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More Online Safety Ways

Hello friends welcome back to HkGoodKh. Hope you like our articles. We try our best to give user-friendly content to all our readers. Please do comment by filling the comment box below. Your feedback would motivate us to keep creating good articles. Friends today we are going to discuss some more methods which would strengthen your online security against cybercriminals.
Friends in our previous article we provided you 5 ways by which you can create shield against hackers. If you want to know more about them you can read them here.
As you know hackers want your important information like login Id, password, personal details, credit card details, bank information and others by hook or by crook. For this they use sophisticated techniques such as installing malicious content on user computer, sending spam messages, luring the user to click on phishing sites and many more.
If we ask would you provide your sensitive information to anyone willingly? Definitely NO. Hackers also know this. So they devise clever methods to trap the user in passing out their sensitive information to them. So we have to be on our toes.
Friends today we are going to discuss these clever techniques adopted by the hacker. In addition to this we would discuss some more tips. 

So let’s get started.


You must have heard about this trap. Call it deceiving, cheating or with whatever term you may, the fact is that it is an extremely clever and sophisticated technique. It is like a wolf wearing the mask of a lion. The hacker makes extensive use of this to steal the private information of the user.

Let’s explain this with the help of an example. Suppose you receive a Mail from reputed site such as Amazon.
  1. ·        The mail says that the user has ordered an item from Amazon.
  2. ·         It contains billing Address which does not belong to the user.
  3. ·         Now when the user hovers mouse over the book title link displaying Amazon, the URL instead of going to goes to some untrusted site.
This is the classic example of a Phishing Site.
Off course many users become perplexed by such mails. They cannot decide whether it is real or not.

So keep these tips in mind and you will be safe.
    • The first thing you should do is NOT TO CLICK ANY LINKScontained in that mail.
    •  Secondly, should MANUALLY ENTER THE SITE URL in the address box. So in the above case if the user wants to go to Amazon, he should type into the web browser.
    •  You should hover your mouse over the links contained in that. By doing this you would get information about the true URL of the link. The URL may display but in reality it would go to a phishing site.
    •  The next course of action would be to immediately DELETE SUCH EMAILS. Also do not forward such mails to others.

    Friends, you cannot easily block or stop Phishing emails. So the best security measure you could take is to immediately identify as well as delete it from your inbox when it comes.
    Note friends if you click on the link you would go to an untrusted phishing site which would look just like Amazon. You may be then trapped and thinking it to be Amazon you may enter your login id or other important information. You accidently would pass on all your secret information to the hackers in this manner.
    Hope friends now you would think twice before clicking on any link in the mail.


    Over the years this has also become favorite tool of cyber criminals to steal personal details of the users.
    What exactly is spam? Well it is a form of advertising related to commercial purposes. The sender does this to gain economic benefits. If many recipients to whom the spam message is send purchase the advertised product, the spammer would make money. This would only motivate the Spammers and they would continue to send spams.
    Spammers use publicly accessible sources to gain information about recipient address. They also make use of dictionaries as well as different software programs to gain an insight into address. Spammers also use sophisticated ways to conceal the location of their spams to avoid law breaching.
    Well friends today more and more spammers are using virus infected computers to send spams. These computers also known as “ZOMBIES” or “DRONES” are used to generate bulk spam messages which masks itself such that the user thinks that these are coming from legal addresses.

    Friends let us discuss the consequences of spamming.
    • Well, spammers have used spamming for forgery of various email services. By using different domain names and hiding location, they confuse the email administrator.
    • Second consequence is that the real address or email account of the user may be hijacked. The user may get a false mail pretending to be from trusted site such as “Hotmail” stating that the user account is closed and requires some action on the part of the user to reopen it.
    Now the question is what we user can do on our part?
    • First of all we must all install a good “ANTIVIRUS” to avoid our computer becoming “ZOMBIES”.
    • Second, false mails should be either completely ignored or deleted because spammers often attach virus in them.
    • Thirdly, every user must USE A STRONG PASSWORD which should ideally contain mix of characters, letters and numbers.
    • Fourthly we would advise you to set up 2 FACTOR AUTHENTICATIONfor all your accounts.


        Do Not Use Same Password For All Accounts

        You heard it right. It is like using the same key for all your boxes. The hacker steals the key and all your boxes and valuables contained in these are gone. 

        So to be on safe side do not use same password on all your accounts.

        Do Not Share Your Login Information With Anyone

        Friends like it or not but to be on safe side never share your login information with anyone whether your friend, girlfriend or any relative. 

        Take Precaution While Installing Browser Extensions

        Yes friends hackers are adept at creating fake versions of popular browser addons. So follow best precautions while installing them.
        So friends in this article we have compiled 5 excellent methods with which you can protect your online privacy. Hope you would like it.If you want to know more related to online security, you can read here. Tell us what you think about these tips. Do let us know by filling the comment box



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        More Online Safety Ways


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