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10 Best Running Shoes Under 500 Rupees In India 2021

If you are one of them who completely tired to find the best Running shoes under 500 rs and to look to buy the best running shoes under this budget range, then you are in the right place.

Best running shoes under this budget segment is one of the toughest tasks for us because, in this budget, you will find fewer brand options that prove quality and durable shoes. But after deep research, we finally make this list who has a good brand tag as well as good features with a strong build quality.

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10 Best Running Shoes Under 500 Rupees In India

Best Shoes Under 500Check Price
1. Cokpit Running Shoes Check Price
2. Asian Wonder-13 Check Price
3. Kraasa Men's Sports Check Price
4. Lancer Men's Sports Check Price
5. Avant Nitro Check Price
6. Trase SRV Relax Check Price
7. Acteo Ac1036 Check Price
8. Fusefit Men's Sung Check Price
9. Action Shoes Check Price
10. Bourge Vega-6 Check Price

1. Cokpit Running Shoes

Best Running Shoes under 500 Rs
  • Design For:- Men/Women
  • Sole Type :- TPR
  • Lifestyle:- Casual And Running
  • Return Policy:- 10 Days

If you are looking for shoes under 500 to 600 rs, then this Cokpit Men’s Running Shoes is our priority for you.

This Cokpit Running Shoes are not only comfortable to wear but also make a distinct statement with its suede outer and synthetic border design.

Cokpit Running Shoes outer suede layer gives a soft, napped feel and premium while you were using it.

The pair of shoes comes with a TPR sole, which is Thermoplastic Rubber. The Thermoplastic rubbers sole provide great aesthetic versatility, durability as well as full recyclability.


2. Asian Wonder-13

Best Running Shoes Under 500 Rs
  • Closure:- Lace-Up
  • Sole Type :- TPR
  • Material Type:- Mesh
  • Lifestyle:- Running And Support

Asian shoes are for regular use used. This Asian Running wonder 13 shoe comes with grey color with a light blue accent.

The upper material keeps air circulation while the moderated ankle takes full care of your feet when you go out for running.

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Running Shoes

This Asian sports shoe made with outer mesh material for superior comfort and ventilation.

The Lace-up enclosure ensures a firm fit while still being comfortable while you are playing or a day out.

Allow your pair of shoes to air and de-odorize at a regular basis, this also helps them retain their natural shape and stay fresh.


3. Kraasa Men’s Sports

Best Running Shoes Under 500 Rs
  • Design For:- Men
  • Sole Type:- EVA
  • Lifestyle:- Running Shoes
  • Return Policy:- 10 Days

Kraasa Men’s Sports Shoes is a perfect choice for those who were looking multitasking shoes for Casual, walking, running, sports, gym, and other outdoor athletic sports.

This Kraasa Men’s Sports Shoes ic comes with four color choices, including Grey, Navy, Royal Blue, and Black.

The shoe’s heathered mesh upper provides extra breathability and proper airflow. It helps in keeping your feet fresh and comfortable even during vigorous activity.

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The lightweight yet solid PVC sole provides superior traction to accommodate any terrain. Flex grooves allow your foot to move naturally.

The shoes insole is cushioned with a soft inner lining and memory foam for comfort and support. The lightly padded tongue and collar provide extra comfort.


4. Lancer Men’s Sports

Best Running Shoes Under 500 Rs
  • Design For:- Men/Women
  • Sole Type:- Manmade
  • Sole Material:- EVA
  • Lifestyle:- Multi-Tasking

Lancer is a popular brand well known as making quality shoes that come with the sturdy build but also stylish design.

The Lancer  Men’s sports made from using mesh material, and it is available in six different color options like Black Green, Green, Blue, White Navy, Grey Orange, and Navy Red.

The lace-up closure allows the shoes to have a sung fit balanced with comfort. The flexibility of the laces maintains a firm grip to provide the right amount of support to your feet.

This Lancer  Men’s sports shoes will be able to use not only for running or sports but also for casual and other occasions.


