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Pest Survival Guide Blog
A site that provides anyone who is struggling with pest problems, such as roaches, the information needed to help decide on the solution(s) to solve whatever ‘pest’ issues and challenges they are facing. To help readers Survive and even Thrive with their pest problems!
2022-06-17 15:40
In this article, we share some of the most effective roach repellent products in the market to help deter cockroaches. >> Also read: Best Pet Safe Roach Killer & Repellent While th… Read More
2021-12-25 16:09
Termite insecticides are one of the most effective methods in your battle against the persistent termites. In this article, we have curated some of the best termite treatment chemicals in th… Read More
2021-12-22 13:11
Mosquito repellent candles are great options to repel mosquitoes in any outdoor open areas. They can be used when camping, hiking, or simply relaxing in your backyard. They are most ideal wh… Read More
2021-12-14 14:22
Ants in the bathroom can be a nuisance. They are often introduced into your home when you have food or drinks outside of the house, and they are attracted to sugary substances like soda. If… Read More
2021-06-13 11:37
Drywood termites aren’t as common as subterranean termites. In fact, of all termite-related problems, only about 10% are associated with drywood termites. When there’s a drywood… Read More
2021-06-11 06:18
Having wasps in your home indicates either of the two things; either there’s a wasp nest somewhere around, or there’s something in your home that’s attracting wasps. If it… Read More
2021-05-13 07:45
In this review article, we will take a look at the Raid Wasp & Hornet Killer and go through its pros and cons to help you decide if this is suitable for your wasp situation at hand. We h… Read More
2021-05-11 06:19
The type of treatments needed for bee and wasp stings depends largely on the severity. Usually, stings that result in allergy and severe swelling will require proper medical attention. For m… Read More
2021-04-30 07:43
As one of the most common home-invading Termites, the Drywood termites are attracted to wood with high moisture density and live inside the woods they actually eat. In this article, we share… Read More
2021-04-23 07:38
Wasps are social insects that live in colonies. The workers of a wasp nest work together to collect food, defend the nest from intruders, and assist in raising the offspring of the reproduct… Read More
2021-04-20 09:02
The summer season is challenging for many reasons. Apart from the heat of the scorching sun, there’s something else that you need to bear – wasps. Summers are when the wasps expa… Read More
2021-04-14 12:59
If you ask someone how wasps and honeybees are different, they’re most likely to say that honeybees make honey while wasps don’t. Well, that’s not entirely true. Although m… Read More
2021-03-31 03:17
If you’ve been noticing too many wasps inside your home or in your backyard lately, there’s a high probability that there’s a wasps nest somewhere. You may not take a wasps… Read More
2021-03-30 13:04
Wasps are extremely aggressive and dangerous insects that sting real bad. One may panic if they see a wasp flying around their home. But do you know what’s more dangerous than an aeria… Read More
2021-03-23 04:18
Wasps can be quite a nuisance as they tend to sting anything that comes close to their hives. They pop up around the spring and summer times each year. These bugs are definitely scary becaus… Read More
2021-03-23 03:50
Wasps definitely do want any humans coming near their nest since they are quite protective of it. It is important to understand that they can be beneficial to the world when they are balance… Read More
2021-01-20 15:35
The best fly traps (also known as fly catcher) are not only effective at ‘catching’ the annoying flies, they should also be easy to set-up and dispose after accomplishing its tas… Read More
2020-11-04 04:01
Termites pose a high risk to your house, especially subterranean termites, as they simply eat 24 hours everyday. In this round-up of the best termite killer products, we have included three… Read More
2020-10-12 14:39
Lysol is one of the household names in the cleaning and disinfecting product category not just in the US but also internationally. Their products are EPA tested to kill SARS and COVID-19 vir… Read More
2020-10-07 15:11
If you’ve ever smelled or tasted vinegar, you know that they are very strong and acidic. You may have also heard of the many benefits of vinegars and how they are also an effective cle… Read More
2020-10-05 08:55
Fleas live by feeding on the blood of mammals and birds. These pests may even pass on diseases as they bite their prey. Fleas are responsible for a number of conditions like flea-borne fever… Read More
2020-09-13 12:41
Ants are hardy insects that you can find almost anywhere. This versatile and tiny insect also has lots of  hidden facts that will surely fascinate you and your kids. Here are some of th… Read More
2020-09-12 15:45
So you’re wondering, “can bed bugs live outside?” A quick answer: YES. Bed bugs can live outside your home, in your garden, under flower pots, under rocks, and anywhere out… Read More
