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10 Popular Freelance Job Opportunities to Work from Anywhere

Freelance is the best way to work for those who like sitting at home. According to remote work search platform Elance, the Freelance share in the global labor market will be 60% by 2020. The turnover of the freelance market by this year will grow to 46 billion dollars if the current trend carries on.

Freelance is an easy way to turn your talents into a profession. For example, if you have an artistic eye, you can build a graphic design freelance career.

Human values change: if earlier people were trying to find some free time outside of work, nowadays they want to fit a job in the free time.

So, read these ten popular Freelance Job Opportunities. If you have experience in some of them, start applying. If you have none, find the one that suits you and start learning to become an expert in the future.

1. Freelance Writing and Copywriting

Our top ten freelance leaders open specialists in the field of writing and copywriting.

A good site is impossible without modern design, so it is impossible without a well-written text. To hook a potential consumer, you need a professionally composed content, which leads to increased sales. It is important that the text of a site or an article in the journal is understandable to any reader. Then the text will be able to fulfill its main function — to convey information.

Internet copywriting has been developing very dynamically lately thanks to a direct link to the promotion of sites. Many freelancers in this sphere help to write research papers, essays, create interesting resume templates or CVs.

2. Translation

Modern business cannot exist within one country. Entrepreneurs join the globalization, occupying free niches throughout the world. Professional translators represent their business in the markets of other countries.

There is an opportunity to communicate with experts and consumers from other countries, as well as the opportunity to establish business relations with partners around the world. Remote interpreters took an honorable place in the rating of freelance job opportunities.

3. Web Development and Designing

It is not a secret that web programming has grasped the leadership in the market of freelance services long ago. Remote programmers explore new opportunities in a web application environment. Toolkit for IT developers is replenished with new objects every day. But the main reason for the demand for these specialists is the presence of at least one programmer to develop web pages.

Usually, the working process runs in such a way: you buy a package of applications a month. Then, you note which application is interesting to you. Later the customers decide which of the claimed artists is more suitable for them. Everything depends on the portfolio. Each successful project, positive customer feedback and a good position in the rating is the plus to your portfolio.

4. Customer Service

The sales manager is one of the most popular professions in the world. The essence of the work is to contact a potential customer and offer to buy products or services. It is necessary to convince the client to buy the goods in his/her company.

The duties of the manager include processing of applications from potential customers, negotiations with customers, preparation of contracts, invoicing and the control of their payment. Sometimes sales managers accompany the transaction to its full completion, for example, shipment of goods to a buyer.

Usually, the sales manager has a sales plan, which he must fulfill or overfulfill (sell more than planned).

In freelancing, sales managers can collect their own teams and receive percent from orders the team receives.

5. Internet coach

If you are an expert in any field, you can advise or train people through the Internet. You just need to develop a course and put information about it on the web. You can sell hourly advice.

For example, if you are a lawyer, you can teach start-up Internet entrepreneurs how to register their activities. Programmers can teach the secrets of their profession. Entrepreneurs can teach how to create and develop their own business.

An interesting course can be based on your hobby. For example, if you are a fan of house flowers, you can develop a course for beginners of florists and sell it for money.

Today the most popular courses are the ones devoted to different ways of earning.

6. Branding and Public Relations

PR-specialist is the creator of reputation. The attitude of society towards a firm, goods, a politician or a celebrity depends on him.

Thus, today PR-manager is an important specialist both in business and in state organizations. It is not surprising that the earnings of a PR specialist can be very high. Sometimes a successful PR campaign can provide give specialist a stable job for many years to come.

The complex activity of a PR-manager includes the development and implementation of PR campaigns. They are aimed at creating a favorable image of an enterprise, unit or person. It is the PR-manager who establishes contacts with authorities and financial institutions. The duties of the specialist also include interaction with the media. He answers to requests, drafting, and distribution of press releases, organizing press conferences and so on.

7. Search Engine Optimization or SEO

The task of SEO is to promote sites in the search engines: increase the position of sites for the customer requests, raise the number of transitions from search engines, make customer sites more profitable.

To do this, SEO specialists study the algorithms of search engines, and in accordance with them, work on customer sites.

SEO specialist must understand the work of the site optimizer, link manager, have good knowledge in the field of Internet marketing and advertising.

8. Graphic Designing

One of the main activities of a graphic designer is the creation of the firm identity: the development of a logo, color scale, font, etc.

The graphic designer can also work in the field of the printing art. He can create mock-ups of advertising printing products (calendars, booklets), design packaging, souvenirs, and make models of books and magazines.

9. Tutoring

A tutor deals with the students (pupils, students, adults). The task of the tutor is to identify and eliminate gaps in students’ knowledge, taking into account their characteristics.

The tutor identifies strengths and weaknesses in the knowledge of his students. He develops an individual program for each of them, which makes it possible to fill in the missing knowledge. Working as a tutor is perfect for communicative people. They should love their subject, improve their qualifications, have patience and endurance.

10. Project Management

A project manager is a webmaster who understands the entire range of site creation. His main task is organization: the ability to find the right specialists for a particular stage of work (programmer, designer, layout) and organize their work in order to get the finished product.

The customers, who do not understand the process of creating websites, will not search for performers. The project manager is a kind of remote web studio consisting of one person.

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10 Popular Freelance Job Opportunities to Work from Anywhere


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