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Best Kitchen Range Hoods Reviews

It is not very often that a house owner buys a new range Hood, so when it is time to replace yours you may find it a difficult task.

Since most people are not fully versed in the intricacies of range hoods, taking the time to read some of the range hood reviews that are available online will help you make a more educated decision – and perhaps even save you some money along the way.

Why Would You Buy A Range Hood?

For many kitchens, a range hood is not merely a choice – it is a necessity.

Whether you have a gas stove or an electric stove, you still need a way to absorb the steam and vapors that are coming up from the foods that you are cooking, and also to help filter the air. What you may not know is that range hoods have filters built into them that help to absorb the odors of the food that you are cooking, and in turn helps your kitchen smell better.

What Features Should You Look For?

When you are looking at buying a new range hood, taking a look at the range hood reviews that are online is pretty important. The first thing you will learn is that not all range hoods are created equal, and that if you have a particularly sensitive ear to sound, then you may want to choose one that is rated to be much quieter.

Especially if you do a lot of cooking that requires the fan to be on, investing in a range hood that’s higher-end in price will make cooking a lot more pleasant.

Another thing to keep in mind is the type of filter that is within the hood itself. Most of these filters are charcoal and help to protect your cabinets and ceiling from being coded in Greece and steam.

But they also help to absorb odors and so it is important to change your filters on a fairly regular basis. Many of the higher-quality range hoods have specific devices built into them that will tell you when the filters need to be changed.

6 Range Hoods Reviews

1. Broan QS136SS

The Broan QS136SS range hood is designed for use under a cabinet, and it is among the most silent in its category. Its under-counter style is contemporary with halogen lighting featuring dual settings.

The range hood is not difficult to clean. The whole design is an enclosed type, and the bottom cover is made of Teflon.

Top Features

The Broan range hood includes an adapter of damper measuring 3.25 x 10 inches. The range hood can be converted into non-ducted discharges without a fuss. Its relevant features include:

Easy-care design. The range hood is conceptualized for use in gas or electric cooktops with 22k BTU output. The Broan’s allure QS136SS range hood works on 1.5 sones when it is set at a normal speed and on 5 sones when used on a high speed. This makes the range hood 50 percent quieter than most other designs with a similar model. Too, it is easy to clean with its enclosed design, standard dishwasher-safe mesh filter. Its bottom cover, Teflon, is easy to clean.
Rocker Switch. The Broan QS136SS range hood has tw0 light settings—the bright light that focuses on your cooking and the soft night mode light—and a lamp that operates on a halogen bulb. The rocker switch renders the range hood easy to operate regarding speed and light.
Versatility. The Broan allure is HVI 2100 certified. It can function with or without a duct and allows four-way convertibility like 3.25 x 10 inch horizontal or vertical duct, a 7 inch round duct, or non-ducted. Its blower does not require repositioning when the range hood is converted.

Broan QS136SS Range Hood Specifications

The range hood from Broan comes with a manual, a damper or adapter and a 36-inch long range hood. Its weight is 23 pounds and 24.2 pounds upon shipment. The product dimensions are 20 x 36 x 7.2 inches. The bulbs on its halogen lamp and light are not included upon purchase.

Broan QS136SS Range Hood Review

The Broan Allure range hood is loved by many due to its almost zero-noise while delivering its performance. According to its manufacturer and confirmed by reviewers on Amazon, the QS136SS range hood is 50 percent quieter than most of its competitors in the similar category. The overall construction is strong with its stainless steel material. Owners have four choices of operating the range hood as it is convertible without making adjustments on its blower or cover.

The Broan QS136SS range hood has a Teflon-made bottom to make its cleaning a no-sweat task. The enclosure design of the range hood also makes cleaning the entire hood as easy. With its clean-sense charcoal filter, the users would know when it is time to change the filter: its color will vary. For owners who love to cook food with strong fragrance, the charcoal filter is a necessity.

The two-speed blower of the range hood is convenient according to the reviewers on Amazon as they can choose between low and high depending on the necessity. And even if the blower is set at a high speed, the overall performance of the hood does not produce annoying sound. The halogen lamp adds to its versatility as users can opt for higher luminous light. The brighter setting for the Broan QS136SS range hood light is equally convenient for dishes that require details.

2. Broan QS1300SS

The Broan QS1300SS range hood is among the quietest in its category. Its style is contemporary designed to be mounted under a cabinet in the kitchen. The range hood’s appearance and finish match any existing décor in the kitchen. In fact, it complements the ornaments found in the kitchen.

