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Meet All Five Of The Wild Children Of Sylvester Stallone

Rocky. Rambo. Tango. Over a career that spans over five decades and more than 77 films, Sylvester Stallone has brought some of the most iconic movie roles ever to life. But the Italian Stallion’s hectic schedule wasn’t just confined to the silver screen; Stallone was just as prolific and busy offscreen, fathering and raising five beautiful children.

A true Hollywood family, whether immediately following in their famous father’s footsteps or resisting as long as possible, all of the Stallone children have appeared onscreen at some point. So, it’s time to dive into the lives of Sylvester Stallone’s kids, a tale full of tragedy and rising reality stars.

Sage Moonblood Stallone

Sylvester Stallone with the first of his five children, Sage / ©United Artists/courtesy Everett Collection

1976 was a massive year for ol’ Sly. The boxing classic Rocky was released to critical acclaim, netting Stallone Oscar nominations for both acting and writing and ensuring that he never had to do softcore porn again. No, really. Look up The Party at Kitty and Stud’s, later re-released as The Italian Stallion, a rather risque movie Stallone made in 1970 while sleeping in a bus shelter and trying to make a name for himself. But not only did he make one of the most famous movies of all time that year, his first child with his wife Sasha was also born.

DAYLIGHT, Sage Stallone, 1996, (c) Universal/courtesy Everett Collection

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Sage Moonblood Stallone was born a mere six months before his father became one of the most recognizable faces on the planet, and was gifted with either the most intimidating, heroic name of all time, or the cheesiest. Your choice. From a young age, he followed in his father’s showbiz footsteps, making a guest appearance on Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, recently portrayed in a hit Netflix series, and starring alongside Sylvester in 1990’s Rocky V, universally derided as the worst entry in the franchise – no fault of Sage’s, of course.

Eventually, Sage decided to strike out on his own, and co-founded Grindhouse Releasing, a company dedicated to the restoration and preservation of exploitation films such as Cannibal Holocaust – aka doing the lord’s work. He also continued acting, with his final two performances coming in Vincent de Gallo’s last films, Promises Written in Water and The Agent. Tragically, Sage was found dead from coronary artery disease at his home at the tender age of 36 in 2012. Far too young to die from a disease much more prevalent in the elderly.

Seargeoh Stallone

Three years later, another Rocky film, and another son born to Stallone and wife Sasha Czack. The year was 1979, Rocky II was one of the biggest movies in the country, and newborn Seargeoh Stallone made his film debut as his father’s on-screen infant. First film credit before the age of one? Now that’s starting life on the fast track. Unfortunately, by the age of three Seargeoh’s parents had begun to notice that he was lagging behind his peers in developing social and communication skills, and later that year Syl’s second son was diagnosed with autism.

His parents turned to the National Society For Children and Adults with Autism, where they set up a research fund to try and find a permanent solution for the neurodevelopmental disorder. Seargeoh’s autism, unfortunately, apparently put the kibosh on following his father and brother into the world of onscreen acting, but hasn’t prevented him from living a full happy life, in which he reportedly lives at home in a mansion in La Quinta.

Savannah Dickinson

By 1994 Stallone’s first marriage had come to an end, and the action star had remarried, this time to actress Brigitte Nielsen. Which had also ended in divorce. Instead, Sly had been dating model Jennifer Flavin since 1988, a relationship that was put to the test when he was forced to tell his girlfriend that he had been having an affair with supermodel Janice Dickinson and that the two of them would soon be having a daughter.

A short engagement between Stallone and Dickinson followed, and Savannah Dickinson was indeed born in 1994, but DNA tests soon determined that Stallone, as Maury would put it, “WAS NOT THE FATHER,” and Sylvester was soon reconciled with Flavin. Woo, what a whirlwind year.

