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iA is a strategic design agency with offices in Zurich, Tokyo and Berlin. Work with iA to discover new business potential, plan your digital strategy and build efficient products and services.
2024-05-24 06:23
Dropbox finally has a native Files app integration. That means you can now easily use Dropbox with iA Writer across iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and Windows. It was worth the wait. Dropbox and iA Wr… Read More
2024-05-15 09:51
Last week, Apple got into trouble because of an ad. It taught us a lesson beyond the good and evil of advertising and public relations. The ad showed various objects being collectively crus… Read More
2024-05-01 08:34
Online sharing is now available in iA Presenter beta for Mac. This update unpacks our vision for a contemporary, frictionless presentation sharing experience. The upcoming version of iA Pre… Read More
2024-04-26 07:52
The right visual can attract people’s attention and explain complex matters at one sight. Yet, just as a misplaced joke can ruin a comedy set, boring or inappropriate images can derail… Read More
2024-04-24 14:19
“In resisting the emptiness of the generated response, I uncover what I previously could not articulate.” The Swiss daily newspaper Tages-Anzeiger interviewed Oliver Reichenstein… Read More
2024-04-22 05:40
Following the enthusiastic response to our announcement in December, we are pleased to open preorders for the hand-crafted iA Notebook. Based on the signups in December, 7,500 got notified… Read More
2024-03-05 10:09
We’re upgrading iA Writer’s integration with Apple Shortcuts today. With 18 built-in actions and 22 ready-made shortcuts, iA Writer 7.1 makes it easy to automate common… Read More
2024-02-26 17:12
Last week, OpenAI showed off Sora, a generative video engine that produces high-quality 60-second videos. The public reaction pattern redrew the same open-mouthed Ahs and Ohs around the worl… Read More
2024-02-20 11:04
iA Presenter is nearing its first birthday. We have a big surprise planned for it. Before lighting the first candle, and unpacking the big present, we have an update for you that addresses a… Read More
2024-02-16 13:04
iA is once again proud to partner with NYC Midnight as a title sponsor for their international 2024 Screen Writing Challenge. Since 2002, NYC Midnight has organized annual Inspiring Challen… Read More
AI Art Is The New Stock Image
2024-01-17 15:57
AI images are quick and easy to make. They look great at first sight, and they quickly replaced the use of stock images. But, like everything cheap and easy, they come with trade-offs. A sho… Read More
Is Every Picture Worth 1,000 Words?
2024-01-17 10:38
The phrase a picture is worth 1,000 words is a well-worn cliche in visual storytelling. Is it true? Where does it come from? And why do we still use words? A critique of the pure stock image… Read More
NYC Midnight: Short Story Challenge
2024-01-12 02:33
We are sponsoring the NYC Midnight 2024 Short Story Challenge. This marks our continued partnership with the prestigious literary event. Since 2002, NYC Midnight has organized each year Ins… Read More
New Year Recap
2023-12-28 02:32
2023 marked a significant chapter for iA Inc. The iA family grew from a single app to three distinct products: iA Writer, iA Presenter, and iA Notebook. A new way to create a… Read More
IA Presenter Beta For IPad And IPhone
2023-12-25 11:09
As the final gift of this year’s Winterfest, we want to let you in on a secret. We have been working on iA Presenter for iPad and iPhone for some time, and it is now robust enough… Read More
IA Markdown Dictionary
2023-12-22 06:54
Need to quickly learn or recall Markdown syntax? Our Markdown Dictionary is here to help. It’s a standard macOS dictionary built for the Dictionary app, so it’s compatible with i… Read More
The IA Writer Template For Screenwriters
2023-12-15 02:17
iA Winterfest strikes back with the stuff that films are made of: Write screenplays in iA Writer like a pro—with the iA Fountain template, designed for screenwriters. Fountain support… Read More
2023-12-08 03:47
iA Inc is getting into the holiday spirit by donning its Santa Claus outfit until December 25th. Enter our raffle for a chance to receive one of the first few iA Notebooks delivered rig… Read More
IA Writer In Paper
2023-12-08 03:15
This holiday season, we’re excited to introduce the newest addition to the iA family: iAノートブック, the Notebook for Writers. Watermark lines gui… Read More
IA Writer 7: Whoa, Feedback!
