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Steven Universe appreciation post


Steven Universe is an animated TV series created by Rebbecca Sugar in 2014 and is being shown on Cartoon Network to this day. With a unique animating style, extraordinary characters, colourful, well detailed in-show scenery and scenarios that brought fans to tears, Steven Universe can be easily called one of the best animated TV shows in the recent years, perhaps even the best. The plot is pretty simple - Steven Quartz Universe is trying to be the best gem he can possibly be and receives help from the space rock moms that live with him and take care of him; Garnet (Ruby + Sapphire), Pearl and Amethyst.

Unlike the space moms, Steven Universe is a rather unique being - he's 50% human and 50% gem, which means he's ''organic'' (not really though, it actually means that he can fuse with both gems and humans).

Throughout the years this show was shown, Rebbecca Sugar has introduced us to many new characters (both human and gem) that we can relate to and love, some of them being: Connie, Greg Universe, Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, Jasper, Sadie, Lars and many more, including quite a few fusions.

Now, I've mentioned ''fusions'' and that raises the question - what is a ''fusion''? Well it's basically when 2 gems fuse their physical forms to form a brand new gem. But it's not as simple as it may sound - fusion is actually built upon trust, love or passion, so 2 gems that don't feel that way about their partner cannot fuse, though the viewers of the show were introduced to the ''unstable'' fusion - Malachite, which is a fusion between Jasper and Lapis Lazuli. (Episode: Jailbreak)

The reason why this fusion is unstable is because there's no love OR trust between the 2 gems that form it, though - it was probably possible because of the love that Lapis felt for Steven and the fact she wanted to protect him at all costs.  

Another type of fusion - the fusion of love. There are 2 known fusions in the show so far that form because of the love between the 2 characters that form it and they are: Garnet and Stevonnie (Steven + Connie). This type of fusion is probably the best, mainly because it's hard to break, it can stay together for a long time (Like Garnet - she didn't unfuse until she was knocked out by Jasper, so that's an entire season without unfusing. She also unfused a few other times, one of them being after the whole Sardonyx incident and the last one doesn't really count as unfusing but Garnet was pretty close to unfusing, that was when she found the forced fusions in the Kindergarten)

Fusion plays a really important part in this TV show and might be one of the best parts of the series. 

My favourite fusion has GOT to be Smokey Quartz, which is a fusion between Amethyst and Steven (Rose Quartz). This was the first gem/human fusion in the series so far, hopefully more will be introduced later. Smokey Quartz is not only unique in her style, she also has an amazing personality and a bad ass fusion weapon, which is a yo-yo. (Amethyst's whip + Steven's shield)

Before her, my favourite was Sardonyx, which was the fusion between Garnet and Pearl.

Some of the fusions that many fans of the show want to see are: Lapis + Peridot, Steven + Peridot, Garnet + Steven, Garnet + Peridot, basically anyone fuse with Peridot, as she has recently become one of the most relatable and awesome characters in the entire show.

 Here she is in Season 1 reporting the state of the Homeworld warp pad.

Here she's in Season 3 tearing apart her graph of potential couples in the in-show series: "Camp Pining Hearts".

Throughout the show, there has been a lot of character development, some characters grew to be more lovable than the first time they appeared and Peridot is one of them. As she joined the Crystal gems and betrayed Yellow diamond (her leafer) she grew and became one of the favourites of the show's fans. She became known as the Space Dorito #2, the first one being Sardonyx. (Although Sardonyx isn't really that much of a dorito as she is a Space rectangle.) 

So yeah, with all the amazing character development, beautiful and unique fusions, breathtaking storyline and unique art-style, Steven Universe has earned a warm spot on the top of it's fans' hearts. There's many pieces of art on the Web and many fan videos, one of my favourites is:

(This seriously gave me goosebumps the first few times I watched it)


So in conclusion - Steven Universe has got to be one of the best TV series to this day and will probably continue being on top as time passes by. Hopefully the series doesn't come to a downfall.

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Steven Universe appreciation post


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