The length of the range hood from Broan is 30 inches. Because it is designed mounted below the cabinet, the range hood features bright halogen lighting system with two bright settings to ensure that cooking is visible. The range hood is easy to clean using a clean damp cloth. At the bottom of the range hood is a cover made with Teflon and is fully enclosed.
Broan QS1300SS Range Hood Features

Rocker switches with two light and speed options. The Allure QS1300SS range hood comes with a light with two settings, bright and soft. The bright light is efficient for cooking because it focuses on the pot. The soft light is for the evening when cooking is done. The halogen lamps require bulbs which are not included.
Versatile design. The Allure range hood is HVI 2100-certified, which ensures consumers of its reliability in performance and functionality. The range hood can function as ductless or ducted with four-way convertibility—vertical, horizontal, round, and non-ducted discharges. The range hood can be converted into any of the four functions without adjusting its blower.
Quiet, Powerful, and Easy-Care. Initiated for gas and electric cooktops with 22,000 BTU, the Broan QS1300SS range hood operates at 5 sones on high speed, and 1.5 sones on normal speed. It is extremely quiet with 50 percent quieter than the rest of the range hoods of similar features and models. It is also easy to clean with its fully-enclosed design and Teflon non-stick bottom cover.

The Specifications

The Allure range hood measures 20 x 30 x 7.2 inches and weighs 22 pounds. In shipping the range hood, it weighs 22.3 pounds.

Broan QS1300SS Range Hood Review

Reviewers on Amazon related that the Allure range hood is very easy to install. It does not take much effort and time as long as the instruction manual is read before the task. The blower fan is quiet especially when switched to low speed. But when it is set to high speed, it will make some noise, although not annoying. The noise production of Broan is very low at 1.5 sones on the low speeds. This means that no sound is practically heard emitting from the range hood. If there is, it is only whisper-like.

One reviewer commented, however, that when the blower speed is switched to high level, the fan makes some noise. For small kitchens, the noise can be a bit loud. The speed of the blower is equally efficient as it can remove smoke and odor from the kitchen. Only when the odor in the kitchen is very strong that the blower is switched to a high setting.

The light settings are a welcome delight according to reviewers. One of its light settings can mimic the surface of the sun. The bright light setting of Boan QS1300SS range hood, which focuses on what is currently cooking is very handy and helpful. It ensures the food is not overcooked, but not undercooked as well. The other light setting can enhance the overall appearance of the kitchen especially when no other light is switched on.

3. Broan QS230SS Allure II 30-Inch

Broan QS230SS Allure II range hood is a fusion of style and functionality designed for mounting under a kitchen cabinet. Its finish is Dupont Teflon to ensure that it is easy to maintain. The Allure II series range hoods are convertible to fit the preferences of consumers.

The Allure II range hood series is convertible kitchen hood. It can function ducted and ductless. For ducted function, Allure II can use vertical, horizontal, or round ducting. For ductless range hood, Allure II series requires the use of non-ducted cleanses sense filters, which are sold separately. Broan QS230SS range hood is very quiet at 0.9 sones at a normal speed. Its power capability is 300 CFM high setting.

The Specifications

Allure II range hood weighs 29.7 pounds. Its shipping weight is 29.8 pounds. The range hood Allure II measures 20 x 30 x 7.2 inches. Its construction is stainless steel. It comes with one year warranty. The blower power is 250 CFM. Allure II has a standard or traditional design with halogen type of lighting.

Broan QS230SS Range Hood Review

Broan is a reputable pioneering brand in innovating household products since 1932. The Allure II QS2300 range hood series is among its finest products. Measuring 30 inches long with stainless steel construction, Allure II is one of the quietest range hoods of the same concept. When set at a normal speed, its sound measurement is 0.9 sones or the equivalent of a soft whisper. When the blower setting is set to high, the sound may be a tad audible, but it is never a distraction.

Broan QS230SS range hood is easy to maintain. Its pan bottom is made of Dupont Teflon which only requires wiping with a clean damp cloth. Because it has a fully-enclosed design, the overall appearance of Allure II is elegant. It fits any existing décor in a kitchen.

Functionality is another best selling point of Allure II range hood. It is convertible in four ways for varied preferences of consumers. Too, it is of top quality despite its affordability. Reviewers confessed that the range hoods in their houses are all made by Broan simply because it can deliver exactly what they need from a range hood.