5. Avant Nitro

Best Running Shoes Under 500 Rs
  • Design For:- Men/Women
  • Sole Type:- Manmade
  • Sole Material:- Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Outer Material:- Breathable Mesh

Avant is also the most valuable brand, just like Sparx and Lancer. This Avant Nitro is the best budget of shoes. It is perfect for those who love the design and ultra-lightweight shoes.

These shoes have central lace-up, mesh, and synthetic upper Cushioned footbed with raised heel padding and removable insole padding for better shock absorption and energy return.

The rubber outsoles absorb the shock and offer a perfect grip for the user in wet and dry conditions.

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The best thing with these shoes is that it comes with a very attractive colourful design with Dark Grey, Green, Grey, Navy blue and orange colour options.


6. Trase SRV Relax

Best Running Shoes Under 500 Rs
  • Design For:- Men/Women
  • Sole Material:- EVA
  • Material Type:- Fabric And Synthetic
  • Lifestyle:- Running And Other Sports

The Trase SRV Relex multi vibrant color and durable built shoe come with the most loving color choice, which gives you the freedom to choose your favorite shoes.

No doubt, Trase SRV Relex design-wise looks very comfortable and robust build, many customers reviewed that this is best in each angle, only the thing which disappointed to a customer is that its hard sole.

The most interesting thing with these shoes is that it is available not only for the young generation but also for the kid generation. You can buy these shoes from size 2 UK to 10 UK size with available Navy-Blue, Wight-Blue, Grey-Orange, Black, and Red.


7. Acteo Ac1036

Best Running Shoes Under 500 Rs
  • Design For:- Men
  • Outer Material: -Synthetic  Material
  • Material Type:- Synthetic
  • Lifestyle:- Sports

Acto Ac1036 is another best budget shoe that comes with Red and Black, a combination single color option.

In terms of quality, it is perfect for the young generation as well as it is an appealing and sporty look that attracts you.

The manufacturer used Synthetic material to build these shoes, but the company doesn’t mention the inner element and sole material.

The best thing is that the shoes are available in all standard sizes so you were able to buy these shoes as per your foot size.


8. Fusefit Men’s Sung

Best Running Shoes Under 500 Rs
  • Design For:- Men/Women
  • Material Type :- Mesh+ EVA
  • Lifestyle:- Sports
  • Return Policy:- 10 Days

Fusefit Sung also best budget shoes come under 500 rupees price range. Fusfiet Sung shoe is a comfortable walking shoe that comes with premium quality KNITTED upper provides breathability and better grip. Soft EVA insole for better comfort and cushioning.

Airknit technology enfolds the foot to give you a natural stride and yet, boosts performance. The shoe with it’s breathable, and the form-fitting upper is sung and seamless.

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Bounce back from any hurdles with bounce mat technology designed to spring back into shape, no matter what your work out.

Superlite sole is an exceptionally light sole that creates natural stride. Built for every level of performance, these feather-light soles with reactive cushioning.


9. Action Shoes

Best Running Shoes Under 500 Rs
  • Design For:- Men
  • Shoe Width:- Medium
  • Lifestyle:- Sports
  • Return Policy:- 10 Days

Action shoes are also a well popular brand in India. Action brand builds Fitness freak sporty and causal shoes in the India market, which is available everywhere.

This Action Running shoe is perfect for all the sports-related work as well it is good to wear on special occasions. But especially these shoes are made for running and walking.

This shoe is available in three different colour option including Black, Grey, and Orange with 6 UK to 10 UK size choice.


10. Bourge Vega-6

Best Running Shoes Under 500 Rs
  • Design For:- Men/Women
  • Sole Material:- EVA
  • Lifestyle:- Sports
  • Return Policy:- 10 Days

Bourge offers performance and sports-inspired lifestyle products in categories such as running, training, and fitness.

Using high technology and design innovation, Bourge continually creates what is aspire and not what is necessary.

