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Dr. Clean Air, an Ottawa-based family-run company specializes in duct and vent cleaning services. Our teams of HVAC experts have one concern only: providing you with healthy, clean air for you and your loved ones. Voted #1 in Ottawa, Dr. Clean Air can deep clean all your ducts and furnaces using a six-step process after which you will feel the different quality of the air you breathe. Clean Air that is free of pollen, dust, dander, and many other allergens all of which are usually embedded within the ducts of your own home.
2024-04-04 11:47
Air Ducts The comfort of a home is significantly affected by indoor air quality. The presence of particles of dust, mold spores, pollen, and insect droppings can cause reactions, even to the… Read More
Important Dryer Vent Safety Tips
2024-04-02 08:14
Dryer Fires Did you know dryers are one of the leading causes of home fires? Every year, there are more than 15,000 dryer fires across Canada. Most dryer fires are caused by failure in clean… Read More
2024-03-29 11:42
Hiding Dryer Vents The vents aren’t the prettiest things to look at. Dryer vents are seen in every house that has a dryer and you definitely don’t want that. Here are creative wa… Read More
Benefits Of Commercial Air Ducts Cleaning
2024-03-28 11:12
Commercial Air Ducts Cleaning Your commercial property is your responsibility. You need to make sure it is well maintained. The same care you give to your residential building is required w… Read More
2024-03-27 15:25
Air Duct Cleaning Air  duct cleaning involves cleaning debris from all ducts, registers, grills and other components of a forced air system. Because the ducts are behind walls and above… Read More
2024-03-22 11:55
DRYER VENTS SAFETY Having your dryer vents cleaned by a professional is the best way to ensure your dryer’s safe and efficient operation. Dr Clean Air often see a variety of issues cau… Read More
2024-03-21 14:36
WATER IN MY DRYER VENT Water in the dryer vent can be a surprising issue. After all, nobody expects an appliance that dries to end up with a wet problem. But it’s actually… Read More
2024-03-18 12:34
Air Conditioner’s Ductwork Your air conditioner’s ductwork is an extremely important component that affects the performance of your system. Aside from the indoor and outdoor syst… Read More
2024-03-15 10:35
IMPORTANCE OF CLEANING DRYER VENTS No homeowner wants to deal with the frustration of damp laundry, especially when it can result in a house fire. By routinely cleaning your dryer vent… Read More
2024-03-13 10:59
What is Dryer Vent Cleaning? Dryer vent cleaning is the process of removing dryer dust and debris that can build up both in the filter and in the dryer vents in your home. These vents c… Read More
2024-03-08 12:11
We use our dryers all year long without really noticing how much dirt and lint accumulates in the vents. Cleaning dryer vents regularly is crucial for the safe operation of your dryer and fo… Read More
2024-01-03 12:45
Why Choose Dr Clean Air For Ottawa Air Duct Cleaning? The crisp Canadian air of Ottawa is a treasure, but sometimes, the inside of our homes can tell a different story. Dust, pollutants, and… Read More
2024-01-02 12:30
Breath Easy, Ottawa Air Quality: A Guide to Indoor Air Quality in the Capital Living in Ottawa, it’s easy to take its fresh air for granted. We boast beautiful green spaces, sparkling… Read More
2023-12-29 08:29
Air duct cleaning systems have come a long way in terms of extracting contaminants from ventilation. Where standard vacuums were once used, HEPA filtration vacuums are now increasingly commo… Read More
2023-12-28 17:40
While climbing on the roof to manually brush out lint buildup in the dryer vent has long been the typical cleaning method, a new innovative product is gaining popularity – dryer vent c… Read More
2023-12-28 17:31
Cleaning air ducts effectively requires navigating their complex networks. Unfortunately, traditional methods lack precise mapping abilities. Now, 3D scanning technology is enhancing cleanin… Read More
2023-12-27 09:53
For years, dryer vent cleaning companies have operated out of central garages, requiring customers schedule appointments allowing time for technicians to load equipment, travel to sites, and… Read More
2023-12-27 09:44
A little-known but imperative part of an HVAC system lies outside – the condenser coil. This heat exchanger located outside the home transfers warm refrigerant arriving via compressor… Read More
2023-12-26 08:32
When birds like pigeons become a nuisance near homes or businesses, removal is often necessary. However, choosing methods respecting both wildlife and the environment leads to long-term reso… Read More
2023-12-22 08:11
When flocks of birds gather in problem areas, it’s time to encourage them to find somewhere else to spend their time. Fortunately, there are humane ways to remove birds without resorti… Read More
2023-12-22 07:56
Regular dryer vent cleaning is important for safety and efficiency. However, traditional methods become a chore over time. Coated vent ducts offer an innovative way to reduce cleaning needs… Read More
2023-12-22 07:44
Have you put off cleaning your dryer vent lately due to the mess and time commitment of traditional methods? Many homeowners avoid this important maintenance, but allow me to introduce an in… Read More
2023-12-20 10:06
Have pesky pigeons or sparrows taken up residence where they aren’t wanted? While trying to shoo them away can be frustrating, trapping is a humane solution. As a bird removal service… Read More
2023-12-20 08:58
Professional air duct cleaning goes beyond a basic surface clean to remove embedded contaminants. Various advanced techniques penetrate deeper into ductwork to achieve a truly clean system… Read More
2023-12-13 14:10
When installing a tower dryer vent, selecting the proper size of diameter is crucial for optimal performance. An undersized vent can restrict air movement and potentially lead to excessive l… Read More

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