2023-12-06 10:45
The launch of iA Writer 7 was tricky. There were plenty of possible misunderstandings. We needed to make sure that everyone understood what we do and, especially, do not do. How did it go?… Read More
IA Writer 7
2023-11-30 16:07
iA Writer dims the text you paste from AI tools. As you edit ChatGPT’s input and make it your own, iA Writer keeps track of what is yours and what isn’t. The only person that ca… Read More
Writing With AI
2023-11-28 10:13
When ChatGPT came out one year ago, we wanted to know whether and how it could be used for writing. We put it to the test and came up with a careful answer. This article is part two of a se… Read More
No Feature
2023-11-22 16:12
Since the introduction of ChatGPT, adding “AI” to everything has become the dominant trend in IT. We considered AI for iA Writer. But obviously, we had to make sure not to destro… Read More
Copycats &  Other Monsters
2023-10-31 10:12
iA Writer was launched in September 2010. Climbing the AppStore rankings it rang out like Friskies filling a pet bowl. And, the copycats heard that. For years, they wound around our legs, th… Read More
NaNoWriMo Tips
2023-10-29 06:34
November is around the corner. You look out the window: the weather sucks. The year-end festivities are still two months away. A gloom settles in… Don’t get down, get writing… Read More
Preptober 4: Setting Your Environment
2023-10-21 04:15
Congratulations on reaching the last week of Preptober! You’ve made it to the end. Not to be a party pooper, but we must inform you that this was actually the easiest part of the journ… Read More
Preptober 2: Characters And World
2023-10-09 14:10
Kudos on successfully wrapping up the first week of Preptober! Keep up the great work and if you’re just catching up with us, don’t worry; it’s not too late to start! Now… Read More
Preptober 1: Finding Your Story
2023-10-03 14:29
As autumn arrives, the countdown to the famous NaNoWriMo challenge begins. In this writing marathon, the groundwork you lay in October Preptober could make the difference between a harsh fai… Read More
2023-09-30 14:00
Preparing for a writing challenge like NaNoWriMo, or made your New Year’s resolution to write every day? Building a daily writing routine is a decision you won’t regret, but some… Read More
Preptober 3: Outlining And Research
2023-09-29 12:53
Welcome to the third week of Preptober! How’s the excitement level? Feeling a tad thrilled, maybe even questioning your sanity for taking on this challenge? Or are you feeling overwhel… Read More
On Copycats And Predators
2023-09-22 10:12
iA Writer was launched in September 2010. Climbing the AppStore rankings it clattered like Friskies filling a pet bowl. And, the copycats heard that. For years, they wound around our legs, t… Read More
2023-08-15 02:04
Starting to write can feel like sucking on a lemon. Here’s a simple way to plan, start and guide your writing: Use numbers to control your journey. For an article that reads well on a… Read More
2023-08-09 04:27
When Facebook introduced Threads on July 5th, they excluded Europe due to non-compliance with the Digital Markets Act (DMA), an EU regulation effective since May 2, 2023. The question arises… Read More
2023-06-02 17:20
The first time I heard the word “launch” I had no idea what it meant. I quickly understood that launch day is like test day in school. A day where pain teaches you what you shoul… Read More
IA Presenter Early Preview
2023-05-24 17:14
You’ve played an essential role during the beta access phase of iA Presenter. Your input has shaped its present design, functionality and price. Now, it’s time to mark a mileston… Read More
The End Of Writing
2023-01-25 13:14
Soon, you don’t need to write much anymore. Artificial Intelligence will do it for you. With all the free time we will have, we could try to rethink how we learn, work, and how we comm… Read More
Ho Ho Ho
2022-12-24 09:06
As the holiday season approaches, we are excited to present you with two gifts: a letter template for iA Writer and a theme builder for iA Presenter. A Letter Template for iA Writer A letter… Read More
Theme Builder For IA Presenter
2022-12-24 09:00
Build your own custom theme for iA Presenter, the next-generation presentation tool for macOS. Theme builder allows you to create custom themes that reflect your brand or personal style. You… Read More
Design Takes Time
2022-12-15 16:08
Defining the identity of iA Presenter next to iA Writer was a three-year process that went hand-in-hand with the UI development. Design takes time. Here is how it went, what we learned, how… Read More
Designing With Emoji
2022-09-29 09:02
Like wildfire, emoji spread from text messages into everything we write. Headlines, list items, email subject lines… Your text is boring? Add an emoji! Trying to increase the response… Read More
How Can We Make Presentations Better?
