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5 Key Benefits of Furnace Cleaning

furnace cleaningMost of us understand that cleaning our personal property on a regular basis is the best way to get extended life out them. That being said if you’ve ever hopped into a pick-up truck caked in dirt or made a second lawn out of all the clippings stuck in the bottom of your mower you know we don’t always practice what we preach. This extends into the home, specifically the Furnace which in some excruciatingly under-maintained homes has NEVER been cleaned. Sure the filter was probably (hopefully?) changed but as for spraying compressed air into the blower and other moving parts, no way. The truth is your furnace should be cleaned, maybe not as often as the fast food wrappers in your vehicle but still every 4-6 months, or before and after the heating season. Really the people that are putting off the underutilized furnace cleaning are robbing themselves of a number of these key things:

Cleaner Air

Clean air in your home has a bevy of health benefits so the only question remains, why wouldn’t you want it? When you have a clean-running, efficient furnace you can breathe easy in your own home, not just metaphorically but physically. Those with already bad allergies will feel like a prisoner in a home that consistently pumps dust-riddled air through its vents. These health problems cause irritability, drowsiness, missed work, and the unneeded task of leaving your own home just to get some reprieve. There’s a saying in the industry that quality of living is priceless and even though getting a professional Edmonton Furnace Cleaning costs money, the peace and sanctity is worth it in many eyes.

Lower Utility Bills

The measurement of an increased quality of living from getting an Edmonton Furnace Cleaning is hard to gauge but the lower utility bills are facts on paper. When dirt consistently blocks the path of air that runs through the furnace system, it has to work harder to get to the temperature that the thermostat wants. As even the layman knows, working harder is not working smarter and this increased furnace run time raises winter heating bills that are already astronomical in most areas. Edmonton furnace cleaning makes sure that the air has a clean path and that the entire system runs smoothly, efficiently, and most importantly as inexpensively as possible.

Changing a filter

A Quiet, Efficient Run Time

Another product of a clean furnace is a quieter, more relaxing living experience. Sometimes when an ancient furnace turns on in an older house, guests have to yell at each other from other ends of the couch just to see if their partner is enjoying the movie. While older houses often lack the insulation and noise-reducing qualities of newer homes, a clean furnace definitely helps. For instance fans that are caked in dirt can wobble and knock and run longer in an attempt to cool down the heat exchanger. As a whole a dirty furnace runs longer because the air takes longer to pass through the system and works harder which is definitely audible. Imagine a dirty furnace as the guy at the gym who is trying to impress the girls next to him with weights he can’t handle – the grunts and exertions coming from his red face allow you to almost hear the impending hernia.

Potential Problems Caught Early

There’s definitely some positive benefits to bringing in a professional Edmonton furnace cleaning company but doing the work yourself can also be very rewarding. Besides saving money on hiring a service, you’ll get to become more familiar with the components that make your heating system tick. Imagine you’re wiping down the belts one month and then the next time you go to clean them off they’re noticeably looser than before. You were just proactive in catching a possible trouble before it happened and can brag to your family that you prevented them from freezing to death that night. Likewise dusting off a fan blade that no longer turns or noticing loose parts out of nowhere are all added benefits to your main intention – to have a clean furnace that provides pure air and costs you less money.

A Longer Lasting Furnace Life

It’s no ancient secret that clean items run longer. Sure there are exceptions to the rule and even a freshly polished ’79 Studebaker can burst into flames on a whim but the odds are in your favor of a clean furnace lasting longer than a caked-in-crud one. Despite the overall longer shelf life of the clean furnace, the individual parts last longer as well. Keeping grime out of the heat exchanger, motor, fans, control panels, etc. has nothing but positive effects…as long as you don’t simply douse them in soap and water and be done with it. Following a proper Edmonton furnace cleaning regimen is an important way to get 15-20 years or more from your heating system and it won’t be an accident when you furnace is still kicking on year 35 while your dirty neighbors are on their third one.

It’s a good life lesson to start following to ‘never skimp.’ Understandably budget concerns could prevent you from hiring in professional Edmonton furnace cleaning but that’s no excuse – a simple can of compressed air sprayed into the moveable parts of your furnace can make a huge difference. By knowing the benefits of keeping your furnace cleaned you’ll hopefully make it more of a part of your bi-annual routine.

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5 Key Benefits of Furnace Cleaning


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