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Are Netflix and YouTube Really The New Television?

I recently looked at new apartments. Most of the ones I viewed were fully furnished. One detail could not escape my reasoning. Why did all these places come with a large screen television? Me personally, I have been sans idiot box for over a decade now. No need for applause, there are still countless hours viewing all types of Programming. I use my laptop and tablet for almost everything. This includes music listening and playing, video games, movies, news, and series. As I was signing a lease I asked about internet service providers and the landlords informed me about a package deal that includes cable television. So not everyone is onboard with the streamlined living room look yet.

Days Past

My childhood, as everyone from the latter half of the 20th Century, can recall the focal point of the living room as the couch and chairs that revolve around the large box in the corner. The main display of our culture, affectionately bearing the title TV. It is a nice return to days past to have a living room were community, conversation, and reading can thrive. It’s also just one less mechanical thing that can go wrong and makes moving a lot easier.

The Hardware Industry

Manufacturers are still pumping out the new format television. “Smart televisions” are a crossbreed between those that want the best of both worlds. You can stream from your favorite premium sites and watch from the cable providers. Event programming such as sports and awards shows are the last holdouts to fully adapt to the streaming digital world. Every year for the past decade, the Oscars tries to let viewers watch online. However, this is only if they have a legitimate cable subscription and are within domestic range.

The Netflix Addicts

Move aside Hulu, this is no longer a competition. Netflix has the original programming that consists of about 20% of the “water cooler” shows we all need to see before entering the office the following day. In fact, most new Netflix series premiere over a weekend whereby binging is the new norm. You watch what you can and catch up with your cronies throughout the week; avoiding spoilers if you’re lucky. Part of the genius is not so much the original formatting programming. Netflix seems to greenlight anything that comes their way…

Original Programming Vs. Intelligent Algorithms

This a bit strange because Netflix does not have an open submission policy like Amazon does. Yet Amazon Prime original programming is much more refined. Good luck to all you hopefuls; keep the dream alive. The real genius behind why you watch Netflix so much is the algorithm that suggests more programs. With over 70,000 micro-genres, Netflix is the prime tool to find new shows and movies you might enjoy. A recent study also found that the shows you watch on Netflix and for how long can accurately predict your sexual orientation. Too bad Klinger didn’t have this useful tool during M*A*S*H*.

YouTube Stardom

YouTube allows anyone to post their own content and potentially go viral. This was the case for Colleen Ballinger who created the character Miranda Sings on Youtube then made the leap to Netflix. Her 8 million followers on YouTube did not translate well to Netflix and they recently canceled the show after its second season. I am not here to promote it but if you like awkward aesthetics like Jon Waters films, American Movie, or Little Britain then this is right up your alley.

YouTube Vlogs

A prime feature on YouTube is video clips. A short 5-15 minute video can be even more addictive than Netflix binging. The revenue from Youtube is also slightly different than premium services. Channels can extract revenue from Google ads within the video window. Channels can also promote products or services during the airtime. For educational programming, channels can set up a Patreon site for additional funds.

We will continue this blog tomorrow to talk about the difference in budget for videos that get under 100,000 views versus those with over a million. But I’m curious how many of my readers still use cable television more than streaming. Hit us up on social media with your response.

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Are Netflix and YouTube Really The New Television?


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