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The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 102_part 1

Jason arrives home, with a cat carrier in his hand.

As he opens the front door, Francis´s ears go up in the air in awareness.

The cat has spent the afternoon sleeping. He was very tired of doing absolutely nothing.

Jason enters the living room, where Francis is, and sets the carrier on the table.

When Francis spots the carrier he stands up, a bit too quickly which causes him to wobble a bit.

Jason: hey there Francis. Come here.
Cat (trying to stand): wait a sec… no…

Starts to make his way to Jason.

Cat (cont.): … I´m getting there.
Jason: take your time.
Cat (complaining): hold your horses, I´m coming…

Jason picks him up and sets him on the table next to the carrier.

Francis´s nose goes up in the air as he smells something ominous.

Cat: what the…
Jason (interrupting): Now Francis…
Cat (interrupting): what did you do?

The cat twists his nose in disgust.

Cat (cont.): Jason?
Jason: I have a new friend for you here.


Jason (cont.): Francis?
Cat: what?
Jason: I´m going to need you to be a good boy, okay?
Cat: when have I ever not been a good boy? Look who you´re talking to.

Jason (resumes his speech): Francis, this is Mr. Pebbles.

He opens the door to the carrier.

No show.

The only thing coming out of that carrier is an loud drilling sound.

Jason: I think he´s a bit shy.
Cat: He´s loud too.

Jason peeks inside the carrier and finds Mr. Pebbles fast asleep.

He reaches inside and drags a sleeping rabbit out of the carrier.

Mr. Pebbles, the rabbit, mumbles something incoherent in his sleep.

Mr. Pebbles (slurring): let me sleep…
Cat: I think he´s broken.

Francis, clueless as ever, takes one look at the rabbit and then eyes Jason.

Cat (cont.): seriously dude?

Jason picks up the carrier and then sets it on the floor. He then picks up both rabbit and cat and sets them both down, next to each other.

Jason nudges the rabbit, trying to wake him up.

Mr. Pebbles: what…? Let me sleep…
Jason: wake up bunny.
Mr. Pebbles (outraged, even if barely waken): my name … is not bunny! I am…


Suddenly his nose goes up in the air and he starts to get up.

Mr. Pebbles: … and for you, human, it´s…

He stands and comes face to face with Francis, eyeing him dubiously.

Mr. Pebbles’ eyes open wide in shock as he faces Francis.

He rapidly nears the cat, catching Francis by surprise.

Francis barely has any time to react.

Mr. Pebbles (cont.): well, well. Hello there, gorgeous!

Francis looks to the sides, confused.

Mr. Pebbles: I don´t think I´ve had the pleasure.
Cat: what?
Mr. Pebbles: I´m sorry dear. Do you not speak English, mi hermosa?

Cat: what in the heck are you barking?
Mr. Pebbles: oh, I´m sorry. You do speak English.
Cat: yes, I…

Mr. Pebbles (interrupting): tell me beautiful, do you prefer top or bottom?
Cat (clueless): Do I what?
Mr. Pebbles (smiling):  you are very beautiful.

Cat: I know. And I´m also male.
Mr. Pebbles: So?
Cat: And I´m a cat.

Mr. Pebbles: yes, I´m aware.
Cat: you are?
Mr. Pebbles: yes…

As soon as the words come out of the rabbit´s mouth, Francis is left speechless.

He starts to look to the sides, thinking of an exit strategy.

Jason, having realized the two weren´t going to kill each other, for the time being anyways, claps his hands together, gaining the attention of both animals.

Jason: Okay, so you two seem to get along, wonderful. Francis, be a good boy and take good care of Mr. Pebbles, okay? Mr. Pebbles, try not to bite my cat.

Mr. Pebbles: Oh I´m not making any promises.

The rabbit eyes Francis, hungrily.

Francis opens his eyes in shock as realization strikes him,

Cat (reaching for Jason): um… Jason?
Jason (leaving): be good boys.
Cat (desperate): Jason, don´t leave me here with this… thing…

The door closes.

Francis, stands facing the closed door from which Jason has just left when he feels a cold chill cover him from head to “paws”.


Rafael is on a nearby tree, eating something when…

Cat (from inside the house): HELP!

Rafael stops eating, lifts his head up as he thinks he might have heard something.

Instead of running to Francis´s aid, he resumes his meal.

Rafael (mumbling in between bites): That crazy cat must really hate baths…

To be continued…

2017_ Joana Teixeira

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The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 102_part 1


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