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Layer Cake Crumble Quilt Tutorial
2023-12-05 20:37
Are you looking for your next quilt project? Try this layer cake crumble quilt from Fat Quarter Shop on YouTube! This quilt project is easy to make and beginner-friendly. It’s also the… Read More
Holiday Sticky Buns Recipe
2023-12-05 18:13
You’ll surely love this quick and easy take on the classic sticky buns from Food Network on YouTube. It’s the perfect recipe for your baking sessions with your kids this holiday… Read More
4-Ingredient No-Bake Chocolate Balls Recipe
2023-12-05 18:00
I love eating sweets, and this 4-ingredient no-bake chocolate balls recipe by Vinastar Channel is one of my favorites that I always make at home. How can you resist these bite-sized treats?… Read More
35 Winter Crafts For Kids
2023-12-05 17:13
Looking for some cute winter crafts for kids? Children’s wintertime craft ideas are some of the most adorable, with everything from snowflakes to snowmen, icy icicles and igloos. Boys… Read More
Classic Homemade Peanut Brittle Recipe
2023-12-05 13:22
Aside from boiled peanuts, I go crazy for peanut brittle, it’s just perfect to munch on, and it’s a treat for those who have a sweet tooth, like me! This is a candy that will sur… Read More
Easy 30-Minute French Onion Chicken Recipe
2023-12-05 11:45
You can make your mealtime special by serving this restaurant-quality dish that is surprisingly quick and easy to make. This is the perfect dish to serve for lunch or dinner, it is so rich a… Read More
How To Make DIY Yarn Hat Gnome
2023-12-05 09:14
You can make pretty decor without spending a lot of money, you just need the right inspiration and an easy-to-follow video tutorial such as this one by NataliDoma DIY on YouTube. This adorab… Read More
Easy No Name Quilt Block Tutorial
2023-12-05 06:59
When I was just beginning to learn how to quilt, I always made sure to try out new projects immediately after finishing the other, I thought that it would help my skills improve much faster… Read More
Crispy Egg Cheese Toast
2023-12-05 06:23
Tired of eating the same thing every morning? How about you try this crispy egg cheese toast by 쿠킹하루 Cooking Haru ? It has everything that you love – cheese… Read More
White Beans And Ham Soup Recipe
2023-12-05 05:51
These cold winter nights deserve a warm and flavorful meal, just like this white beans and ham soup by Rachel cooks with love. It is made of beans, celery, onions, carrots, garlic, smoked ne… Read More
Baked Cauliflower Casserole Recipe
2023-12-04 18:54
Are you looking for a fun and unique side dish for the holidays? Try this baked cauliflower with a delicious homemade dip from Guten Morgen on YouTube! I’m not a big fan of cauliflower… Read More
One-Hour Dinner Rolls Recipe
2023-12-04 18:12
Can you believe it will only take you an hour to make these delicious dinner rolls from Bincy Chris on YouTube? That’s right – no need for that extra kneading time; these rolls w… Read More
Holiday Pecan Fruit Cake From Scratch
2023-12-04 17:19
Make your holiday fruit cake from scratch in the comforts of your home with this fabulous recipe from Collard Valley Cooks on YouTube! I swear, this fruit cake recipe is the best I’ve… Read More
Best Mexican Cornbread Casserole
2023-12-04 11:51
If you love cornbread, you better try this Mexican cornbread casserole by All Wings Everything. It is packed with ground beef, cream of corn, corn, tomatoes, onion, and cheese, making it a d… Read More
Easy Apple Fritter Bread Recipe
2023-12-04 10:46
This easy apple fritter bread recipe by Chef Sweet Caroline is an excellent way to make one of the best apple recipes at home. It’s incredibly moist and flavorful, with the perfect ble… Read More
Easy 4-Ingredient Chocolate Nougat Recipe
2023-12-04 10:04
Jelly nougat is a must every Christmas at our parties, it is a staple dish that must not go missing on the table, and it is a dessert that I enjoy eating. This year, I want to try something… Read More
Easy Homemade Divinity Fudge Recipe
2023-12-04 08:51
When I and my siblings were still kids, my Mom used to make divinity fudge for us every Christmas, and now it’s my turn to continue the tradition, and actually give it a try. My Mom&rs&hell…Read More
Beggars Block Quilt Tutorial
2023-12-01 20:25
If you’re looking for a quick and easy quilt block for beginners, this beggars block quilt block from Cut and Create on YouTube is perfect for you. This quilt is not just beginner-frie… Read More