From easy installation to easy maintenance, the Allure II series does not give much of headaches to consumers. Of course, in filtering smoke, grease, fumes, steam, and carbon monoxide from the air, Broan QS230SS range hood is superb. It ensures that while it is running, the kitchen or where else in the house, does not have contaminants in the air.

For the ductless type of operation, Allure II range hood requires carbon filter to remove odor from the air. But many consumers said that despite having a ductless Allure II in their kitchen, there never exists any foul odor. The light settings from range hood are an added convenience. It makes cooking easier and quicker by having a bright, focused light on the dish. The only drawback found on Broan QS230SS range hood is the position of the blower, which is on the left, making it inefficient for right-positioned burners.

4. Broan RP130SS

The Broan RP130SS range hood is a forward-thinking residential ventilation system. It is the professional type of RP130 range hood series. The RP130SS model is stylish in appearance, effective with reliable quality. Its professional look is attributed to its stainless steel construction, which also makes it easy to clean.

The RP130SS range hood is certified by Energy Star, U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Homes, National Association of Home Builder’s Model Green Home Building Guidelines. It features two level light control heat sentry which detects extra heat then automatically adjusts its speed to high, two-speed control at 7.0 sones high, 0.5 sones low, and two halogen lamps.

The Specifications

The range hood professional-style RP130SS has 30 inches width made of 24 gauge 430 brushed stainless steel. Its product dimensions are 20.63 x 30 x 9 inches. And its shipping weight is 32.3 pounds.

Broan RP130SS Range Hood Review

The Broan range hood has many advantages over other range hoods of similar features and within the price range. Its appearance is well-crafted. It has stainless steel finish for an elegant and professional appearance. The switches of Broan range hood are designed under the canopy of the hood. This design makes the range hood easier to clean and neat. It is also quiet when its blower fan is set on low. Its sound volume is 0.5 sones.

Most consumers and reviewers take delight with its quiet performance as they cannot hear anything but a whisper from the range hood. Even when set on a low setting, the Broan RP130SS range hood is efficient. When the range hood is set to its high setting, its sound is not very loud to irritate those who are nearby according to reviewers.

The two speed switches make the range hood very convenient. Consumers do not have a hard time switching to the speed of its blower to fit their needs when they are cooking. When the fan is set on a low setting, its suction capacity is efficient. On a high setting, the blower fan is superb in performance. Consumers mentioned that it is excellent in taking out the grease and stem from the stove. On this feature alone, reviewers gave Broan RP130SS range hood a five-star rating.

Broan’s heat sentry feature is very smart. When the range hood is On, it does not cease from monitoring the stove’s heat and when it senses that its heat is high, it will automatically adjust the fan setting to high to absorb all the smoke and steam. Besides the two speeds, Broan RP130SS range hood has two illumination settings—the night light and the bright light using halogen bulbs. When these two halogen bulbs are used, consumers will have outstanding illumination on the stove and what it is cooking.

On the other hand, the range hood has its share of drawbacks. Consumers complained that the range hood they bought give loud noise when its blower fan is set to high. Another flaw is the halogen bulbs, which are not included in the purchase. The location of the switches, which are found under the hood, has disadvantages because consumers need to bend down when they have to switch it On. Finally, Broan Rp130SS range hood needs cover on its lights, lest, the steam or smoke will enter into them deep into the interiors of the fan.

5. Air King Range Hood

The Air King range hood is among the designer series. It is designed for under the cabinets in the kitchen. Its design is a combination of contemporary style with conventional high-performance features. All range hoods of Air Kin are HVI2100 certified for sound and air movement.

It can accommodate convertible ducting of 3 ¼ inches by 10 inches on horizontal or vertical and of 7 inches for round ducts. It can also go ductless. The range hood is a designer series which means it has a low profile and contemporary style to provide satisfactory ventilation services.

The Specifications

The range hood from Air King measures 30 inches wide, 6 inches high, and 18.5 inches deep. It is available in a finish like black, almond, white, stainless steel, and biscuit. Air King range hood has infinite speed motor, two brightness settings on its light.

When used with a round duct, the ducting requires assembly of collar and damper with E-22A model number. When used without ducts, the range hood requires a charcoal odor filter with model number RF34. Both the collar and damper and charcoal filter are sold separately. It weighs 14.5 inches and 14.6 pounds when shipped. It has one year warranty for its parts and a user’s manual.

