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The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 101

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Previously on Geek the cat:

Pen: well, if you´re marrying him that means one of you is pregnant right?

Pen: Mazel tov!


Missy arrives at Jason´s place with Amelia´s carrier in hand.

She enters the house and sets the carrier down on the floor.

Jason nears his girlfriend and gives her a kiss.

Jason: hey babe…
Missy: Hey. I hope you don´t mind but I had no one to leave Amelia with so I brought her along…
Jason: sure, that´s okay.

Missy puts her carrier on the table and opens the door for Amelia to come out.

Amelia exits her carrier and eyes both humans.

Jason: Amelia, Francis is around there somewhere.

Amelia jumps to the floor.

Missy: shall we?
Jason: yes, let´s go.

They both leave the house.

Amelia nears the kitchen door, which is closed and nearly stumbles as she overhears Francis talking.

Cat (O.S.): That we´re getting married.
Pen (O.S.): Mazel tov!
Cat (O.S.): what?
Pen (O.S.): well, if you´re marrying him that means one of you is pregnant right?

Amelia is in shock. So much so, she doesn´t hear the rest of the conversation.

She starts to back away from the door slowly, and walks in the opposite direction towards the door.

She´s dumbstruck.

As she reaches the door, she somehow snaps out of it and doubles back.

Francis is incredibly annoyed by the Pen´s comments and turns his back to it.

As he starts to walk away…

Cat: Just die!

And then he comes face to face with Amelia.

Cat (surprised): Hi hon…

He notices how angry she is.

Cat (cont.): oh boy…
Pen: ah crap! I´m out of here. Bye!

Amelia: who´s the bitch?
Cat: I beg your pardon?
Amelia: who?

Cat: who what?
Amelia: the bitch you knocked up!
Cat: I didn´t knock anyone up!

Amelia: I heard you just now.
Cat: And… you heard what, exactly?
Amelia: That you got some “skank” knocked up.

Cat (annoyed): Oh for heaven´s sake… No one is knocked up, or down or in or whatever!
Amelia: don´t mess with me Francis, I know what I heard.
Cat: And what exactly did you hear?

Amelia: That you got someone knocked up.
Cat: I didn´t.
Amelia: Francis!

Cat: I’m serious.
Amelia: You cheater!
Cat: Amelia, dear, I promise you, I didn´t cheat. I was talking about Petey.

Amelia: who?
Cat: Petey.
Amelia: what kind of a name is Petey for a girl?

Cat: That´s just it! Petey´s a boy, not a girl.
Amelia: Oh, okay…


Amelia (cont.): say what now?
Cat: Petey´s a boy.
Amelia (outraged): you cheated on me with a male cat?
Cat: what? No! Petey´s a dog!

Amelia: what kind of sick, demented cat are you?
Cat: what?
Amelia: you´re getting in on with a dog?

Cat: I´m what?
Amelia: I knew you were weird, but this is too much.
Cat: what are you talking about?
Amelia: I´m being replaced by a dog.

Cat: NO! Honey…
Amelia: I know what I heard Francis.

Cat (sys in annoyance): Amelia, dear, Petey´s the head security guard´s dog from Jason´s work. We met and he’s a nice fellow. We had a few drinks…

Amelia (interrupting): … and you got him pregnant!

Cat: what? NO! Ahg! God! Amelia, he´s a male dog! DOG! I´m a male cat. It doesn´t work that way! Am I the only one who watches the Discovery Channel?

Amelia: yes, because you´re weird.
Cat: but you love me.
Amelia (dead serious): right now I want to kill you.

Cat (exhausted): look, Petey´s a nice dog and he´s my friend. That´s it, okay?
Amelia (still doubtful): okay…
Cat: we had a few drinks and stupid things were said.

Amelia: so, you´re not pregnant?
Cat: no.
Amelia: just fat then.
Cat: seriously?

Amelia: yes, but I still love you.
Cat (sys): God…
Amelia: Francis?
Cat: yes?

Amelia: I´m sorry I called you fat.
Cat: That´s okay…
Amelia: you´re not fat, you´re fluffy.
Cat: so I keep telling people…

The end!
2017_ Joana Teixeira

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The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 101


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