How To Stop A Running Toilet In Seconds
2023-12-01 18:48
Is the water in your toilet won’t stop running? Chances are there are just a few things you need to check first before calling in a professional. Seejanedrill on YouTube has the perfec… Read More
Soft Apple Cookies Recipe
2023-12-01 17:58
If you have too many apples and don’t want them to go to waste, How about you turn them into these stunning soft apple cookies from Cooking Lyrics on YouTube? I frequently make these c… Read More
Honey Roasted Potato Wedges Recipe
2023-12-01 17:18
At every holiday gathering, I always make sure my side dishes are as perfect as my entrees, and these potato wedges from Spain on a Fork on YouTube are the perfect example. It’s sweet… Read More
Cranberry Cake Loaf Recipe
2023-12-01 16:37
Are you looking for a beginner-friendly bread recipe? Add this cranberry cake loaf from Easy Quick Recipes on YouTube to your holiday baking this year! It’s super easy to make, perfect… Read More
Super Easy Tiramisu Truffles Recipe
2023-12-01 13:10
Chocolate and candies or sweet treats are a must for every occasion or party, you can also serve them for snack time or after an ordinary mealtime for dessert. There are a lot of recipes tha… Read More
Easy-to-Make One-Pot Chicken Stew
2023-12-01 11:03
If you’ve got chicken and don’t know what to do with it, then give this recipe by Cafe Delites on YouTube a try, and you’ll surely love it. This dish is more famously known… Read More
Easy DIY Christmas Candle Décor Tutorial
2023-12-01 08:03
Decorating for Christmas is such a fun activity and is my favorite part of the year. Apart from putting up the tree, I also make decor that I can put on shelves, tables, etc. One of my most… Read More
How To Make A Peppermint Quilt Block
2023-12-01 07:07
If you love quilting and want to try a project just in time for the holidays, then you might just love this peppermint quilt block by Shabby Fabrics on YouTube! This quilt block is made out… Read More
Dream Weaver Quilt Block Tutorial
2023-11-30 20:27
As a quilting beginner, I always try to find easy projects to practice my current skills and further my quilting knowledge. One of my favorite quilt block patterns to make is from Cut and Cr… Read More
DIY Light-Up Melting Snowman Tutorial
2023-11-30 19:52
The holiday season is here! Start decorating your front yard with this fun and whimsical DIY snowman from @thenavagepatch on TikTok! This project only needs a few materials to make and is pr… Read More
How To Clean Mattress Using Baking Soda
2023-11-30 18:50
Cleaning a mattress can be quite taxing, especially if you have a large one. So, if you’re looking for an easy way to remove the bad odor and moisture from your mattress, this quick ho… Read More
Ground Beef And Cabbage Casserole Recipe
2023-11-30 18:04
If you’re looking for a good cabbage roll recipe, I recommend this ground beef and cabbage casserole from The Yummy Bowl on YouTube. Casserole recipes are a staple in our household, an… Read More
Hot Chocolate Pudding Recipe
2023-11-30 17:25
If you’re looking for the perfect cold-weather dessert, then you’re in the right place. This hot chocolate pudding from shaziya’s recipes on YouTube will surely make your m… Read More
Crockpot Healthy Hamburger Soup Recipe
2023-11-30 16:43
As the days get colder, I serve more and more soup recipes for my family, and this dish from The Real Food Dietitians on YouTube is one of the staples in our household. It’s perfect fo… Read More
Easy Crockpot Butter Ranch Chicken Recipe
2023-11-30 07:57
This recipe by Crockpots and Flip Flops on YouTube is a savory meal that the whole family will surely enjoy. You only need 7 simple ingredients to make this butter ranch chicken, and if you… Read More
Easy 4-Ingredient Peppermint Bark Recipe
2023-11-30 07:11
When in doubt about what treat to serve for your Christmas or holiday party, go classic, and try this recipe by Whipped on YouTube. This wonderful and festive dessert is so easy to prepare a… Read More
Easy German Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars Recipe
2023-11-30 06:07
I enjoy eating desserts as much as making them, I find baking a very fun activity which is also why I always want to try different recipes that I can find online. My most recent favorite is… Read More
Dressed To The Nines Quilt Tutorial
2023-11-30 05:00
