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Follow Your Dreams /b/

Storytime /b/

>be me in 7th grade
>few friends, have reputation for being angry nerdy loser who cries
>walking to bathroom during social studies
>see qt3.14 emo girl, im Talking full hot topic clothes, died hair, crazy wristbands
>mutter out a pathetic "hi" as I pass, she smiles and keeps walking
>cut to 8th grade
>have gym with qtEmo, talk occasionally irl
>add her on fb, start talking all the time
>tell Warcraftbro about crush
>Warcraftbro tells some girl
>she posts on facebook, whole School sees
>michelle messages me
>I ask her to haunted forest thing
>she says yes?!?
> week before we're supposed to go
>she meets equally emo guy at some party and starts dating him
>RIP dreams
> still fb chat qtEmo all the time
>meanwhile waching Glee to try and fit in with normies
>get inspired by Kurt and Blaine and watch gay porn
>get off to it because horny middle schooler
>decide Im gay
>tell everyone
>believe it myself, develop "crushes" on guys in my class
>girls start talking to me, asking me to go shopping with them
>manage to make female friends because Im not trying to fuck them
>sorta become part of emo clique, but dont do anything other than wear black and listen to trash music
>high school starts
>still gay
>qtEmo stops hanging around, oh well over it
>hang with remnants of emo squad in morning before class, start playing Yugioh with anime kids
>get good at yugioh
>play competitively all through high school
>senior year
>have car, 3 super close friends at school all female, and am now friends with people at yugioh tournaments
>they let me in their skype group
>one of my school friends is super busty qt
>spend tons of time just the two of us
>always really flirty but its a meme
>she lets me grope her tits bc memes
>on skype call with yugioh friends, she comes over
>they all think shes my gf
>she thinks its funny doesnt correct them
>anon+bustyQT is now THE meme
>spend more time with her
>one day shes changing in front of me

Anon here
>see her tits
>first time seeing boobs irl
>get real sexually confused
>meanwhile Ive been fapping to futa girls; not really helping
>a few months later go to South America for yugioh and come back with drinking habit
>spend last month of high school getting drunk whenever I can
>start having tequilla movie nights with fembro. QTbusty and third female friend dont partake
>get sad drunk and cry to fembro that I dont want to be gay
>few days before graduation, coming home from yugioh tournament
>car breaks down, friends get a ride but Im stuck overnight
>get hotel
>make tinder to pass time
>match with girls
>practice talking to them
>shit at it but its exciting
>fap to straight porn for the first time in years that night
>start tindering back home, with large radius
>match with girl 99 miles away
>literal 10/10 petite busty perfection
>we start talking all the time, never see eachother because that distance
>very flirty very sexy
>early summer
>flying to college orientation, going to school on other side of country
>at airport 
>10/10 sends me snap telling me she's gonna send me pics of her Kagamine Rin cosplay
>Im not a weeb so I google amd find pic related
>open snap and see pic related but irl
>she starts taking her clothes off
> buy wifi on plane to keep getting nudes
> she sends nudes and we're sexting all weekend
>get back from orientation and go to yugioh nationals. Make plans with 10/10 to hook up after I get back
>total my car at nationals
>realize Ill never see 10/10 irl stop talking as much
>im definitely straight now tho

Theres more, cont?

>End of summer
>last two weeks before college
>been spending summer getting drunk with new squad: oldbro from elementary school, artho, and fempooinloo
>artho has bf that I thought was a little asshole, used to be a dick to him in hs
>have as many people over as possible one night
>not a party because im a loser but maybe 8 people getting shitfaced in my room
>eventually we decide to crash and artho decides to sleep in my bed
>she starts kissing me
>I kiss back
>tfw first female kiss
>I finger her and eat the pussy til she cums. She tries to blow me but tequilla dick
>spend the rest of the time before I leave for college hooking up with artho
>tfw not a virgin
>go into college feeling on top of the world, ready for anything.
>quit yugioh because I want to be chad

Would you like to know how trying to be chad worked out?

Im glad you hate this as much as I do!

>living in LGBTQ building by total random chance. They're all on the top floor, im on the second
>dress like a faggot because I like pink
>get asked to hang with queer kids because Im dressed like a faggot
>they're all really cool genuinely nice people
>also meet suitemate, hes a total bro
>convinces me to go to rush events
>do my best to fit in, im super awkward but try to act removed and chill
>get invited to party
>get super drunk and talk to females!
>im hooked, and I sign the bid they miraculously offered me the following day
>tfw Chad
>live pledge life enjoying hazing and drunkedness
>start smoking pot because fratbros do it
>going to parties but not getting laid
>one night getting high with queer kids, end up hooking up with this QTdykey girl
>no sex because period but lots of other stuff
> feel alpha because I got to do something with a girl for the first time in months
>get initiated into frat
> im a brother or something
> have frat-prom
>invite QT bimbo from one of my classes
>id seen her at a party and a tailgate and we were always super drunk
>at fratprom super drunk
>use bathroom
>come back QTbimbo is gone
>she was busy fucking one of my new "brothers"
>the cuck has come full circle
> im destroyed, spend rest of senester and the following one getting as high as possible because muh feelings
>start tripping on shrooms and lucy
>abuse addy to try and pass classss
>failing everything, its finals but no hope to pass
>go to desert and take acid
>decide that I need to dropout
>go back to hometown even though parents are gone
>on my own

Wanna know how that goes?

>start working same old wageslave job as in highschool
>staying with my boss because she's motherly and kind and wanted to help
>get promoted to management, then again to the next level
>making decent money, move out and get my own pad
>spend time getting stoned and going to work
>oldbro also decides to dropout and we get stoned nightly
>have nice life
>lonely tho
>keep using tinder, get matches but usually to scared to do anything
>went on one date with a girl in a wheelchair
>didnt go well
>match with thicc stoner girl
>start talking and we immediately click
>night before valentines and we're facetiming
>she's perfect
>invite her over for valentines day
>decide to be romance god
>set up candles and mood lighting and good vibes music
>get high with her it feels magical
>we dance and kiss and make love and its ao perfect
>we're dating now and she's amazing and my life is finally okay
>their is always hope
>do what you want
>follow your dreams

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Follow Your Dreams /b/


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