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Why artificial flowers are perfect for your next interior design project

Why artificial flowers are perfect for your next interior design project

Designing the interiors for a house or commercial property can be fun, but taxing. After all, a lot of pressure can lie on you, the interior designer, to get things right—not just from a design point of view, but from a practical level too. It can also be a long process, involving long brainstorming sessions, regular back and forths with the clients, considerations on space and other rooms and many, many final tweaks.

Once an interior scheme has been decided and designed, it then boils down to those final finishing touches. With clients’ personal items often playing a role in the accessorising process, it can be sometimes difficult to find corresponding accents to go with. Many questions can cross your mind when you’re on the hunt for add-ons. Are they true to my clients’ taste buds? Do they complement other items in the room? Is there space? Can we make it work? One of the options that answer to yes all those questions is an Artificial Flower arrangement. Or more specifically, a Demmery’s floral display.

The benefits of Demmery’s artificial flowers

Since Demmery’s floral arrangements are tailor made to meet your tastes and requirements, the advantages of installing them around your space are vast. This is true whether you opt for a statement artificial green wall or a collection of small individual arrangements to be dotted around each room. Here are some of the many benefits of using artificial flowers in your interior scheme…

  •  They last a lifetime

How many times have you invested in a boutique arrangement of fresh flowers only to be disappointed days later when they droop, fade and shed? The answer is probably countless. We’ve all been there. But the beauty of a Demmery’s floral display is that it simply lasts a lifetime, giving you more bang for your buck when it comes to interior styling.

All Demmery’s arrangements are crafted from the finest silk fabrics and are UV stable, so you don’t even need to worry about the effects of placing them in direct sunlight (in a windowsill, for example). Once you’ve chosen your design (or we’ve created it for you), you (or your client) will experience the pleasure of the arrangement for months and years to come.

  • They’re safe and hassle-free

They say approximately 20% of the UK population suffers from hay fever. This figure is considerably high when you think of the amount of people passing through a given space (particularly if it’s commercial) in a period of time. If there are fresh flowers about, there’s bound to be some sneezes. But not if it’s an artificial flower arrangement by Demmery’s.

The beauty of our floral arrangements is that they’re completely pollen-free and fragrance-free and therefore suitable for anyone with seasonal allergies. Not only does this offer peace of mind with styling, but it just makes life well… so much easier. What’s more, our artificial green walls are completely fire retardant. So you don’t even need to worry about those catching alight in an unfortunate moment. Everything just works out.

  • They’re low maintenance

One of the perils of fresh flowers—besides the allergens and short lifespan—is the fact that they require regular maintenance. Flowers are living, breathing things and need tender love and care: stems need to be cut before installation, water must be changed regularly, dying flowers must be removed to keep them looking tip-top and so on. But not with a Demmery’s.

Another beauty of our artificial flower arrangements is that they’re very easy to take care of. In fact, the only thing you need to do is remove any dust from the petals every few weeks or so. Simply pop a hairdryer on a cool setting and gently blow the display to remove any dirt. You could also spitz the arrangement with some flower fragrance if it takes your fancy (but this of course depends on your clients’ preferences).

  • They’re bespoke to match your clients’ tastes

One of the difficulties of interior designing is finding items that perfectly complement your interior space. And often, this can be a challenge. But not with a Demmery’s. Oh no. Another one of the countless benefits of our artificial flower arrangements is that they can be tailor made to suit your requirements.

This benefit is particularly key if your client has very specific tastes or can be known to be rather picky about what exactly it is they want. Maybe their space is clean, contemporary and refined but they’d like vibrant and tropical floral arrangements to perk things up a little. Or maybe they’d like something more classic and simple like roses or orchids. They might even want a grand green wall display (more on that later). Whatever it is, we’ll create the perfect bespoke arrangement to go with. We’ll go into further detail about this later on in the article too—it definitely bears repeating.

  • They can be swapped in and out

Finally, another great thing about a Demmery’s arrangement is flexibility. Since artificial flowers display are exactly that—artificial—they can be moved around and swapped in and out without causing too much flora trauma. This is also a great benefit if you or your client are prone to regularly changing your mind.

Some of our clients in fact like to have two different bundles of artificial flower arrangements—one for spring/summer and one for autumn/winter, which they swap in and out as the seasons change and the mood takes their fancy.

From bloom bouquets to statement green walls—your floral options are endless

One of the most distinctive things about a Demmery’s is that each and every design is completely unique and handcrafted. From brainstorming to design to delivery, each part of the process is given meticulous care and attention, resulting in high-quality artificial flower arrangements carefully crafted from the finest silk fabrics.

When designing florals for a commercial property, the options are endless due to the general fact that you likely have more space and a higher budget to play with. As a result, a lot of my commercial clients tend to go for more statement displays. The Mount Hotel in Wolverhampton for example requested a custom-made floral display for their dining room ceiling last year. As you’ll see from the images, the results were spectacular, complementing the rest of the décor and introducing a unique ambience to the room.

If you find yourself in a position of designing the interiors of a hotel, bar, retail space or other commercial setting, you might like to dot the space with harmonising artificial floral arrangements—be it elegant orchids for a truly classic feel or tropical birds of paradise for a bright and wonderful colour pop. But for a truly wow-worthy addition, we always encourage an artificial flower wall or green wall.

Certain to catch the eye of any onlooker, an artificial green wall carries impact and leaves a lasting impression—a dream-come-true scenario if you’re an owner of a commercial property. With our artificial green walls and flower walls, we partner with VistaGreen to bring our vision of vertical garden walls to life, with multi-plant panels leaving a lifelike impression and requiring little to zero maintenance.

And they’re completely flexible too, giving you the option to play around with different colour schemes, adding different flowers in here and there. From indoor rainforest styles to indoor vineyard settings, your choices are endless, with each one fire retardant with a certificate for total peace of mind. You’ll also have a lot of fun along the way (but that’s always a given with a Demmery’s).

Using Demmery’s artificial flowers for your next interior design project

As you know, interior designing doesn’t come without challenges. When it’s your own space, the activity can feel fun, invigorating and directional, knowing fine well that the décor you’re choosing fits in with your taste buds and vision. But when it’s somebody else’s interiors, things can be a little bit more complex to begin with.

A big part of any design process is finding out as much as you possibly can about what the client likes and requires so you can truly get a feel for the types of designs and colours that will work in different locations. I, Sharon Demmery, work in a similar way when designing my bespoke artificial flower arrangements.

A big part of the process of creating floral displays is understanding what my clients like and feel passionate about. And once we have a clear visualisation in place and we’re on the same page, the design process begins. Every individual and unique project I work on is rewarding from start to finish. But when I work with an interior designer, it feels like two creative minds are marrying together and it becomes an even more rewarding experience.

So when you team up with Demmery’s on your next interior design project, you’ll already have a support network in place. From ideas to delivery, I’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure your interior design project exceeds your client’s expectations and then some.

Whether you’d like to collaborate together remotely by directing me in designing the artificial flowers you visualise, or if you’d prefer a more hands-on approach with me visiting the site in question and bouncing ideas off each other, I’d love to work with you. Simply fill in the form below or call me (Sharon) on (+44) 7980 740 759 and we’ll start the discussion and get the ball rolling. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Why artificial flowers are perfect for your next interior design project


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