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The Most Expert Advice and Tips For Beginners in Tank Trouble

  OHHH!! HAHAHA!!! Get rekt by the BOSS boy!! Go die in a hole you loser!!

  As you can see, Laika who is the dog in Tank Trouble (the game is at the bottom of the page) is your enemy for the single player option. She is an automated/AI, Russian space dog, so, she has been trained to a high level in the fine art of demolition by the scientists who created her.

  Tank Trouble is a game designed by danish Mads Purup. It's a maze game with 1-3 players on a single device. The goal of the game is to kill/destroy the enemy tanks to get a point. The tank(s) shoot(s) bullets that bounce off the walls. There are 6 additional weapons, each with their own special powers.
  If you are a beginner, Laika would be REALLY annoying to you and the game would be frustrating and discouraging. But, once you start gaining more experience and skill, you will find defeating Laika much easier and feel achieved when you do so. In this game, you can choose which power-ups that you want to spawn, which are:

  1. Laser- Show where your "bullet" goes for a medium length before shooting. Even though the graphic of the laser is one solid line, it acts like a tiny, super-fast bullet. Only the end of the laser is deadly.

  1. Frag Bomb- You can control when it explodes by pressing your shooting key again or let it hit the enemy eventually. As it explodes many small spikes spray from it, so stay away from the "death zone". If you have fired a frag bomb, you will not have to wait for it to explode. You can make it explode earlier by left-clicking, pressing M or Q (depending on your controls).

  1. Death Ray- If your opponent has equipped the death ray, try to get as near them as possible, because if you get close enough, then in the time they are charging the weapon, you will be able to get out of their line of fire. The Death Ray can penetrate the walls of the maze, with a slight curve.

  1. RC Missile- The remote control missile is a missile controlled by you. Instead of moving your tank (which gets "grounded") your controls will guide the missile. Keep in mind that these missiles are slower when turning, so try to run around a small wall, or if in a big area, let the missile come close to you, and go round in circles.

  1. Gatling Gun- The Gatling Gun is basically a machine gun that shoots many small bullets. But instead on shooting one bullet at a time, hold your shooting control until the ammo runs out.

  1. Homing Missile- Similar to the RC Missile, this power-up is solely attracted to tanks. Use this wisely and carefully, because if you aim it towards anywhere closer to you and not another tank, it will come after you. If your opponent fires a homing missile at you, try to chase after them until you can get their own missile to lock onto them. The missile trails a line of smoke, and the color the smoke is will be the color the tank it's after.

  1. Booby Traps- The Booby Trap allows you to drop triangular shaped "mines" onto the field. If used strategically and correctly them you could trap an enemy tank. These mines only go off when a tank moves over it or touches it. Once contact is made, the mines release spikes similar to those of the Frag Bomb. Booby traps have a very short delay before going off even if you choose to step off of it immediately. If you can turn around a corner and get safely behind a wall in less than half a second, do it. If not, you still have the option of attempting to dodge bullets.

Here is the settings box from Tank Trouble:

  Here is proof that I have had experience and that you can count on my advice... I BEAT LAIKA TWENTY-FOUR TO ZERO!!! 24-0!!!! The reason I stopped there was because I didn't want to ruin my winning streak. Here is the screenshot after it has been cropped.

  If you still don't believe me here is the screenshot uncropped, unfortunately, I had to cut out the ads on the side and the top and the third tab which had personal information (e-mail), so here it is:

Click on it to see it better in full screen. I hope that these few tips and advice will help you out in your Tank Trouble gameplay! Visit WEAPON TIPS for more Tank Trouble info. Remember to come back for more posts on this great game!!! Until next time on Oh Ya Fun Station!! Stick around!!

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The Most Expert Advice and Tips For Beginners in Tank Trouble


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