2022-07-12 06:52
Presentation apps haven’t fundamentally changed at all since the early 80s. In all that time they’ve never really solved the human side of the problem. As designers, we feel comp… Read More
Being Boring
2022-06-24 09:29
Our meetings take too long, our presentations feel empty and no one pays attention. Tools like PowerPoint and Keynote shape the way we live and work, and boring slide presentations are part… Read More
IA Writer 6: Now With Lasers
2022-06-14 08:46
In 2010, the original iA Writer introduced focused writing with Markdown. Twelve years later, iA Writer opens the doors to a simple and friendly knowledge management system with wikilinks. i… Read More
2022-05-20 07:02
Arriving each workday to fulfill his role at an insurance company in the early 1900s, Franz Kafka was well-liked and respected at work. An invaluable employee who came to be known as his sup… Read More
End Procrastination
2021-11-13 12:59
The most influential companies in the world put all their energy into getting us to click, react, and consume. If you work on a computer, procrastination awaits you everywhere, all the time… Read More
2021-11-06 07:23
No matter how many times developers compare their apps to coffee… apps are not coffee. The question is not: How many coffees does an app cost? It’s: How many apps does a coffee… Read More
Do Presentations Make You Anxious?
2021-10-25 11:45
If presentations are an important part of your job… If you can’t sleep the night before you have to present… If you find presentations a weird and unnatural way to commu… Read More
2021-06-01 04:25
A piece of writing aiming to be academic must be ‘clear, concise, focused, structured and backed up by evidence’. We believe that Markdown writing tools make it easier to focus o… Read More
2021-03-29 04:55
After its launch on Mac and iOS last summer and its recent introduction to Windows, Style Check has arrived on Android with version 2.1 of iA Writer. It has been one of our best received and… Read More
2021-03-26 15:37
There is a ton of specialist advice out there regarding writing for high school and university students with ADHD. Most of these suggest a distraction-free writing environment that allows fo… Read More
2020-09-01 13:08
Why should Facebook—the biggest beneficiary of the iPhone, its tools, and its infrastructure—pay $99.-, when small developers have to pay tens and hundreds of thousands? The shor… Read More
2020-08-21 12:27
This week we published two long posts on Monopolies, the Apple Tax, and Subscriptions. Both articles come to the conclusion that lowering the 30% fee Apple charges developers would benefit e… Read More
2020-08-15 15:32
Google has built a complete monopoly on search. Amazon uses the sales data of its resellers to continuously expand and solidify markets dominance. Facebook copies the competitors that they c… Read More
2020-07-12 15:48
Style Check is like a having a personal editor-in-chief on your device, carefully reviewing your text for redundancies, clichés and filler words as you type. It’s simple, differ… Read More
A New Site
2020-06-08 12:40
Welcome to the new design of We redesigned everything. From the layout, to the font, to the logo. We are preparing for the 15-year anniversary of iA in November and the 10-year anniv… Read More
PDF Preview, New Typography, Preferences
2019-11-20 07:18
You’ve waited patiently for it, and now it is here. Version 1.2 of iA Writer for Windows has launched. This release packs in a boatload of improvements, making it the biggest update to… Read More
Useful MacOS Tricks
2019-06-04 14:31
People sometimes ask us “What tricks do you designer guys use on your Macs that I don’t know of?” We don’t know what you don’t know, but there are a couple of g… Read More
The Nice Place
2019-04-25 08:06
It seems the times of free online advertising for indies are over. Blogs are not what they used to be, RSS is about to be buried. Facebook is a commercial and moral nightmare, and so is Face… Read More
Music In Writing
2019-04-24 09:19
Don’t you wonder sometimes about sound and writing? We make music when we speak. When we write, the music is in our head, and typing we play the drums. Being fully immersed in writing… Read More
2019-04-16 14:15
Combined with a killer outline iA Writer for Windows came out one year ago. We launched version 2 and called it 1.1. It comes with a cleaner UI, sweeter typography, tighter templates, bette… Read More
2019-04-11 09:51
Facebook fishing for our email passwords, Roomba is hovering up all the data on our homes, Amazon is listening to our conversations for laughs, Tik-Tok spying on our kids. And that we see so… Read More
2018-08-22 13:40
As the success of design has become measurable, it has transformed a handicraft into an engineering job. Not the master designer but the user is the arbitrator of good design. The key perfo… Read More
2018-07-04 14:23
As China is learning from the West, we are slowly becoming Chinese. Here are 16 ideas we should hold onto. China’s Xi Jinping is in a good mood. He just got approved to be president fo… Read More
Take The Power Back
2018-02-07 16:21
You may have heard the best way to deal with the “information overload” is to switch off your device. To take a break from the Internet. Go for a run. Roll out the Yoga mat. Read… Read More
Die A Little
2018-01-30 17:31
Language has the power to make us understand others, to feel like others through time and space. To almost become someone else. Used as tool, computers can help us amplifying the use of lang… Read More
2018-01-30 17:31
Language has the power to make us understand others, to feel like others through time and space. To almost become someone else. Used as tool, computers can help us amplifying the use of lan… Read More
Bots Need To Be Identifiable By Law
2018-01-24 15:05
Everybody that has an interest in influencing public opinion will happily pay a handful of Dollars to amplify their voices. Governments, political groups, corporations, traders, and just sim… Read More
Is Time Money?
