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Threats Associated With Bad Online Browser Extensions Or Addons

Hello friends welcome back to HkGoodKh. Hope you must be eagerly waiting for this new post. As promised we would teach you about the dangers of fake or bad extensions. After reading this we are sure reader would think twice before installing any addon and would go for the good and trusted ones. 

In this post we would also discuss about the fake version of adblock plus that was recently removed by Google from its store to protect online security of the users. 

So friends lets get started. 



Friends the fake adblock plus discovered by Google was found to open new tabs in the browser. Also it caused an increase in the number of browser ads. As per reports it was discussed by users in the review section of addon. So you can just think how much it would have annoyed the users. Contrary to its name the fake adblock plus caused an increase in the number of addons. 

Oh and you can just think how much load those tabs and ads would have caused on web browser. It would have crashed several times. Browsing would have become awfully slow. 

Based on above observation we can safely conclude about dangers of fake adblock plus. 

  • Opens new and unwanted tabs
  • Bombards web pages with advertisements 
  • Causes browser to crash frequently 
  • Browsing becomes extremely slow 
  • Browser becomes unresponsive or hangs a lot

Ok friends by now you would have got a big clue about what the likes of fake addons like adblock plus can do. 

But the threats are not limited to these alone. Lets see what more harm it causes

  • If a bad addon requests for complete data and activity it can easily read the passwords. Thus a Bad Addon is truly a malware which compromises your online safety
  • A bad addon with full permission has full access to the response sent by the site. Thus it knows literally all about your online details. And they claim to be just tiny. 
  • Even https cannot save you from dangers of bad addon which has got all permissions. Though they would not have access to cookies but since they can read passwords it doesn't make much difference. 
  • Even popups which do not have navigation bar are loaded with extensions. As users you can test this yourself. 
  • Addons also send request and trap you into thinking that webpage sends it. Like if you are on Single Click Purchase site you can get purchase requests from extensions. So beware. 
  • Friends bad and untrusted addons are really privacy nightmare. They could have access to all your browsing history. They could track information about the sites you visit. These also know about which tab you are currently viewing. Additionally these also know about the number of tabs you have opened. 
  • The messages you send on Facebook, Gmail and other social media platform could be doctored by addons. These can inject their own stuffs into them. So even your messages are not really yours. 
  • A notorious extension can also redirect your search traffic to elsewhere. Thus you can also probably become victim of clever phishing and spamming technique which could endanger your privacy. 
  • Even the popular addon could be sold to an untrusted company or it could be hijacked. Then sold or hijacked extension could get automatic updation which may convert it to a malware. 
So friends HkGoodKh says that beware of all bad and fake extensions. We do hope that by now you would have grasped what these cute and tiny looking programs can do. 
So now a question may be popping in your head " What as responsible online user can i do to stay safe?" 

Friends do not worry. HkGoodKh would provide solution for this. So in our next post you would find the answer to this query.We would teach you about the precaution tips with regard to addons.

We hope friends that you liked our post. Do share your views with us in the comments. Thank you for reading this article! 


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Threats Associated With Bad Online Browser Extensions Or Addons


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