2020-09-09 13:44
You may have heard strange noises in your house in the middle of the night or noticed some frantic running in the kitchen for nights in a row now, but you just cannot figure out where they a… Read More
2020-09-06 08:50
In short – yes. Bleach can kill bed bugs on contact using its sodium hypochlorite content which oxidises and softens the bugs’ hard outer shell or body. And as a result, the bed… Read More
2020-09-05 07:13
Mosquito bites are very common, especially in tropical, humid countries. Usually, a mosquito bite will simply disappear without the need for any medical treatment. However, not everyone can… Read More
2020-09-04 17:23
Ammonia is one of the most effective natural remedies against bed bugs. In Fact, they can be commonly found in cleaning products used at homes, offices, and business establishments. They are… Read More
2020-08-23 11:48
We have received quite a number of emails asking for a list the Best Roach Spray available in the market today, after the posting of our Best Roach Killer Article. So here it is! In this pos… Read More
2020-08-13 06:23
In this round-up article, we will be featuring some of the best fly strips, board, paper, ribbon and tape that you can use at home and outdoors to effectively catch flies and other flying pe… Read More
2020-07-27 13:03
In this round-up article, we will be featuring some of the best Mosquito Repellent Wipes and Towelettes available in the market today. As always, we try to curate the list that caters to dif… Read More
2020-04-10 14:31
This article features some of the best natural rat and mouse repellent products to help deter rodents. Most of these natural mice deterrent products works by creating scent (using natural fo… Read More
2020-03-29 14:54
In this article we will review the best cockroach traps available in the market and provide tips on how to increase the chances of trapping, and eventually getting rid of those sneaky r… Read More
2020-02-06 13:15
Do you sometimes wake up in the morning with runny Nose, watery Eyes? Or find yourself scratching those itchy bumps on your forearms? These could be caused by the works of the nasty perpetra… Read More
2020-02-05 12:57
If you think you can get rid of fleas in the winter, you’re wrong. These pesky bugs aren’t just a pain in the summer; they’re ready to cause problems for you all year round… Read More
2020-01-27 12:41
Having a roach infestation is bad enough, but if it gets to the point where you’re skirting around the floor to avoid stepping on them, then you have a serious problem. While there are… Read More
2020-01-01 04:36
Getting rid of a roach infestation is tricky business. You have to decide whether you’re willing to risk inhaling bug spray fumes just to kill the roaches, or whether it’s time t… Read More
2019-11-25 13:26
Today, we’ll be discussing solutions to rid your house of ants, and we’ll be reviewing a bunch of Raid Ant Killers in details. As one of the leading brands in ant and roach kille… Read More
2019-11-23 16:28
Scientists have always been fascinated by the high level of organization that these tiny creatures display. Studies have revealed that ants can join together and form life-saving ants when f… Read More
2019-11-22 15:58
A large population of the world suffers from inherent fear or discomfort from rats and mice. Knowing all the diseases and dangerous health hazards they can cause makes that hate understandab… Read More
2019-11-22 01:36
Fleas attacking your home and pet is a real nightmare, and chemical flea products are purely commercial, and may be toxic to your pet and even family. Luckily, there are certain essential oi… Read More
2019-11-17 06:40
As little kids, they often told us “sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!”, but they never told us what to do when those tiny creepers strike! If you’re dealing w… Read More
2019-09-22 16:23
In this article, we have put together some of the best bed bug traps and interceptors to add along your array of tools in battling bed bugs. While bed bug sticky traps that are designed to t… Read More
2019-09-15 12:12
“Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.”  Just how much truth is there to this common goodnight greeting- do bed bugs really bite? And do they only bite… Read More
2019-03-17 13:26
Noticed any red swells on your dog’s ears, inside the ears or stomach zones lately. Bite marks on your pet which leaves you puzzled as to why, where, when and how your pet dog got them… Read More
2019-03-17 08:54
Mosquitoes are known to transmit some of the most prevalent diseases around the world (i.e. Zika Virus, Malaria, Dengue fever), but you may be glad to know that mosquitoes do not actually tr… Read More
2018-12-14 04:40
In this Tomcat Rat Poison & Trap Review, we take a look at the good and the bad of one of the most commonly used bait and trap in the rodent control market. We will be covering specifica… Read More
2018-11-30 16:29
Is there a huge different reaction human have when we bumped into a cockroach and a flying cockroach? Yes, there is. Some may not fear of cockroach and could even catch a cockroach with thei… Read More