2018-01-17 16:40
Bitcoin rose from 1,000 to 19,000 in a couple of months. Today it fell back to 10,000. If time is money, then what happened to people’s time? Is it lost? We hear “time is money&r&hell…Read More
2018-01-16 12:07
Everything around us is designed. Design shapes cities, gives form to houses, sketches and connects spaces; designers define our environment, our things, bodies and minds. Design is politica… Read More
Web Trend Map 2018
2018-01-15 17:46
Don’t get too excited. We don’t have it. We tried. We really tried. Many times. The most important ingredient for a Web Trend Map is missing: The Web. Time to bring some of it ba… Read More
News From Facebook
2018-01-13 14:52
Step by step, Facebook has cut out news from its feeds. Since yesterday, it’s official. News will get deprioritized. Why? A take from a small organization that has been designing and c… Read More
2018-01-10 20:20
Just when it really matters and we should really do what we are about to do we are most vulnerable to distractions. How come? And what can we do against it? Distractions allow us to delay th… Read More
2018-01-10 20:20
Just when it really matters and we should really do what we are about to do we are most vulnerable to distractions. How come? And what can we do about it? Distractions allow us to delay the… Read More
2018-01-06 17:23
You may have read or heard that the ideal paragraph consists of one thought.1 Clearly, there are various ways to begin and end a thought. One way is to 1) start with a claim or topic sentenc… Read More
2018-01-04 07:56
The takeover of artificial intelligence seems to be a done deal. The open questions are: When will machines outperform us? Will they annihilate us? And: Should self-driving cars kill one pre… Read More
2018-01-01 22:58
The excerpts from recent Alan Kay emails are a gold mine. The text itself is a raw cut-up from a series of private emails. Kay argues that fundamental innovation and following objectives run… Read More
In Search Of The Perfect Writing Font
2017-11-23 16:38
Hell just froze over. After seven years of offering no font options to write, iA Writer now comes with a choice. Next to the monospace Nitti you will now find a brand new duospace font. Duos… Read More
2016-11-18 00:00
We’ve been hard at work producing the next major update to iA Writer, and we’re happy to announce its arrival. iA Writer 4 adds a whole new dimension to how you can work with you… Read More
IA Emoji For IOS10
2016-09-15 13:25
iA Emoji is a simple and fun text-to-emoji-translator that allows you to send decodable picture-only messages to your friends. It translates the 2000 most common English words into pictures… Read More
2016-06-20 00:00
Inspired by Roger Federer’s icon-only approach, we created a font that turns the 2,000 most used English words into emoji. It was a fun experiment—until Apple opened the door to… Read More
2016-06-20 00:00
Inspired by Roger Federer’s icon-only approach, we created a font that turns the 2,000 most used English words into emoji. It was a fun experiment—until Apple opened the door to… Read More
2016-06-14 00:00
To spice up our monster essay on icons, we created an icon monster shooter arcade game. Planned as a one week hackathon, it turned into an amazing one year adventure. Here is what UX designe… Read More
2016-06-10 00:00
In the classic era of word processing, text was born between MS Word, and a printer. Today, it is written and edited on multiple devices and apps, then mailed, printed, copied, pasted, annot… Read More
2016-06-02 00:00
Icons save space. Icons look crisp. Icons give quick answers to hard questions: How do we make it nicer? How can we brand it? How do we make it more fun? We ♥ icons. Until they start… Read More

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