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Exercise Safely in Summer

Summer presents an excellent opportunity for families and friends to engage in outdoor exercises like swimming and running. However, people find the heat a significant deterrent, especially children and the elderly. As a result, most people develop heat-related illnesses like heat stroke, heat exhaustion, or severe dehydration, which seriously hinder efforts to reach the desired Summer fitness goals and fun. Fortunately, relevant tips and countermeasures are available to avert such risks. Here are various tips for a safe summer exercise.

Keep hydrated

It's crucial to keep the body hydrated when it's hot since water requirements for physiological functions go up. Generally, drinking a sufficient amount of water before, during, and after a workout is recommended.

Although the advice is to stay hydrated during summer, it's hard to know if you are meeting your hydration needs. Assessing the color of urine is a quick and simple approach to determining the level of hydration. Straw yellow or colorless pee implies good body hydration. On the other hand, dark yellow or amber urine indicates a low level of hydration.

Moreover, you can take sports drinks to infuse electrolytes like potassium into the body and maintain the body's fluid composition. Like everything else, moderation is the key. Over-hydration may compromise exercise by limiting performance.

Wear light clothing

Light, loose, and thermo-reflective exercise clothes are the ideal choice for summer Workouts. Moreover, contemporary sportswear offers vent-equipped and synthetic-made outfits for hot climates.

Wicking materials move sweat away from the skin, allowing cooling evaporation. It's advisable to avoid wearing cotton-made gear during workouts in the summer since it keeps the skin dry. Therefore, you ought to avoid cotton running socks.

Timing is everything

During summer, it's important to slot your hours into periods of low temperature. Generally, the sun shines brightest between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Therefore, early morning is the best time to exercise outside before the roads have warmed up from the sun. Another option is nighttime training. You can take your jogs once the sun has set if it's safe. Nonetheless, if you are only free in the afternoon, consider training or jogging shaded routes such as parks, tree-lined paths, and paths adjacent to tall buildings.

Take it easy

It's important to limit the intensity of your workouts and respond early to any signs of severe fatigue. For example, feelings like lightheadedness, stomach aches, or exhaustion should not be ignored.

Since injury and fatigue are common during summer workouts, rest and recovery are, therefore, as important as your workout routine. Although the urge to shape a summer body is overwhelming, caution must be exercised not to push too hard.

A great solution for managing summer workouts is splitting the sessions. As opposed to taking an extended, intense session, you can break up the high-intensity workouts into multiple smaller sessions throughout the day. As a result, you maintain your goals without risking injury or fatigue.

Protect yourself from the sun

The summer sun has its side effects, and it's important to wear the right protection against the harsh rays. The protection is not only to guarantee optimal performance during your workouts but also to reduce the risk of sunburns and skin cancers. Therefore, sunblock and sunscreen are important if you are going out in the sun for a jog. Similarly, sunglasses or a sun visor are worn to protect the eyes. However, it's important to get high-quality products with good results before going out in the sun for your workout.

Alternatively, staying inside gyms and indoor training centers is a great way to hide from the sun while maintaining fitness. Moreover, there is no time limitation on when to work out since most spaces have good ventilation and AC systems.

Try group workouts

Summer is the best time to sign up for group fitness sessions since more people are out in the gyms and parks. Group workouts help the mind overlook the season's weary heat and nauseating humidity. Moreover, the mob mentality that drives groups is great motivation for summer workout sessions, and safety is always guaranteed in numbers.

Engaging in cardio-based group fitness programs like Zumba is also a great way to stay fit during summer. Moreover, the participants of the prime program for summer parties and dance festivals.

Summer fitness boot camps are another favorite consideration for summer exercises. The camps have numerous fun-filled fitness activities and most often run for several days. Finally, you can sign up for summer competitions to test your endurance. The season often welcomes several marathons, triathlons, weightlifting competitions, and endurance games.

Eat healthily

Although it's common to eat out during Summer, it's important to maintain a healthy balanced diet, especially if you are on a workout routine. A healthy diet ensures your workout sessions are not interrupted by episodes of indigestion or bloating. Moreover, the results of any workout program bank on eating well. There is no point in putting effort into your exercises only to revert the results with an unhealthy meal.

Summer diets should be customized to accommodate the prevailing weather conditions. For example, lunch should be served with a glass of cold water or any cold beverage to help the body cool down. Moreover, meals close to your workout sessions should be light and packed with energy. Remember, a healthy diet is a prerequisite to good health, and who doesn't want to be healthy?

Get a trainer

Exercising during summer is difficult since the conditions are unfavorable and the prevailing motivation is to go out and relax. Therefore, a push may be necessary to ensure you stick to your routine and meet your objectives.

Getting a personal trainer is great if you are serious about exercising during summer. This move has numerous benefits. Firstly, a trainer offers guidance on how to execute exercise routines safely. Therefore, injuries are averted, and good form is maintained throughout your workout sessions. Secondly, personal trainers enforce accountability. If you don't stick to your exercise schedule, a trainer will be sure to remind you and set up make-up sessions. Lastly, a personal trainer is the best person to track your progress. Their input is objective and actionable.

Stay focused

During summer, everyone is out and about, and everywhere is full of activities. Therefore, the focus is necessary if you plan to exercise outdoors. Some of the practices you can adopt to maintain focus include plugging in your headphones, exercising on private grounds, or shifting to indoor training centers.

Sleep well

The safety of summer exercises is compromised when you are sleep deprived. As a result, it's imperative that you get in enough hours of sleep before subjecting your body to any form of exercise.

Although exercising in hot weather is difficult, it's not impossible. Simply take it slow, protect yourself and stay healthy. Enjoy the summer!

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Exercise Safely in Summer


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