These Bourge running shoes come with high performance, durability, and exceptional comfort. This bourge sports running shoe is exceptionally stylish; it has EVA bounce back sole, which gives extreme comfort during running, walking, jogging, and other ground sports conditions.

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This Bourge shoe has a wider range of floater, of which one can choose as per the occasion. Apart from the tendency, it’s also comfortable, breathability and fit grip.



These are the top 10 best running shoes under 500 rupees who give you the value of money quality and features. We highly recommended you to buy shoes from our provided list because we created this list after considerable research.

If you have any queries feel free to ask anything we resolve your questions as soon as possible, and if you have better suggestions for us, then comment mention below your opinion. We are always ready to adopt your ideas.

How To Choose Best Running Shoes: Complete Guide

1. What are running shoes for flat feet?

The first thing that you need to understand (before we dive into the more specific tips and tricks) is precisely how most shoe companies approach building shoes for those with flat feet.

Almost all of the major shoe companies try to build shoes for those dealing with flat feet as though they have an unnatural stride. And while it’s undoubtedly true that some people with “pancake feet” have incredible strides (dealing with under pronation or overpronation), the reality is that most do not. Even if your feet are as flat as a table, you may very well still have a neutral stride, also known as neutral pronation.

So while some shoe companies will put in extra arch support (or under arch support), all this does is further compounded an issue that you’re not even dealing with in the first place. It is controlled; it’s directly to most “flat feet shoes” being ridiculously uncomfortable, also though they have been specifically designed for the exact opposite results.

What you really might want to look into (as it was tremendously helpful for me) are shoes that have neutral soles or neutral arch support – and then adding in any of the extra “creature comforts” and that you have already fallen in love with (comfort gel insoles and the like) later on.

2. Why do we need to get the most suitable?

The biggest reason that we need to purchase the most suitable designs is to avoid all of the pain, blisters, and friction that comes from running in shoes that haven’t been designed for our feet.

While the general population (affectionately known as “normies”) can feel comfortable sliding into almost any pair of running shoes, we flat-footed people have to deal with some severe comfort issues unless the shoes are designed specifically for us.

This applies across the board when it comes to shoes but is most prevalent when we’re talking about the best running shoes for flat feet. When you are going to put your feet (and the rest of your body) through a tremendous beating, you should never have to worry about the extra damage being done just because your shoes are not as comfortable as they should be.

No, explicitly purchasing the most suitable designs will make sure that we never have to worry about excess rubbing, friction, chafing, blisters, or other significant issues that can crop up the kind of the significant problems that can sideline our Running for weeks or even months.

3. What specific features should I be looking for?

As mentioned above, unless you have already been diagnosed explicitly with different types of arches on your feet, you’re probably going to want to look into neutral spans across the board. Many have been made with neutral arches already, and they’re beginning to explode in popularity.

While there are certainly some who will be best served by investing in running shoes that have been designed for those who over or under pronated, the majority will undoubtedly enjoy all the comfort and performance that comes from more neutral base shoes.

Another thing that you’re probably going to want to look into is making sure that your running shoes fit the shape of your foot (at least as far as width is concerned) while making sure that you’re adding in a full toe box.

The full toe box will give you the ability to move around a little bit in the front of your shoe, avoiding all of that friction and rubbing that comes from shoes that are too tight in the toe box but perfectly fine everywhere else.

Some of the smartest investments include other running shoe technologies like shock absorbers, comfort insoles, and other breakthrough innovations that should probably be approached on a case-by-case basis. However, you’ll want to look closely at some sort of shock-absorbing technology.

Solving the problems of tightness, blisters, and friction by moving forward with a more neutral based shoe and one that fits your feet perfectly can create several issues on your knees and hips, especially if you have no built-in shock-absorbing features. This can undoubtedly cause many ripple effects throughout your body, and though you may fix the initial problem you were dealing with, you may just create another one.

