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Peachy Ways To Hang A Tapestry At Your Home

Hanging tapestries brings an unbelievable and incredible focus to your home if it is amazed by the wondrous efforts made by one to innovate his home sweet home”
The world is growing so fast and everyone is in the race to win the battle of success. But have all of us ever thought about the new interesting things which can be done through affordable price things? No right.. the basic reason behind this would be that we don't have time to evolve our thoughts about new ideas and terminologies. We just want to be in our comfort zone simultaneously follow the crowd. But in this crowd many people sustain who have capability to think about creating new focus. Today's scenario is like whosoever seeks all the attention is recognised to be the best and rest is treated again as moving crowd. We all are behaving as youthless sheeps. Though we have unity but we don't have any creativity. God has sent so many creative things on this world and we have lost all our creativeness in our own schedule. If you don't have enough time to innovate your home or room then at least you can find many ways and suggest your friends and dear ones. It would be help for them.

​We can use our free time in searching for different ideas to innovate our home. We know that tapestry can be used as a decorative item in our home as well as at our office place also.
But do we know anything about the hanging tapestry and it's uses. Well, no issues this article is going to help you out how to hang the tapestries are your home and make it marvellous. The first step we have to take is that we have to be work shy. If we give our mind and soul in reinventing the fantastic ace of our home it would be so grateful to live in such a house that looks so heavenly and 5 star deserving place. Let's have some glance on the ways which can be adopted to decorate our home in a sophisticated look.
​Learn 4 Ways how to do nging tapestry decor:

#1 Can be used in the form of curtains
Hanging tapestries can be used in the place of beautiful curtains. Firstly, we have to choose an appropriate tapestry according to our home and use it as curtains such that it can give an extraordinary look to your home. You can make your home as award winning home just by following few tips. To use our tapestries as our home curtains we need rod and finial kit, wall brackets, screwdriver, level tool and stud finder etc. Fix the tapestry according to the rod and hang it as the curtains. This will be antique and give your room a lavished look. We can use tapestry as beach throw blanket also if we wish.The tapestry should not be that thick that it cannot withstand the rod and the finial. Be very sure about the length of the tapestry and make sure that the colour should match the room colour. It should not be in contrast. This will create a synchronisation in the rooms. And tapestries create a cool vibrations as well so they will always create a lovely and peaceful environment.

#2. Use of baseboard as tapestry
This method wouldn't be that much easy that it seems but once we use our tapestry in such way we can innovate a different way of looking towards tapestries. All we need to do is always choose the baseboard which is slightly shorter than the length of the tapestry so that we need not stretch the tapestry much. This type of tapestry mounting is done to distinguish it with the above method. Even sun wall hanging tapestry can also be used for the beautiness of the walls. We need strip of wood baseboard, power drill, wall anchors, level tool, stud finder, screws and screwdriver etc.
All we have to do is to pin two points on the baseboard and fix our tapestry on that then slide the tapestry on the baseboard. It looks like we have used it as a curtain but we have not used rod for this. We have just used a simple baseboard for this. That too the baseboard will be completely hidden once the tapestry is hung. This is the speciality of this method to decorate your room with tapestry.

#3. Tapestry as saw tooth hangers
Do you know about saw tooth hangers? It is a type of hardware that is used for hanging canvas and picture frames. It can withstand heavy and thick tapestries. It is the best looking method for decoration using tapestry. All we need is saw-tooth hangers, sewing needled, heavy nylon thread and nails. The whole method depends upon the sewing of the tapestry. First we have to select right tapestry then we have to sew it with 4-8 saw-tooth hangers depending upon the requirements. Finally we have to sew with a heavy nylon thread so that it can handle the heaviness of the tapestry. Please take care of the boundaries of the tapestry and maintain the easiness and smoothness of the tapestry. After all this is done place smartly small nails over the walls. Finally you will get a fabulous look using saw tooth hangers.

#4. Velcro technique for tapestry
This is the simple method of all the methods and can be executed easily. All we need for this method is Strip of Wood Baseboard, Wall Anchors, Level Tool, Stud Finder, Screws, screwdriver, Velcro strips, sewing needle, heavy nylon thread etc. The main role is of Velcro strips in this method. We have do preferences. One of them is to use the baseboard with tapestry another one is to use the tapestry directly on the wall but the direct one can be not that useful as with baseboard. Use the matching baseboard with the tapestry. Attach the Velcro strips with the top of the tapestry and finally place it over the wall or where you want to.

The final words:
​Now we are aware about the tips to decorate your home with the help of hanging tapestries. You can get a variety of the tapestries in our online store i.e. The tapestries are found at reasonable rates and in all type of sizes. mandala wall tapestry is a special type of tapestry used to create a warm and peaceful environment of the room. Search for your best tapestry in free time from our online store and make your choice.

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Peachy Ways To Hang A Tapestry At Your Home


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