Are you looking for your next quilting project? Look no more; Missouri Star on YouTube has your back! This dressed to the nines quilt project might look complex at first, but it’s one… Read More
DIY Dollar Tree Outdoor Christmas Candies
2023-11-29 20:29
Christmas is almost here; are your decorations finally up? If you’re still looking for some DIY inspiration, you’ll surely love these adorable Christmas candies from @vintageandg… Read More
Slow Cooker Baked Potatoes Recipe
2023-11-29 18:44
Potatoes are such a versatile vegetable. You can make a bunch of appetizers, side dishes, and even an entree with this simple produce. But, if you ask me, my favorite would still be the good… Read More
Sweet Potato Cobbler Recipe
2023-11-29 18:01
If you’re looking for an easy sweet potato dessert to make, I recommend this sweet potato cobbler from Imagine Thistv on YouTube! It may look simple, but it’s just perfect for an… Read More
TikTok Biscuits & Gravy Casserole Recipe
2023-11-29 14:58
If you always have busy mornings and can barely make decent breakfast for the family, this recipe from Mommy Mouse Clubhouse Recipes on YouTube is perfect for you. This breakfast casserole i… Read More
Easy Blueberry Crumble Pie Recipe
2023-11-29 07:59
When it comes to pies, fruit-flavored ones are often the best, and they never fail to amaze me. This recipe by Kitchen Sanctuary on YouTube is a must-try and highly recommended, this blueber… Read More
How To Make Chocolate Truffles Like A Pro!
2023-11-29 06:37
Desserts are a must for any and every occasion because they are usually the much-awaited part of the event. When it comes to treats and candies, I prefer making truffles because they are so… Read More
How To Tie A Perfect Bow Easily
2023-11-29 03:37
Tying a bow is easy but doing it perfectly on the first try is difficult, you have to be an expert in it or have been doing it for a couple of times already to get the perfect technique. But… Read More
Easy Fingerless Gloves Crochet Tutorial
2023-11-29 02:38
If you’re new to crochet or are looking for an activity to keep you busy, then check out this project idea by naztazia on YouTube, and give it a try. This is a great tutorial that even… Read More
Easy-to-Make Pumpkin Delight Dessert
2023-11-28 13:15
You don’t need to wait for a party or holiday to come in order to enjoy a delicious treat. Try making this pumpkin delight dessert today, and enjoy it with your favorite drink or bever… Read More
Easy Skillet Steak And Potatoes Recipe
2023-11-28 11:55
Making food for dinner is now easier with this recipe by uncledibbz on TikTok, so grab your favorite skillet, and try this dish tonight. You can make this yummy food with only a few simple i… Read More
Easy New York Beauty Quilt Block Tutorial
2023-11-28 07:55
The first time I saw this pattern by Teresa DownUnder on YouTube, I immediately knew that I had to give it a try. Ever since I learned how to quilt I’ve always been interested in curve… Read More
Sweet Potato Pie Recipe
2023-11-27 17:47
The best potato pie, if you’ll ask me, is undoubtedly this recipe from The Simple Way with Delilah on YouTube. It needs only a few ingredients to make, quick and easy, and a total crow… Read More
Air Fryer Smashed Potatoes Recipe
2023-11-27 16:49
Are you looking for the ultimate air-fried potatoes recipe? Look no more, as The Salted Pepper on YouTube just got the perfect recipe for you! These smashed potatoes might look simple, but t… Read More
Costco Copycat Chicken Bake Recipe
2023-11-27 15:41
If you’re a big fan of Costco’s chicken bake, then you’ll love this homemade version from Catherine’s Plates on YouTube! This recipe only needs five easy ingredients… Read More
Easy Pumpkin Spice SPAM Cheesecake Recipe
2023-11-27 07:20
When I first saw a pumpkin spice SPAM flavor in the store, I was genuinely curious as to how it tasted like but had never thought of actually giving it a try until I found this video tutoria… Read More
The Favorite Things Quilt Tutorial
2023-11-24 20:58
If you’re looking for the perfect personalized quilt for gifting, I recommend this favorite things quilt from Missouri Star on YouTube! This super fun quilt is also perfect for beginne… Read More
Old School Southern Baked Mac N Cheese
2023-11-24 19:13
Are you looking for the ultimate baked mac n cheese recipe? Look no more, as The Danni Rose’s recipe on YouTube is hands down the best you’ll ever try! It’s everything your… Read More
Vegetable Spring Rolls Recipe
2023-11-24 18:11
