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Ever had your life (or your boat) flipped upside down?



Albie here. :) 

As you can see, I love sailing out to sea. As you might know, not only can sailing be fun and a beautiful experience but it also can be downright dangerous. 

Sailing downwind or close to it on a broad reach, is exhilarating and very different than sailing into the ‘teeth’ of the wind. The wind is coming mostly from behind and you often end up ‘surfing’ through the waves on a fast track that appears much easier than beating into the crashing waves. But its dangers are perhaps even more real than sailing into the wind. Wonder why that is? It's because during a storm or gale, the wind and waves can literally spin the boat around if you're not paying attention. And if you're hit broadsides by a big enough Wave, then even a big heavy sailboat with thousands of pounds of weight in their hulls can be literally flipped upside down. 

Why am I telling you this? 

Good question!

Well, it's the same for real life. All you need is enough stress compacted into one place and life gets unbearable. Bad things can happen at those times - really bad things. On a scale of 1-10, ten being the worst, any level of things can take place. Your life can turn upside down in a few moments. 

So what's the point of all this? 

Well as a sailor, understanding the elements that can create a broach are helpful to know. It's even more helpful if you have experience dealing with them. And it's the same for life. One thing that can dynamically change a situation is just keeping calm and not allowing yourself to panic or do something out of fear. This is probably the worst thing you can do. 

Honestly most situations can be appeased with a breath of air, some patience and if your allow yourself to think apart from fear. One time I remember having to fix a broken shroud that had come lose during some rough waves and only having a couple seconds to get it right and do it. Instead of panicking, I just breathed and got to work. Thankfully a little adrenaline helped me and I was able to fix it before the mast broke. However, I can say truthfully that panic nearly got me. 

So all this to say, that life can sometimes hit you real hard. And sometimes it just builds really slow so that you don't realize that your getting more and more behind. But you have to wake up and fight back. One moment, or day at a time. And if you don't, then life will defeat you one little struggle at a time. Each moment you decide to let balance in your life slip and take the easy route. So don't let it. And don't let your dreams get taken either! People literally live on hope, so keep yours alive.
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PS: Want to read more about my adventure trying to keep my boat from broaching? Go here: 


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Ever had your life (or your boat) flipped upside down?


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