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Demmery’s 101: Everything you need to know about artificial flowers (Part 2)

Demmery’s 101: Everything you need to know about artificial flowers (Part 2)

Welcome back. We’re assuming you’re joining us on the back of having already read Part 1 of ‘Demmery’s 101: Everything you need to know about Artificial flowers’. But if you’re not, you may want to catch up on that first before you continue reading this one. In the first blog post, we discussed the world of Artificial Flowers and their many, many benefits—from the vast array of designs to choose from and their lifelike quality, to the fact that they can be styled in a myriad of ways to match a variety of different décor. Trust us, these are insights you really don’t want to miss out on.

But we’re not quite done. With artificial flowers, there really are so many benefits to shout about and that we will. In this piece, we dive even deeper into the vast advantages of artificial flowers and why when you go faux, you’ll never look back. So let’s not waste any more time. Here are the answers to some more frequently asked questions…

Do artificial flowers really last a lifetime?

In short, yes. Well, they do if you take good care of them (don’t worry, this doesn’t involve much doing and we’ll go into some tips and tricks for caring for your artificial flowers later in this piece). Our artificial flower arrangements are crafted from the finest fabrics, with meticulous attention to detail applied throughout every stage of the creation process to promise a high-quality arrangement that lasts.

It goes without saying that you don’t get this at all with real flowers. As you’ll well know if you’ve invested in a real flower arrangement, they tend to wilt, wither and fade rather quickly. But with a Demmery’s, you don’t have any of these issues. A Demmery’s artificial flower display withstands the test of time, staying UV stable and maintaining its stature for a lifetime. It’s buy once, buy forever basically (unless you fancy some more arrangements, of course).

Why are artificial flowers more expensive?

Ah. So it appears we’ve found a snag. Well, the old saying of ‘you get what you pay for’ might be a cliché, but it’s a cliché for a reason. So much time, effort and care goes into the making of a Demmery’s—from initial design to final delivery—that you truly do receive a product of the highest quality. Every little detail is purposeful; with meticulous attention paid throughout every part of the creation process. An inspection up close reveals incredible intricacy; with careful shading and crafting lending a truly lifelike quality to the designs. In fact, you’ll be amazed that our arrangements aren’t actually real when you see them close up.

And since so much care and attention has been applied to the making of a Demmery’s—and the fact that they last forever—the price tag is therefore a little higher than your standard bunch of fresh flowers. But as we mentioned above, it’s ‘buy once, buy forever’. With a Demmery’s artificial flower arrangement, you don’t have the hassle of having to replace bouquets and bunches every few weeks because, to put it quite simply, they last a lifetime. Buying artificial flowers therefore works out a lot cheaper in the long run. 

Consider a Demmery’s an investment, with your returns including timelessness, little maintenance, ample choice, zero allergens and breathtaking beauty. Unlike with real flowers, there’s no throwing money down the drain with a Demmery’s because you’ll have it forever.

Do artificial flowers work both indoors and outdoors?

Unfortunately not. While a Demmery’s flower arrangement works for practically any room in your house or commercial property, the same cannot be said for outdoors. But fret not. That’s where our wonderful artificial green walls and artificial flower walls come in. 

Perfect for adding a statement to your home’s outdoor space or commercial exteriors, artificial green walls and flower walls capture the attention of anyone that looks their way, with their realistic aesthetic once again convincing onlookers that they could in fact be fresh flowers. 

To make these green walls and flower walls, we’ve partnered with Vistagreen and its owner Paul Alder, a multi award-winning horticulturist with an eye for beauty and a knack for detail. His flexible system provides the realistic garden wall look that will truly transform your outdoor space. Again, these accents require very little maintenance, staying stable in the sun and therefore lasting for years without falling or fading. It also goes without saying that they can be custom fit to suit any sized space, giving you the option to swap different flora in and out for a design that’s truly your own.

For added authenticity, our green walls are often layered with different heights of planting for added texture, with overlapping foliage concealing any join lines and different tones providing the impression of new growth. In addition, naturally interconnecting panels and compact planting add further depth and detail, with easy design templates letting you personalise the look to suit you. Just like with a Demmery’s flower arrangement, you’ll be amazed when you see our green flower walls in the flesh—they truly are remarkably realistic.

And if you’re decorating an indoor commercial property or have the interior space to play with at home, our artificial green walls and flower walls work brilliantly indoors too. In fact, some of our clients have made use of this service by treating their homes to impressively lifelike indoor vineyard looks, with other clients preferring subtler doses by way of individual flower screens serving as office dividers or corridor walkway linings. Basically, the sky’s the limit and your options are endless.

How do I care for and clean my artificial flowers?

One of the greatest things about Demmery’s flower arrangements is that they require very little maintenance—this is the opposite situation of real flowers, where you’re constantly having to prune, change the water and replace them with a fresh bouquet when they’re on their last legs (which doesn’t take long, remember). A Demmery’s flower display meanwhile lasts a lifetime, naturally requiring no water changes, pruning or replacing. They also stay suitably intact throughout the years.

That said, like with any other item in your home, a Demmery’s flower arrangement will likely collect some dust over time. For ease and convenience, we therefore provide a complimentary duster with most of our artificial flower displays so you can suitably dust them off as part of your general cleaning routine. For a more high-octane clean, we recommend putting your hair dryer onto a low and cool setting and gently blowing the petals to remove any dirt and dust. 

Some of our customers like to go the extra mile by spritzing their flower arrangements with flower fragrance to give them further authenticity and thus, complement their realistic aesthetic. This of course is completely optional and depends on your tastes and tolerance, but we think it can really help to add a nice finishing touch to our designs. And who doesn’t like the smell of fresh flowers? With a Demmery’s, you truly do get the best of both worlds.

What if I can’t find any artificial flowers that are suitable?

If you’ve perused our site and like the look of our online arrangements, but can’t quite find the perfect display that you had in mind for your space, panic not. I, Sharon, offer a bespoke design service, working with you closely to create the perfect floral displays that complement your residential or commercial décor.

There are no limits to what we can do either. Whether it’s a statement-making orchid display encased in an eye-catching champagne cooler for your hallway, or bunches of subtle rose arrangements to dot throughout your home, no project is too big or too small. In fact, I relish a challenge. So whether your taste is quite eclectic and you fancy vibrant colours, or if you lean on the side of classic and would prefer something cleaner and more timeless, we can make it work.

And there’s lots of flexibility too. So if you change your mind about something here or there, or if you’d like to swap different details in and out, it’s really no problem. I’m always open to suggestions, whilst also very happy to share my thoughts and ideas too. So even if you don’t quite know what it is you want, a smooth process awaits. I’ll spend time getting to know your tastes and space, dreaming up floral designs that will complement it and bringing them to life once you’re ready to go ahead.

So why not get in touch today? If you have a query and want to find out more, or if you’re eager to get going straight away, please do get in touch. Simply fill in the form below or call me on (+44) 7980 740 759 and we’ll start the conversation and design process. I look forward to hearing from you soon

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Demmery’s 101: Everything you need to know about artificial flowers (Part 2)


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