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Ten Things that Happens to you When You’re Sleep Deprived

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Your looks, your weight, your mood, your memory, your health, and your love life – all of them are affected by not getting enough Sleep every night. You say, “too many things to do, but so little time?” Hope you could fix your schedule and make it fit in, without compromising your sleep, for here are ten things that are happening to our body if we’re deprived of sleep.

1. You can’t think properly

After a night without sleep, your brain will suffer and your executive control, decision-making, problem-solving, and reasoning will be greatly affected. We want to learn new things all the time, but even when we do, and we lack sleep that night, the effectiveness of our brain will degrade extremely. We need sleep as a part of memory consolidation and learning.

Spending an entire night without sleep will make you fell drunk, and your brain will act as if you’re really on alcohol or maybe more because as expert’s study says, “24 hours without sleep is equals the equivalent of blood alcohol level of 0.1 percent. If you’re into your thesis, projects, a portfolio that requires a full night without sleep, then you may be reconsider, or at least take an hour of nap time so that you won’t punish your brain and body that much. Getting proper rest is what we need to lock in new information and commit it to memory.

2. Mood swings

Things like depression and anxiety could be a long term consequence of decreased sleep. 2016 study from the University of Tel Aviv found that your ability to determine what’s important to you and what’s not, especially within an emotional context is greatly reduced. This mood swings not only happen to women, but also to men and it greatly affects both clear thinking and decision making.

3.It makes you, uhm…. forgetful

Trying to keep your memory sharp? Try getting plenty of sleep. Not only can lack of sleep make us more forgetful, but it is also said that it affects our learning and memory. Sleep is critical in the manner of consolidating the things we learn and the thoughts. In a more understandable manner, getting proper rest every night is what we need to lock in new information and ideas to be committed to our memory.

4. A spike in your appetite

Ghrelin, or the “hunger hormone” functions as a neuropeptide in our central nervous system. Besides regulating our appetites, ghrelin also plays a significant role in regulating the rate and distribution of use of energy in our body. When we are sleep deprived, levels of ghrelin drops without rest. This means you’re body will send signals to your brain to keep on eating, but at the same time, your brain will not receive the signal that you’re already full.

Also, when we lack rest, we tend to reach for fatty, salty food like French fries, and sugary food like doughnuts. Because of these, people who sleep less than five hours each night were more likely to gain weight and eventually become obese.

5. Your metabolism will slow down

As if having a monstrous appetite isn’t enough consequence for a night without sleep. When you’re sleep deprived, your body’s metabolism will slow down eventually. Your body’s ability to store the glucose is weakened, which may lead to diabetes. That is why sleep is essential for those who try to lose some weight. Without sleep, our efforts from going to the gym and taking a diet will go to waste.

6. Lack of energy

If your appetite will spike and you will reach for fatty and sugary foods, it is a bit nonsense that you still lack energy after all that in your belly. But that’s the reality here, lack of sleep means lack of energy. Your athletic performance from before will inevitably decline.

7. It affects your libido

Not only your energy will lack, your libido or sex drive too. A study has found that men with poor sleep patterns have significantly lower levels of testosterone, which results in a lack of sex drive. Not only men, but women are also affected by this. Both men and women might temporarily loss interest in sex if they are sleep deprived. Sleepiness, depleted energy, and increased tension may be largely to blame. If you’re planning to make love with your spouse and expect a great experience, then be sure to sleep the night before that, or at least take a nap to regain energy and libido back.

8. It ages your skin

Chronic sleep loss might lead to a dull skin, fine lines, and of course, the most common, dark circles under our eyes. Say hello to black eye, eh? More stress hormone cortisol is released by our body if it lacks sleep. In excessive amounts, cortisol can break down collagen – this is the protein that keeps skin smooth and elastic. So, mostly ladies, and some gentlemen, beauty rest is real and if you’re into it, take note that the beauty and glow of your skin depends on the amount of you sleep. More sleep promotes more vibrant skin.

9. Your immune system will weaken

When we do some overnight stuff that is required to be passed on school or our work, did you notice that we feel tired and so weak the next day to the point that we’re feeling ill? It is because our immune system is compromised when we don’t get enough sleep – even for just a night. Also, we’re more likely to have a decreased ability to fight the common cold and more likely to develop pneumonias from just simple viral infections.

10. It will affect your heart

Heart disease, heart attack, heart failure, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure are some heart problems that we can develop from getting little sleep every night. According to study, almost every people with insomnia are also suffering from another health condition and much of them are heart problems. Not getting full shut-eye really punishes our body so be sure to get a full night’s rest every time we could. If it’s necessary to sleep less during one night, be sure to retrieve the lost sleep the next nights.

Some ask if fountain of youth is real. Well, sleep might be the closest answer to get it.

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Ten Things that Happens to you When You’re Sleep Deprived


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