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Bonfire night - taking the rough with the smooth.

Monday morning, Martyn and I went for our Covid booster vaccination. It was nowhere near as slick as the system operating for our main jabs which were more or less a straight in, wait the allocated 15 minutes after the injection and back out experience.

We chose the main vaccination venue in Wakefield as we assumed it would be the best organised and we both managed to book the same time slot. Unfortunately on the day of our appointments, they also were allowing those eligible to just walk in and have a vaccination. This really made a mockery of the Appointment system as walk-ins seemed to be delaying those who had booked an appointment which begged the question why make appointments at all?

We arrived at the allocated car park which was basically open for anyone not specifically for those going for vaccination. After some difficulty finding a space, there was no signage directing to the vaccination venue. Fortunately, we met someone in the car park who knew where to go and so we followed him which turned out to be some way from the car park.

When we reached the centre we had to wait outside as only a small number were being let in at a time. Eventually, we gained entry and our details were taken. We then had to join another queue. We then had to give more details and have the process explained after which we were sent to another queue to await our turn to be vaccinated.

We then had to wait 15 minutes in case of side effects and left the building into pouring rain so when we finally reached the car we were soaked. The whole process took over an hour. Thank goodness we managed to book a double appointment and don't have to repeat the process. If there is a next time we will go to the supermarket car park.

We managed to get to Nostell with Ruby, although we had to shorten our walk. Cattle had been moved into the large meadow which is the main part of our regular route.  Cows and dogs are not a happy combination so we had to stick to the pathways around the house and lake.
Fortunately, we were able to access the off lead area so Ruby worked off some energy chasing her ball.
The recent rain had been ideal growing conditions for fungi which Ruby was kept well away from.
Rain clouds loomed during our walk but fortunately it stayed dry.

Martyn decided that November 5 would be the best day for having a fire at the allotment. Being Bonfire Night it shouldn't upset people living in houses nearby.

He mainly wanted to burn some old twigs that had been used as pea sticks for a couple of years and were now too brittle to be of any use. Once cleared the area where they had been piled could be used for the new prunings that will result once Martyn coppiced our hazels.
Before starting to build up the bonfire we harvested a few things for use the following week.
5 November - Leeks - Below Zero, Cabbage - Cabbice, Savoy cabbage - Cordessa, Strawberries - Albion and some mixed dahlias and chrysanthemums.
Surprisingly despite the very low temperatures, the dahlias as still green and producing flowers.
Whilst, Martyn was busy with his fire, I did more tidying, I cleared another bed but also cut the tayberry completely to the ground. This obviously will mean no fruit next year but the canes had become really untidy. The fence which it was trained along needs some renovation work and the area around the base of the canes needs clearing. The canes are very prickly so working alongside them isn't very pleasant. I'm contemplating repeating this process every other year to try and keep the plants more manageable. As new canes grow next year, I will tie in a few of the strongest growing ones which will fruit the following year. 
By the time, Martyn's fire had died down it was dark so it was a good job that we had brought a torch.

Ruby is quite a little poser and seems to know when she is being photographed. Pictured here at Nostell she hasn't a care in the world.
She was a very different dog on Bonfire Night. She usually takes the noise from Fireworks in her stride and just barks at them but on Bonfire Night there was an horrendous bang that shook the house windows. I have been told that this was likely to be a firework aptly named the bomb. Whatever, it was reduced, Ruby to a quivering wreck - she was terrified and didn't calm down for the rest of the night. We're just hoping that this experience doesn't affect her long term as we had really thought the fireworks weren't going to be a problem for her. Fireworks do seem to be getting louder and I really don't understand the appeal of ones that just make a loud bang. I thought at one stage there were moves to make fireworks quieter. The problem is that fireworks are no longer confined to 5th November but continue for days. It's no fun for the animals who really don't understand what is going on.

Finally, as well as being served as side dishes, our vegetables formed a starring role in some of last week's meals.

I made a spicy vegetable and quinoa dish that incorporated an onion and our frozen peas, sweetcorn, cauliflower and green beans. It was based on this recipe but I used tikka masala paste rather than madras.
Carrots, onion, potatoes and frozen peas went into a  chicken stew.
I used onion, carrots, garlic and cabbage with minced turkey to make another stew - it's that time of year. It was based on this recipe.

Until next time, I hope that you have a good week and stay safe and well.

This week I am once again joining in with Dave’s Harvest Monday collection of posts over at Our Happy Acres

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Bonfire night - taking the rough with the smooth.


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