Air King Range Hood Review

The flexibility of this range hood is well-appreciated by reviewers. It can function with a ducting and as a ductless. The ducting can be horizontal, vertical, or round. To configure to its duct setting, the range hood has punch-outs on its top and back portions. Besides the two options for light brightness, it also has the adjustable rotary speed for its blowers.

The certification from HVI2100 ensures silence from its air movement. Even when the blower is set at high speed, the fan does not produce noise at 200 CFM. Some reviewers who used the Air King range hood with a charcoal filter said that the filter is position between the fan and the metal grease filter. The charcoal filter is tasked to remove odors within the area, so it is best used in kitchens where the smell from food ingredients is strong.

The package is adequate, the shipment is fast, and the installation is very quick and straightforward. For the price that the Air King range hood is set, the quality is ensured because it is made in the U.S.A. One reviewer on Amazon commented that unlike other reviews he read about the installation, his range hood from Air King was easy to install for a man with a low level of mechanical skills and good tools. He used the Dremel tool to cut the tabs on the vent opening of his duct.
Air King range hood’s blower is efficient even when set on low speed. It can remove smoke continuously because the blower is powerful and unstoppable. The customer support was also good because one reviewer shared that when the shipment arrived, the parts bag was broken and the screws were gone. He called the Air King range hood customer support, and his parts bag was replaced with no arguments and charges.

Are There Any Additional Concerns You Should Have?

Obviously, your kitchen will have a need for a specific size range hood, and so that is something to look at before you go shopping. (Look at a comparison between different models and sizes that can help you find one suitable for your kitchen).
These tend to come in very standard sizes but if you have an off size, it may require a bit more work to install your new range hood and you should keep that in mind when you are looking at price.

6. Akdy 36″ Euro Style Az668i Stainless Steel Island Mount Range Vent Hood

Are you looking for an innovative outfit that can give a new look to your kitchen? Opt for the all new Akdy 36″ Euro Style Az668i Stainless Steel Island Mount Range Vent Hood which is perfect for renovating your kitchen in style!

In style!

This product offers contemporary Euro design in glass and stainless steel. The quality of the composite steel is superb. It flaunts an elegant stainless steel matte finish on the glass which can enhance any kitchen décor. Another plus point of this vent Hood is that it comes with four LED lights which can be used as a night light also! Now you may wonder about the manner in which you can install this in your kitchen. Don’t worry as the product comes with an instruction manual which makes the installation process much easier. This vent Hood is relatively cheap compared to other products in the market.

Further Brighter Side!

This vent hood manufactured by Akdy features has non-return air slap which prevents the heat from running away when the hood is not on. It is straightforward to remove. The dishwasher-safe anodized aluminum filters of the product reduce maintenance to a minimum. This product has Telescopic chimney which fits 8-9 ft in the ceilings. The rated voltage and rated frequencies are 120V and 60 Hz (according to the USA and Canada Standard). Though the motor power of the vent hood is 250W, the noise level is minimum just 65db. The fact that it is relatively quieter than other products makes it a hot favorite with the people. With the three speeds control, controlling speed becomes very easy. The inner diameter of the ventilation pipe is 6” which is quite good for ventilating air. The durable Teflon coating on the blades of the vent hood adds more longevity to the product. The best thing about the product is its 1-year warranty.

So, Which Range Hood Should You Buy?

One of the most popular range hoods on the market these days is the Broan QS136SS 36-Inch Allure Range Hood, and it is also one of the models that is very highly reviewed.

The Broan Allure range hood is a 36 inch stainless steel range hood that comes in five different color schemes and is rated to be 50% quieter than traditional alternatives.

This model comes with four-way convertibility and easy to use Clean Sense charcoal filters that change color when they are ready to be replaced. This can be particularly handy as a reminder to you.

When you read the range hood reviews that are online, you will see that this particular model is rated extremely quiet, at 1.5-Sones at normal speed, with a 220 CFM high setting. If you use your range hood fan on a regular basis, then this is the kind of feature that you will find very valuable.

Where Can You Get The Best Price On This Range Hood?

Although you may be able to get a fairly good price on your oven or stove at your local appliance store, finding just the right range hood is almost impossible.

There are other benefits too. When you buy range hoods online, you can also choose from five different color schemes – biscuit, black, ivory, stainless steel, and white.

As far as kitchen appliances go, your range hood is probably one of the least important and noticeable items, yet it is one that is absolutely essential. The Broan QS136SS 36-Inch Allure Range Hood will help you to save money and also have a quieter, more efficient fan when you need peace and calm in your kitchen.

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Best Kitchen Range Hoods Reviews


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