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This Blog Post Is Rated Arrrrrrrr!

Tags: pirate

Arrrghh! Is that a parrot in yer pocket or are ya just happy to see me?
Nah, it's just International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Yar, I know it was yesterday but seeing as I weren't informed about it, I celebrate today instead yar!

I woke up this morning adorning me bestest and most prized eye patch.
All day, I be talking like a pirate that be sounding a lot like a Jamaican. Arrrr...all the mates think I am crazy yar!

I been celebratin today with a cup of grog, The Goonies and a shot of Vitamin C to keep that damn scuurrrrrvy away Yar!

Ok, enough of the pirate chat for now...seriously, pirate day was the funnest day EVER! I was not accountable for anything I said or did, cause I was a piratey pirate see? I got to tell people they were a rotten wenches, I got away with terribly poor grammar and I got to make people check out my fine pirate booty...ah I wish I could be a pirate everyday!

People thought it was fun and crazy. From now on, just to make life more fun,  I am going to make everyday have a theme. Like how about International Ghostbusters day? Or international Gibberish day...or what about International make fart sounds with your mouth and or armpits day????

OMG! That would be the funnest! When people ask a question, the only response could be a huge, loud, mouth fart! Joy! How awesome would that be? Some jerk off customer is complaining that he wants a refund and your only response is to blow a big fart! Now that is customer service!

What other fun days could we make?

Arrr,  I have to get back to being a pirate arrrrghh! I be pirating movies and music all day long on the Pirates Bay arrrghh! There be treasure in them thar internets yar! Like this photo of a cat on international frogs day...thar's the spirit kitty!

~I surrender to The Writing Womb~

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This Blog Post Is Rated Arrrrrrrr!


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