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How to Prevent Kayak Theft

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Manufacturers, owners, government and every other partner should come together in fighting the Kayak thefts, which have increased in the last decades. If all of the mentioned stakeholders agree to cooperate with each other and work together as one unit, then Kayak theft will decrease to a sustainable level.

How can I keep my Kayak safe?

leave kayak aloneAccording to WaveLength Magazine, people can prevent kayak theft by bolting it to the rooftop rack. One could convey it to the house, or attach it to the guard dog. However, an ideal approach to keep somebody from taking your things is to make them less attractive. Don’t go ahead and drill holes in your kayak or splash graffiti on top of it. Instead, just add additional recognizable proof to it, and tell the public that your gear has been marked for distinguishable evidence.

Can group participation prevent Kayak theft?

Yeah, it can. People should participate in ìMarine Hands off Identification Program, which is a viable crime avoidance program organized through neighbourhood paddling club, in conjunction with nearby police. Individuals convey their boats to a Hands Off occasion and volunteers put various identifiers on the vessels by marking them with indelible markers and little microdots, a notice decal is placed on the watercraft and majority of the subtle elements are recorded, and a photo is taken.

Is Tie Yak cable part of Kayak theft prevention?

Tie Yak Kayak security cables can be used to protect Kayaks from being stolen. Tie Yak is a company which provides security cables for Kayaks, rowing shells, canoes and other watercraft and they work by tying them at the cars and other vehicles roofing. This is a basic yet powerful method for keeping your prized watercraft in your ownership where Tie Yaks are intended for use with ocean kayaks, white-water kayaks, coupled/tandem kayaks, sit-on-top-kayaks, dashing shells and kayaks.

How can I avoid buying a stolen Kayak?

Avoiding buying stolen Kayaks can also act as a way of minimizing their theft, this can be achieved by always going to the sellerís home to purchase a kayak. Approach the dealer for the model, hues and a serial number of the kayak and you can even call the police to check the serial number.

Store your kayak safely

Storing your kayak in a safe place can work wonders in preventing your Kayak from being stolen. Kayak thieves are out to make a quick money and usually go for easy targets. Therefore, putting away your kayak opened and/or in the under ranges of your property makes it a less demanding focus to these sharp thieves

The most secure spot to store your kayak is inside a storm cellar, carport or a bolted shed. If you should store your kayak outside then pick an area that is near your residence and far away from the street and make utilization of those inherent security spikes bolt the kayak to a given post or tree with a link lock. The most terrible spot to store your kayak is around the water, which acts as a hugely open invitation for thieves.

Report a suspicious kayak seller to police

Yeah, reporting to the police about any kayak that you suspect to be taken can also help curb their theft. You should do this if the price offered is too good to be true, or there is no attached photo of the kayak in use during negotiations. Moreover, you could raise the alarm when the seller wants to meet you somewhere else or even offers to bring the kayak to your location. Notify the police of your suspicion, and let them handle the rest.


Kayak, whether inflatable, fishing or tandem one, is a considerable investment, and must be taken care of properly to prevent theft and damage. Take note of the pointers above, and your kayak should be safe and sound. Enjoy your kayak ride the next time!

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How to Prevent Kayak Theft


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