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Bernie Sanders Medicare For All Online Town Hall Draws Over 1 Million Live Viewers

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ televised town hall on Tuesday night to promote single-payer Health care, or “Medicare for all, ” attracted a live audience of about 1.1 million people — all of whom contemplated the occasion exclusively online.

For Sanders, whose single-payer health care legislation elicited the purposes of over one-third of the Senate Democratic Caucus, the 90 -minute broadcast at the U.S. Capitol pilgrims center was an opportunity to promote a top policy priority while thumbing his nose at the “corporate media.”

“This is the first Medicare for all town cros held in our nation’s fund. This is the first nationally televised city join on Medicare for all, ” Sanders said in his introductory remarks. “And very importantly, this is the first nationally broadcasted Senate town meeting that is taking place outside of corporate media.”

Bloomberg/ Getty Images
Sen. Bernie Sanders( I-Vt .) basked realizing his speciman that the United States shall be guided by other countries that give health care as a title.

The Vermont senator is a frequent pundit of mainstream information shops for their alleged places great importance on superficial political matters and failure to entertain narratives that threaten their corporate proprietors. Although Sanders has participated in more than one live health care disagreement on CNN, he told The Washington Post earlier this month that a large media network failed to respond to his inquiries about radio broadcasts alone on the topic of government-provided health care coverage.

But Sanders’ town hall, which was co-hosted by the left-leaning online video information outlets The Young Turks, NowThis and ATTN, demonstrated that a tedious meeting on the complicated topic of single-payer health care can draw a crowd as large as many primetime cable news shows.

The auditorium itself was packed to capacity with some 450 attendees. And together, the live publics on the senator’s Facebook and YouTube pages, the the three bulletin locates and some other stores that picked up the flow contributed up to about 1.1 million people.

The event consisted of three expert panel discussion moderated by Sanders: the first discussing problems with the present American health care system; the second largest on the potential fiscal affect of a “Medicare for all” program; and the third comparing the American health care system with those in other countries. Each of the three segments likewise boasted questions put by the live public and video queries submitted online.

Since revealing his new single-payer bill in September, Sanders has doggedly promoted it. In October, he even toured top-flight health care facilities in Toronto to showcase the achievements of the single-payer system in Canada.

Some of Sanders’ patrons on Tuesday, including Richard Masters, the pro-single payer CEO of MCS, a Pennsylvania-based representation frame producer, and Dr. Claudia Fegan, manager medical officer for the Cook County Health and Hospital System in Chicago, were ex-servicemen of his parliamentary rollout and his Canada trip, respectively.

Other patrons were new — like Dr. Don Berwick, a Harvard medical clas prof who led the Middle for Medicare and Medicaid Work in the Obama administration — wondering the steady progression of Sanders’ cause into the mainstream. As one of the Democratic Party’s premier state program professionals and technocrats, Berwick’s imprimatur is a major asset.

You can stand up for people. Why wouldn’t we do that for all Americans , not just beings over 65? Dr. Don Berwick, Harvard blockquote >

When Sanders asked whether there was any good reason not to expand Medicare, Berwick replied, “No, there’s no reason. It’s only will.”

Berwick described how Medicare’s public operation and streamlined bargaining ability, as the insurer for some 55 million Americans, allowed him to easily troubleshoot problems like the over-sedation of rest home patients.

“You can stand up for parties, ” Berwick recollected of its own position at Medicare’s helm. “Why wouldn’t we do that for all Americans , not just beings over 65? ”

Sanders basked the possibility of being tee panelists up with knowing questions that thumped down republican straw man reasons against single-payer health care.

The exercise was likely most useful for thickened single-payer advocates looking for a pep rally and for center-left Americans concerned about health care affordability who haven’t settled on a policy framework to explain the system’s difficulties. It is less predictable how Sanders’ pitch would fare with more skeptical health care consumers.

As Sanders is fond of indicating, polling demonstrates that a majority of Americans reinforce single-payer health care.

But nearly half of Americans get state coverage from an employer, and they’d be forced to give up what they have and spend higher taxes for an expanded form of Medicare that might not grow promised cost savings overnight. The transition of the Affordable Care Act prompted hysteria through its abandonment of some 400, 000 individuals’ health care plans; “were not receiving” telling how people would react to a forced modulation of much greater proportions.

But Sanders, “whos been” campaigning for single-payer health care since he first opened Congress in 1991, is gambling that the free movement of persons is ultimately accelerating. What attains the present instant different, he insisted, is that the same digital revolution that stimulated his safarus probable also countenances progressives to communicate immediately with the public.

“The reason we’re doing this program tonight is you don’t see this stuff, ” he said in his concluding remarks. “It ain’t gonna be on CBS. It ain’t gonna be on NBC.”

“What astounds me is we already have a pretty good majority of the American people who once believe in universal health care, believe that it is the government’s responsibility to make sure that health care is a claim, ” Sanders added. “And we have reached that theatre with media not talking about the issue at all.”

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Bernie Sanders Medicare For All Online Town Hall Draws Over 1 Million Live Viewers


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