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Don’t read this if you’re under 18

>Date girl
>Girl is a huge slut
>See her maybe once every three days
>Always have sex when we meet
>I'm sterile
>She's hugely afraid of being pregnant
>Always use protection
>Never tell her I'm sterile
>Find out she cheated on me
>We break up

>She starts dating new guy
>He hates me
>She moves in with him
>Still talk to her
>Hang out occasionally
>Eventually we start having sex
>Have sex at cheap motels and in my car>Never use protection
>Never pull out
>Start having sex more than once per day
>She breaks up with guy
>We don't date since things are weird

>Months later
>She ends up dating another guy
>He hates me
>She lives alone in an apartment two blocks away from me
>He's never there because he lives alone 10 miles away
>Start visiting her at her apartment
>Slowly start having bareback sex non-stop again
>Stop by every time I leave the house for work, run errands, meet friends, etc
>Literally cumming in her well over 10 times per week by this point
>She ends up breaking up with the new guy
>We don't date since things are weird

>Months later
>She enters a relationship with some other guy
>It's the guy she cheated on me with
>Also hates me
>Every guy she ever dated actually hates me
>She still lives alone
>Start visiting her regularly again
>End up dumping more seed in her than ever before
>Exact same thing as before happens

>It's been a few years
>We visit occasionally, maybe once every 10 days
>She keeps trying to get relationships up and going
>Start fucking her again every time she does

At first, I did it because I was just spiteful that she cheated on me. Now I stay at it because she's got a really tight pussy and never makes me pull out. From how long we've been at this and how often we fuck, she's taken over 2000 loads from me at this point.

I've never even told her I'm sterile. I go out of my way to have sex with her when she's ovulating, and she's been freaking out over pregnancy scares from the first time we've done it. But she's a huge slut who loves to be came in, and I'm just big enough to barely touch her cervix when I push her legs back and push against her. She always orgasms just from me getting into her, and she orgasms really hard when I start cumming.

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Don’t read this if you’re under 18


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