2018-11-27 14:38
Have you ever wondered what do flies feed on? Do flies have any food preferences? Is there anything that flies do not eat? Before going in depth on what do flies eat, we need to know that th… Read More
2018-11-23 17:18
The Mosquito Magnet is one of the well known mosquito trap in the market today. In this Mosquito Magnet Review, we will take a look at this mass mosquito catching machine, and whether they a… Read More
2018-11-18 12:58
In this post, we’ve featured 7 of the best roach killer products for home and outdoor use. Some of these cockroach killers are more suited for indoor applications (i.e within the… Read More
2018-11-14 14:11
In this DynaTrap review, we take a look at the three type of mosquito and insect traps offered by DynaTrap. 1) Electric Glue board trap, 2) Electric Zapper Trap and 3) Electric Natural Trap… Read More
2018-11-06 08:06
In this article, we’ve listed the best dog fly sprays to help keep the annoying flies at bay. All flies spray listed are non-toxic to ensure they are safe for use on your beloved &lsqu&hell…Read More
2018-09-16 13:53
In this TERRO Ant Killer Review, we take a look at the suite of ant product produced by them. TERRO produces ant killer products in several version – Ant Spray, Ant Powder Ant Granular… Read More
2018-09-13 13:37
In this article, we have listed a list of the best flea comb for pet cats and dogs at home. Most of the combs are designed for both dog and cat use while some are produced specifically for d… Read More
2018-09-09 13:38
Its alarming to know that there are more than 2,000 species and types of fleas spreaded over the world. The most common species are the Cat Fleas, Dog Fleas and Human Fleas. These fleas vari… Read More
2018-09-02 07:03
This article seeks to clarify one of the most common question of whether fleas have wings? Can fleas actually fly or jump? How do fleas actually move around? Knowing your enemy is half the b… Read More
2018-08-26 08:10
Ever wonder where do Fleas come from? Especially when you have been living in a flea-free environment for years before suddenly come facing with a flea situation in your house or outside in… Read More
2018-07-23 04:29
This is our review post for the famous Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Eradication Gun. This bad boy was mentioned in some of our posts (mainly under natural, organic and pet safe roach killers’ r… Read More
2018-06-07 14:13
In this roundup article for the Best Flea Collar For Cats, we included anti-flea cat collars that kills, repels and protect your beloved cat and kitten from ticks and fleas. Anti-flea collar… Read More
2018-06-06 03:19
In this roundup review of the Best Flea Shampoo For Dogs, we’ve included options for both flea and tick treatment shampoo and flea and tick repellent shampoo to help facilitate the cur… Read More
2018-06-05 06:00
In this article, we’ll find out whether it is possible to get fleas on humans? Can fleas actually live on humans? If so, how to get rid of them? We will also teach you how to remove fl… Read More
2018-06-03 14:54
This is a review of the Advantage Flea Treatment by Bayer. The Advantage’s range of products is designed to treat and protect your pet dogs and cats against fleas, ticks and even chewi… Read More
2018-06-01 17:08
In this Frontline Plus Review, we will take a look at the Frontline Plus for Dogs and Frontline Plus for cats flea and tick treatment. The first part will be a review for the dog treatment f… Read More
2018-05-30 15:32
Here are the best flea sprays for house that you can find in the market to help make your home flea free. One of the most common and cost effective ways to get rid of fleas and ticks in the… Read More
2018-05-28 08:51
This article features the best flea fogger and the best flea bomb in the market to help achieve the mass killing effect in the battle against the nasty flea and tick infestation at home. Fle… Read More
2018-05-25 07:28
Looking for the best mosquito zapper and swatter to help get rid of mosquito and other flying pests at home? This article features some of the best electric swatter and trap zappers to help… Read More
2018-05-23 10:01
This article seeks to answer whether cockroaches do bite human, other than spreading disease and bacteria, can cockroaches hurt you? How do cockroach bites look like? And how to treat a bite… Read More
2018-05-21 16:59
With so many roach killer products (i.e roach trap, roach spray, roach bait) that human uses to get rid of cockroaches, have you ever wondered whether if there’s any Cockroach Predator… Read More
2018-05-21 07:16
Having flies hanging around the patio is the first step in inviting them into the house. This is one of the things people often oversee when they are looking to get rid of flies in the house… Read More
2018-05-20 09:37
This is short and quick review of the TERRO Fruit Fly Trap. Terro is a well known brand in the pest control scene, but does this Fruit Fly Trap holds up to its promise? Read on to find out… Read More

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