| Feb 9, 2018, 00:39 IST
Ajmer: Dozens of priests of Brahma Temple of Pushkar on Thursday staged a huge protest in front of the main temple and shouted slogans against the commissioner of managing committee of the temple and district collector as well as administrative officials. They alleged corruption by the Management Committee appointed by the state government.
The protest surprised devotees and pilgrims who found dozens of priests sitting on the stairs of the temple. “We are priests of this temple and the management committee is not allowing us to enter into ‘garbha griha’ (main temple),” said a priest.

Priests also alleged that the cleric appointed by the management committee was charging money from devotees. The management committee was forcing devotees to submit their offerings with a receipt rather than giving the same to priests.

They also alleged that officials of the committee were misbehaving with priests when they come inside the temple. “We wanted to dissolve this management committee as they are spreading corruption in the temple,” alleged another priest.
The protesters threatened to continue agitation unless the committee was dissolved. They alleged that officials and policemen were charging devotees coming to the temple in the name of providing services and defaming the world-renowned holy site of Pushkar.
Later, sub-divisional officer Sanjay Mathur reached the spot and tried to convince the protesters. Mathur stated that the rights of all priests would be protected and they would not be deprive of any facility. Following the assurance of Mathur, the priests went back to work.
Priests constitute a significant segment of local people in Pushkar. They are well versed in various languages and cater to a large number of foreign tourists who come daily to offer prayers at the temple.


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