Sophia Rose Stallone

Sylvester Stallone with the third of his children, Sophia / Instagram

After getting back together with long-term flame Jennifer Flavin in 1995, the two wasted little time between the sheets to have children of their own, and a year later Stallone had his first daughter, Sophia Rose Stallone. This happened as the famed actor was then starring in such classics as Judge Dredd and Daylight, a respective 22 and 26 on Rotten Tomatoes, he probably needed the distractions that a newborn baby brought.

Sophia today / Instagram

Sophia inherited both of her parents’ marvelous good looks and has attempted to follow their footsteps into show biz as well, just not as an actor, as “she couldn’t take the rejection.” At the young age of 21, she was a guest judge on Project Runway and has also hosted episodes of Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood.

But it was as the most fabulously nebulous of millennial job titles, internet influencer, where Sophia has truly shined. She currently has 1.6 million followers on Instagram and hosts a massively popular book club on the platform. She also has a podcast with her younger sister Sistine about their personal lives. And Scarily enough when considering the family history, Sophia had open heart surgery in 2012 because of a cardiac malfunction, but fortunately, everything has gone well health-wise since. Next up for Sophia is the reality show The Family Stallone, aka the show no one asked for or needs, starring her sisters, mother, and father.

Sistine Rose Stallone

47 METERS DOWN: UNCAGED, from left: Sistine Stallone, Corinne Foxx, 2019. ph: Aidan Monaghan / © Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

In 1998 Stallone starred in Woody Allen’s criminally underrated animated film Antz. Yes, A Bug’s Life gets all the plaudits but Antz is every bit as good. Almost. But not only was Sylvester doing some excellent voice acting in ‘98, Stallone and his new wife Jennifer Flavin were welcoming the second of their children, Sistine Rose Stallone into the world.

Sistine early on wanted nothing to do with her father’s profession, stating, “As for me, I don’t think I could ever act, I’m good for modeling because I don’t have to talk. [Acting] is something you’re born with.” Instead, she opted to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a model. She walked her first fashion show for Chanel and appeared in Glamour Magazine in 2016, and a year later was featured on the cover of Elle Russia.

Since then Sistine has walked back her anti-acting rhetoric, and been bitten by the same bug that ensnared her father and eldest brother. In 2017 she starred in 47 Meters Down: Uncaged about two sisters being chased through an ancient underwater city by deadly sharks. Spectacular. And in 2021 she appeared alongside Bruce Willis and Megan Fox in the serial killer thriller Midnight in the Sawgrass. Now, I’m not explicitly telling you not to see this movie, but maybe the 8% rating on rotten tomatoes will guide you to the correct decision. Currently, Sistine has the podcast Unwaxed with her older sister, and will soon be appearing in The Family Stallone along with the rest of the wacky Stallone crew.

Scarlet Rose Stallone

Stallone’s youngest child at 16 / Instagram

By 2002 Sylvester Stallone’s career had stalled a bit. His post-2006 Rocky Balboa comeback was years in the future, and poor old Rambo was forced to star in such drivel as Avenging Angelo –  no need to look it up. Fortunately for him he and Jennifer Flavin had their third daughter together, Scarlet Rose Stallone. Yep, you heard that right, all three of Stallone’s daughter’s middle names are Rose.

Scarlet today / Instagram

Stallone’s fifth child has always wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps, Since the age of fourteen Scarlet used to write in the back of her book that “I’m going to star in a movie with my Dad.” In 2022 she kinda got her chance, as she appeared alongside pops in the Paramount+ limited series Tulsa. No word yet on the littlest Stallone’s next acting move, or whether she will ever appear on the silver screen with her dad, but you can of course catch her in the upcoming The Family Stallone, and show whose whole title is a pun off of a Christmas movie that came out 18 years ago.

There they are, all of Sylvester Stallone’s talented children. How many did you know before this? How pumped are you for The Family Stallone? Which Sly Stallone flick is your personal favorite? Get in the comments and let us know, we read every one!

The Family Stallone / Birdie Thompson/AdMedia
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Meet All Five Of The Wild Children Of Sylvester Stallone


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