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A Quick Golf Fitness Tip For More Power

Many amateur golfers believe that you need to rack the big weight in the gym in order to hit the Ball 300 yards off the tee.  Easy answer, they’re wrong.  Take Justin Thomas for example.  This PGA TOUR winner weighs 145 pounds and his average distance off the tee ( 2016 season) is 302.8 yards.

Can you believe that?  I mean, just look at this guy…

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The one thing these guys on the PGA TOUR all have in common is that they are obsessed with staying in shape, being limber, eating healthy, and strengthening their legs and Core.

I’ve said numerous times on The Golf Podcast how I’ve become obsessed with working out and my legs and core are the strongest they’ve ever been.  As a result, I’m hitting the ball much further and straighter than last season which is leading to lower scores.  Here’s a quick Routine that will only take twenty minutes out of your day, three days per week and heck, you can even do it in your office.

First a disclaimer: I’m not a doctor or personal trainer.  But I’m a ‘crossfit’ workout freak and I’m shooting in the low 80’s maxing my drives at 311 yards when I only picked up this game 10 years ago.  I advise you to try this at your own risk.  If you have leg and back issues, you might want to consult with a physician first.  It’s also always good idea to stretch a little before taking on this routine. 

The First Five Minutes: Squats

I find it’s easier to workout by time instead of by reps, and that’s simply a mental thing.  Squats are brutal enough and I feel it’s easier to tolerate them with a timer.  As a golfer, your legs are your ultimate weapon and squats are one of the best ways to make them strong.

Routine: Squat for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds and continue that cycle until five minutes are complete.  You will end up doing a total of 2:30 minutes of squats and don’t worry, that’s plenty of time for your legs to turn into jello.  Not only are you strengthening your legs, you’ll also be boosting your stamina and gain much more lower-body power which will improve your Ball Striking.

Just make sure you your squats correctly because you can seriously hurt your lower back if done improperly.

You can modify this accordingly and use a medicine ball for increased weight, or you can even add a jump at the end to do jump squats, which you may want to do after a few weeks to build endurance and more strength.

Minutes 6-10: Leg Lifts (Reverse Crunch)

Your core is equally important as your legs for increasing your golf ball striking power.  This is because your core muscles are key to determining the speed that you accelerate your hips through the golf ball.  The tighter your core, the more power and distance we get.  Simple concept right?

Having more torque can also lead to better ball striking which can improve your accuracy as well.

Routine: Similar to squats, do this exercise for five minutes with a thirty second break in between five 30 second sets.  Just make sure you sit on a soft mat or carpet because these will be painful on a hard surface.

Minutes 11-15: Wall Sits 

The title makes this excersise sound easy but it’s probably the hardest one in the routine.  Since you ‘somewhat’ rested your legs for fives minutes during leg lifts, it’s time to hit the legs again.  Wall sits will boost your quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.  During the ‘sit’ you’re engaging and fighting both your upper legs and core to maintain your balance while leaning against the wall in a sitting position.  Essentially, you’ll be sitting on an imaginary chair with the wall supporting your back.

Routine: Staying consistent with the other workouts, do this for five minutes with 30 second breaks in between 30 second sets.

Minutes 16-20: Planks

Notice the lack of cardio throughout this entire routine?  You can thank me later for that.  Planks are probably the most convenient core strengthening exercise because you can do them anytime and on almost any surface.  Planks can be done on your hands or forearms (whichever is less painful) and the key is to tighten your core and maintain form.

Routine: Plank for 45 seconds and then take a 15 second break.  Repeat this a total of five times.

Once you complete the routine, give yourself another good stretch for a few minutes.

Since starting the routine described here I now find myself with more stamina and able to walk golf courses without a problem.  In one season of working with this routine I have added 7-10 yards on my shots, about 20+ on my drives, and I’m hitting more greens than ever.

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A Quick Golf Fitness Tip For More Power


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