Look for flat-footed running shoes that have shock absorbers built right into the shoe, invest in comfort soles designed for shock absorption, or make sure that you’re always running with socks that have been designed to do the same. Some people may go to great lengths to eliminate hip and knee pain through the use of compression shorts or pants or many other extra running accessories, but those decisions are entirely up to you.

Last but not least, you’ll want to try and strength in your feet, legs, and core muscles on a gradual basis. While never being able to “re-mold” or “reshape” your feet, putting them through a continuous training process will toughen them up and allow you to exert more and more force as you move forward. While this has little to do with the shoes that you choose, it’s a smart tip for those of us who are running with flat feet.

4. What kind of things should I avoid at all costs when looking around?

One of the biggest problems that we flat-footed folks have to deal with regularly are shoe companies who push out many “flat-footed running shoe” models that have no real benefits whatsoever – and in some cases can even be worse for us and more traditional or “normal” running shoes.

To throw on many bells and whistles to draw our eyes, many of these technological advances or benefits designed to boost our flat-footed running experience are nothing more than cosmetic changes. Several shoe companies have been busted for putting “fake” shock absorbers on their running shoes – then doubling back and saying that it was a strict fashion and cosmetic-based decision.

Try not to get sucked into all of the big promises that so many of these companies make when it comes to their flat-footed running shoes, and always make sure that you try on the shoes for yourself. While there are only a few running shoe companies or businesses around the country that will allow you to try out their shoes (actually run in them) for a couple of weeks before committing to purchasing, it’s well worth seeking them out.

5. Here are a handful of brands you’ll want to look at

Last but not least, I must leave you with a couple of pieces of insider information to help you make sure that you are purchasing from brands that give you the best chance to enjoy flat-footed running.

Nike makes many of the high-quality designs and some models that have been designed for flat-footed runners in specific. While they can be a little bit expensive, it’s hard to argue with their track record of success.

New Balance also makes some of the highest quality models for flat feet, and they almost always fit anyone’s budget. Not nearly as sexy or attractive as the Nike shoes, they’re still pretty good. Adidas has entered the “flat-footed running” world as well, but they’re not as good as the other two listed above.

This list of friends is nowhere near complete, and you’re going to want to try on different pairs from different companies to make sure that you found the ones perfect for your specific needs.

6. Why Choosing The Right Running Shoes Is Important

In the world of track meets, marathons, and other running-related activities, there is perhaps nothing so important as having the best running shoes money can buy. A well-made pair of athletic shoes can not only help boost the athlete’s performance but even protect their health and very lives in some cases. Read on to learn more about the performance of top running shoes and some of the best brands currently available today.

The Importance of Selecting the Best Running Shoes

If runners do not wear quality shoes, a host of problems may arise, such as poor posture, shin splints, sprained ankles and knees, muscle strain, and even broken bones. Wearing ill-fitting shoes for an extended period could even potentially plague the runner with chronic pain for the rest of their lives. Selecting shoes that do not have the proper moisture-wicking materials could also trap germs that could cause serious bacterial or fungal infections. These are just a few of the problems that come from poor quality running shoes.

The Construction of the Best Running Shoes

Protection is the main factor in selecting the best running shoes for your needs. Running shoes must have superior shock absorption, flexibility, and durability. Considered to be the most critical part of the shoe, the midsole is the cushioned layer between the shoe’s upper and outer soles, and a lot of cutting-edge technology goes into the midsole, using air, gels or other materials. The top is also significant, as it must be able to reduce the heat from inside the shoes, yet be padded enough to eliminate painful friction from the laces.

How to Select the Best Running Shoes

The selection of a runner’s shoes may be an essential purchase an athlete can make. Therefore, it is crucial to be sure that the shoes fit perfectly. Besides checking to see that the shoes are washable and made with high-quality materials, the shoes should be tried on before purchasing – late in the day, when the feet are naturally at their largest. It is also advisable to wear the same soc

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10 Best Running Shoes Under 500 Rupees In India 2021


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