If you love spring rolls, you have to try this recipe from Kitchen Sanctuary on YouTube. This recipe is my go-to whenever I crave this delicacy as it’s easy to make and loaded with veg… Read More
Slow Cooker Root Beer Chicken Recipe
2023-11-24 17:18
Slow cooker recipes are essential in our household as we’re a family of busy people. That is why dump-and-go recipes are such life savers. While looking for new recipes to try out, I f… Read More
Cheesy Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe
2023-11-24 16:40
These baked mushrooms from Downshiftology on YouTube are highly addicting and would surely become an instant hit. They are easy to make, taste super delicious, and are perfect for large gath… Read More
Easy Pizza Monkey Bread Recipe
2023-11-24 06:52
If you’re looking for a quick and easy bread recipe to prepare for breakfast or snack time, then check out this The Hillbilly Kitchen – Down Home Country Cooking on YouTube, and… Read More
Easy 10-Minute DIY Star Gnome Ornament
2023-11-24 04:40
It’s time to start decorating for Christmas and one of my favorite projects of all time are small DIY ornaments that I can hang on my tree instead of just using glittery balls. This ad… Read More
How To Make Wool Puppies
2023-11-23 02:45
Do you have dogs at home? Do you love puppies? If you said yes to both questions, you will definitely like this DIY craft by Old Town Creations! I fell in love with these adorable woolen pup… Read More
Old-Fashioned Coffee Cake Recipe
2023-11-23 02:01
Do you remember this old-fashioned coffee cake that used to be famous decades ago in school cafeterias? It was often served along with the LA’s peanut butter cake. Both are incredibly… Read More
Easy Cheese Danish Recipe
2023-11-23 01:43
You no longer need to buy from fancy pastry shops when you can make it at home with this easy cheese danish recipe by Preppy Kitchen. It’s incredibly flaky, creamy, and delicious &ndas&hell…Read More
Beef And Broccoli Stir Fry Recipe
2023-11-23 01:21
There’s no denying that this beef and broccoli stir fry recipe by Cook! Stacey Cook is the best version I have ever made at home. The flavors will burst in your mouth with each bite &n&hell…Read More
A Tisket, A Tasket Quilt Block Tutorial
2023-11-22 20:35
Are you looking for your next quilt project? Make this fun basket quilt today from Fat Quarter Shop on YouTube! I swear, this pattern is one of the most adorable patterns I’ve seen. It… Read More
Buttery Whole Roasted Onions With Herbs
2023-11-22 18:02
I love hosting, and as the holidays are fast approaching, I’m looking for fun and unique side dishes to serve to impress my guests. While browsing YouTube, I found this whole roasted o… Read More
Best Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe
2023-11-22 17:09
Casserole recipes are a staple, especially during fall, since they give instant warmth and comfort. So, don’t let the fall pass by without trying the best sweet potato casserole from T… Read More
Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe
2023-11-22 16:25
If you love anything tortilla, you should try this tortilla soup from The Magical Slow Cooker on YouTube! It’s a fun spin on the classic tortillas and a great substitute for your &ldqu&hell…Read More
Charming Sawtooth Baby Quilt Pattern
2023-11-22 16:12
This charming sawtooth baby quilt pattern by Hailey Stitches is one of the most beautiful designs I have ever seen. Don’t you agree? The red and green colors she used for this project… Read More
Easy Shrimp & Chicken Paella Recipe
2023-11-22 06:48
Paella is a famous Spanish rice dish loaded with either seafood, chicken, or both, and is so flavorful that you just can’t stop eating it. If you haven’t tried this before, then… Read More
Easy Skillet Cheesy Turkey Pot Pie Recipe
2023-11-22 06:06
This recipe by RecipeTin Eats on YouTube is one of my go-to and all-time favorite dishes to make. It’s super easy and quick to prepare and is the perfect meal to make using leftover br… Read More
3 Clever Cleaning Tips From A Janitor
2023-11-22 05:54
Having a clean and well-organized house is the best feeling ever. There are times when we enjoy cleaning, but there are also days when we don’t, especially when we are tired from work… Read More
How To Fix A Loose Toilet Seat
2023-11-22 04:51
I know how annoying it can be when your toilet seat keeps moving. It is one of the most used fixtures in our bathrooms, and it’s normal to have this problem after several uses. But don… Read More

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