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2018 Roofing Trends in Northern VA

synthetic roofing, one of the top 2018 roofing trendsRoofing contractors in Northern Virginia are big on trends. Through these coming and going 2018 Roofing trends, they effectively have the customer pay less and provide a pleasant and eye catching look to their Roof, as well as protect it from weather. These 2018 roofing trends are some of the most interesting ones to date, making neighbors go “wow” and providing you with a shiny new roof, quite literally. Here are some of the 2018 roofing trends that are the most popular at this very moment.

Roofing Materials

What makes up a roof is important. Not only does it determine how much your roof is worth, it also makes it look eye catching and can protect you from the elements. They are a shield, as well as an insulator and a looker. With the right materials, your roof can outshine all the other roofs and still be able to protect you in any sort of weather.

Take asphalt for example. A popular choice among everyone looking to find the right home with the right roof, asphalt is a lightweight material that can be bought in bulk for a relatively cheap price and rarely cracks due to its flexibility. As an all time favorite, single ply asphalt is the go to when it comes to getting the right shingles for your roof.

Then there is slate. Slate tiles are very durable and provide better protection from the elements. Slate tiles also give the house a rustic look, something old timers might find appealing. Environmentally-conscious they pop out compared to other tiles and fulfill the duties of insulation and protection.

red metal roof with storm clouds behind itMetal is also another choice among these 2018 roofing trends. Metal can give your roof staying power for the coming weather, able to take it like it is nothing. They are very durable and can quite literally give your roof a shiny new look. Copper is most commonly used, though there are other metal options for you to choose from, like aluminum and and steel. Put on your sunglasses, because the brightness and cheerful attitude of metal roofs are blinding!

Synthetic material can also be used to make one’s house. Eco-friendly, they mimic the looks of other kinds of roofing materials to make them stand out. If you want to go green and still have a beautiful looking roof, synthetic materials are the way to go!

Roofing Styles

Roofing styles are important. They determine how the house will look and how well protected it can get when it comes to weather. They can either make the house pop out or allow precipitation to drain down. Sometimes they are even environmentally conscious. There are many different kinds of roofing styles to choose from; it is all about personal preference.

The most often seen in the Northern Virginia area, according to roofing contractors in Northern Virginia, is the gable roof. Gable roofs consists of two sides meeting each other diagonally, forming a triangle shape for the roof. Gable roofs allow water to run down easier than some of the other roofs, though they are average when it comes to protection.

In contrast, hip roofs are much stronger, made to deflect precipitation, wind gusts, and various debris that knock against the roof. They slope at all four sides, all of them coming together at an angle, either gentle or sharp, sharp ones being tented roofs. They are also fairly common around Northern Virginia, appearing in newer neighborhoods.

trendy 2018 mansard roof in Northern VAMansard roofs just look pretty. They are elegant and four sided, much like hip roofs. Mansard roofs, however, cost more in both installing and repairing, as the precipitation can stick on the flat parts of the roof. Older homes tend to have this type of roof, though there is nothing stopping you from having one yourself. With mansard roofs, your house can look like a mansion.

Nowadays, people tend to go for flat or low sloped roofs. Flat roofs have watertight membranes and protective reinforcements, able to take on any sort of weather through these features. Winds and precipitation is no match for them, though water can pool around the top without draining properly, allowing the water to stay there until evaporated. If you want a roof that can withstand the weather, get a flat roof.

Roofing Technology

Ah, technology. Always advancing, always creating. Technology has always worked to make things more efficient, providing people with less wasteful energy to expend and sleeker designs for all. It plays a huge role in some new 2018 roofing trends. Technology nowadays is centered around being eco-friendly and cost efficient when it comes to roofs, here are some that are becoming trendy in 2018.

First there is green roofs. Like the name implies, green roofs are roofs that allow the growth of vegetables, flowers, and other vegetation on top. No, they are not like moss, who appear when your roof is in need of repair due to water damages. They are instead put there on purpose to make the roof look pretty and provide you with some nice fresh veggies to snack on. It is like a garden, only up in the air. Green roofs can keep the house cool during summer, lowering energy costs.

Another way to be green is to install solar panels onto your roof. While they are expensive, they can help big time by lowering the amount of energy used to power the house, saving your energy bill. Not only that, but it can make your roof look shiny, thereby making it aesthetically pleasing.

Other things that technology has done are insulation themselves. Some roofing contractors in Northern Virginia recommend polymeric and fiberglass material when it comes to insulating your house. They are stronger than the normal material used in insulation, which keeps the house warm during the winter months.

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2018 Roofing Trends in Northern VA


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