoughts, they become your words. Watch your words, they become your actions. Watch your actions, they become a habit. Watch your habits, they become your character Read More
2024-01-07 12:18
And be someone, huh! I'm heading off again, final week of design work up East, be on again soon Read More
Happy 2024!
2023-12-31 23:14
This one finna have a lot in store for sure! Peep last New Year post here. I read through it again just now, as I tend to do when the fireworks start cackling and the current session of lif… Read More
Resolutions 2023
2023-12-31 22:25
I would've liked to start the New Year with a clean slate. I always do, yet I realized early on I wouldn't be able to with this one. And so I think I've come to peace with that prospect a bi… Read More
Elevator Game (2023)
2023-12-31 14:13
Supernatural horror, based on the eponymous online phenomenon, a ritual conducted in an elevator, in which players attempt to travel to another dimension using a set of rules that can be f… Read More
City Hall (1996)
2023-12-30 14:13
Another patriotic American movie. Narrative a la Al Pacino, and politics... was what I thought initially. It was a thorough one though - and narrated by John Cusack more than Al. Which migh… Read More
Snowpiercer (2013)
2023-12-29 14:13
Was reminded of this movie recently, and for some reason felt I had to see it again... It's a post-apocalyptic science fiction Korean film based on the book French climate fiction graphic n… Read More
Wingwomen (2023)
2023-12-28 14:13
French movies hit different man. There's just something about them... and I'm not just saying that cause this one stars a bad-ass femme fatale cast that I really just enjoy seeing. The bloo… Read More
There's Something In The Barn (2023)
2023-12-27 14:13
Norwegian movie. About an American family who moves to Norway, to a house... with a barn. The utopian winter landscapes are a nice contrast to the horror, the soundtrack's top-notch, the sf… Read More
Bloodthirst (2023)
2023-12-26 14:31
In a post apocalyptic world run by vampires, only the strong survive. John Shepard, Vampire Hunter, is one of them. John has to track down and eliminate the master vampire before he himsel… Read More
The Duke (2020)
2023-12-25 22:46
The end's a bit predictable, but overall this is one interchangeably bright, and chaotic movie of the working man. Starring Jim Broadbent as that working man - and leading man - who you'll… Read More
2023-12-25 12:15
I cannot wait for this! Even though still watching the regular show, that's been going since the late nineties... wonder how having two of these run in parallel will work. Even if the old o… Read More
Lentil Christmas
2023-12-24 12:03
Even got some sunshine today! :D Never mind the chips. Better pictures. Merry Christmas! Read More
The Inspectors (1998)
2023-12-24 10:21
Stumbled upon the second one of these just recently, and it was GOOD! Had to see this one too. It follows a similar formula - starts the same way - mysteriously but meticulously, and builds… Read More
Lentil Chips & Gentle Christmas
2023-12-23 21:43
I got a delivery today, good food for the holidays! Though they delivered just two boxes, there were supposed to be three, and it seems I am missing seven bags of lentil chips on my order… Read More
Day Shift (2022)
2023-12-23 19:57
Vampire movies, it seems they're back for real now! And I found another good one! It's not just because the ever-so-talented Jamie Foxx is in it - which is always a plus, but they have a tw… Read More
Top Gun: Maverick (2022)
2023-12-22 19:57
Tom Cruise is back. Top Gun is back. And it's a blockbuster, like you haven't seen in a long time. Wholesome. Quality. Feelgood. Tension. So great. So great. Patriotic yes. Some clich&eacut&helli…Read More
Bring It On: Cheer Or Die (2022)
2023-12-21 19:57
Got a newfound appreciation for cheerleading after this! And a feeling like maybe scary movies that are also FUN are finally coming back in style. inspired by Scream? Just in the right time… Read More
2023-12-20 21:11
Had dinner with my main office colleges today, for our ninth year straight. Restaurant Göteborg this time. Hammarby Sjöstad. We've been shrinking the last few years. Not individual… Read More
Peppermint (2018)
2023-12-20 19:57
The girl from Alias, Jennifer Garner? She's got a lead role as bad-ass chick with a thirst for vengeance, and oh boy does she have grit. You can feel her desperation. You can feel the cold… Read More
Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022)
2023-12-19 19:57
Friggin' masterpiece. The details! And how elegantly they repeat certain ones from different angles. You'd better start paying attention from the beginning! Everything serves a purpose. Eve… Read More
Black Adam (2022)
2023-12-18 19:57
DC does it again! They manage to make something so visually amazing... yet so without a soul, with way too much surplus slow-mo and sound, with a breakneck pace that never lets you rest or… Read More
Detective Knight: Redemption (2022)
2023-12-16 21:39
Bruce Willis is back at it again! I'm a little baffled, since he does speak, and seems to speak decently when he does. Why not more lines? Why can't they piece together something that seems… Read More
The Creator (2023)
2023-12-15 19:56
What makes us human? Is AI really a threat? Is it the thing that will save us? Are they intentionally portraying USA as the ultimate evil here - or are they highlighting the human error? Th… Read More
Dune (2021)
2023-12-14 12:30
It's all about the spice, and the houses, and the heritage and coloization of space... Dune runs deep here. I never realized what a complex story lay behind the game with the same name. I h… Read More
Venom 2 - Let There Be Carnage (2021)
2023-12-13 12:28
I already reviewed this one. Went pretty thorough too, analyzing in what ways this might've been better and in what ways it might've been worse than the former, and then I hit the publish b… Read More
Avgrunden (2023)
2023-12-12 12:22
AKA The Abyss. Frigga, who tries to balance her risky job as a security manager in the Kiirunavaara mine with her family life, has to fight for her life and the lives of her loved ones whe… Read More
Tough Luv (2023)
2023-12-11 12:22
Hollywood Hills, cityscapes, beaches, beautiful ladies... And way too much dialog. And monologue. Static angles. Conversations held from the same stationary angle all the way through. Stand… Read More
Undefeatable (1993)
2023-12-10 11:59
It's almost like porn for martial arts. The acting's nothing to hang up on your Christmas tree (that's a saying right?, the settings aren't high budget either, but the INTENSITY! That's how… Read More
Island Escape (2023)
2023-12-08 12:51
Least creative name ever? But a good movie! Surprisingly so. I recognize some of the actors. Not sure of names... Was never a big fan of the big blue-eyed guy specifically, but he does alri… Read More
Extreme Movie (2008)
2023-12-07 12:51
I somehow grew away from movies like this, apparently. I don't mind the sex it's just... way too over the top. I thought. Initially. It does get better though - and it does get extreme! Tha… Read More
Terminator (1984)
2023-12-06 07:49
I've seen the second Terminator many times already - the one you might consider the best of all, figured it was time to give the true original a chance too, and all these years later - fort… Read More
2023-12-05 17:14
Looks like Vice City more than San Andreas huh? I'm ready for it! :D Second best game in the series. Glad they're thinking over their character selection a bit with this one too. Three in o… Read More
Getaway (2013)
2023-12-05 12:49
I think I've seen this one before... It's a hostage scenario. Plus a keep-driving-or-something-happens scenario. But with less desperation. Since they stop sometimes. And then keep going. A… Read More

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