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Delightful December Crafts!

Happy Holidays!

Wow, we are in the month of December!  It's a nice time to walk around, see the sights, enjoy the window displays in the stores, share some holiday stories and enjoy some food! 

Paper Feasts!

Supplies Needed: Construction paper, tissue paper, fabric, scissors, glue/tape and crayons/markers.  


1.  Fold the edges of a letter sized sheet of construction paper in and under.  Place the sheet down with the edges below so that the sheet is standing flat with the edges supporting it.  This will be the table!

2.  Cut out 8 pieces of fabric.  Four should be in the shape of a rectangle and four should be in the shape of small squares.  This will be your napkins and place mats.  

3.  Glue/tape the fabrics along the edges of the table to resemble place settings with napkins.  

4.  Cut out a 3" by 3" inch circle from construction paper and glue/tape in the center.  This will be a large serving plate for turkey, ham or anything else.  If you wish, you may draw a design on the plate with crayons/markers.  

5.  Cut out 4 smaller circles from paper and glue/tape each one onto a place mat.  These will be plates for each place setting. 

6.  Cut out 2-3 oval shapes from paper and attach onto the paper table as well.  These will be more serving dishes.  You may color a design on the serving dishes before attaching them onto the table if you wish.  

7.  Using crayons/markers, draw utensils (knife, fork, spoon, etc.) at each place setting.  You may cut out small utensil shapes from paper and use those if you wish.  

8.  Crumple up small pieces of tissue paper and glue/tape onto all the plates and serving dishes.  This will be your food.  You may color coordinate if you wish.  For example, orange tissue paper can be used for yams, green for peas and brown for turkey, etc. )

9.  You may fold small strips of paper and place them standing up around the table and these can be your chairs!

Enjoy the paper feasts below created by the children at the library!

I see a reindeer in the yard!  It's nice to enjoy a feast and see some wildlife outside!  

Paper Tube Reindeer!

Supplies Needed:  Small cardboard tube, brown construction paper, white paper, 1 small pom pom, crayons/markers, glue/tape and scissors.  


1.  Using scissors, cut out 3 small arch shapes from the bottom of the tube.  You should now have 3 or 4 stumps on the bottom for the legs.  

2.  Draw a thick line on the bottom of each leg and these will become the hooves.  

3.  Cut out an outline from brown construction paper of a reindeer head.  Make sure to include a small rectangle on top of the head in addition to the ears so that there is a tab to fold over the tube when attaching the head.  

4.  Using crayons/markers, draw 2 eyes on the head.  They can be 2 small simple dots or circles.  You may add eyebrows and eyelashes if you wish.  

5.  Attach a small pom pom onto the tip of the nose.  

6. Cut out 2 antler shapes from white paper and attach them on top of the head.  You may fold over the tab and attach the antlers onto the tab so that they are behind the tab and on top of the head.  

7.  Once you decorated your reindeer head, attach the folded tab part onto the inside of the top of the tube.  Use glue or tape to secure the tab so that the deer's head stays attached to the tube.  

8.  If you wish to embellish the reindeer with anything else, feel free to do so.  

Enjoy the reindeer below created by the children at the library!

Seeing the reindeer outside and feasting with friends and family reminds me that the holidays are all a gift!

Gift of Holidays!

Supplies Needed:  One sheet of construction paper (letter-sized), 2 long strips of paper, one smaller pieced of paper, scissors, glue/tape, crayons/markers, foam stickers and images of the holidays.  


1. Using glue/tape, attach the 2 long strips of paper onto the letter-sized sheet of construction paper.  You may attach them in a vertical and horizontal direction or both in one direction or in a diagonal direction.  These will be your ribbons.  

2.  Cut out a bow shape from a small sheet of construction paper and attach to the top of the sheet of paper.  

3. Download images of the holidays and color them in.  Glue/tape them onto the sheet of construction paper above or below the ribbons.  

4.  If you wish, attach foam stickers on your paper holiday present.  

Enjoy the gifts of holidays below created by the children in the library!

It's nice to open gifts given during the holidays!  I got a nice portrait of a penguin!

Portrait of a Penguin!

Supplies Used:  Construction paper, fabric, foam shapes, cotton, glue/tape, crayons/markers and scissors.


1.  Cut out an outline or shape of a penguin from black construction paper.  (Any dark color is fine.)

2. Attach the black penguin outline onto a letter-sized sheet of construction paper.

3.  Cut out an egg shape from white construction paper and glue/tape the white shape onto the front of the penguin shape below the face.  The egg shape should be covering the penguin's belly and chest.
4.  Cut out 2 small feet shapes from orange or yellow paper and attach them onto the bottom of the penguin shape.

5. Cut out a small triangle from yellow or orange paper and attach it upside down onto the penguin's lower part of the face. This will be the beak or nose.

6.  Cut out 2 small circles from white paper and attach them above the triangle.  These will be the eyes.

7.  Cut out a small arch shape from paper of any color and attach the arch shape onto the top of the penguin's head.  Cut out 2 small circles from fabric and attach onto each end of the arch on each side of the head.  Now the penguin has ear muffs!

8.  Cut out 2 small strips of fabric and attach them onto the neck of the penguin.  One strip should be in a horizontal direction and the other should be placed in a diagonal direction.  Now the penguin has a scarf!

9.  Attach small pieces of cotton onto the bottom of the sheet of paper under the penguin. Now the penguin is standing on some snow!

10.  If you have foam shapes in the shape of snowflakes, then attach some of those above or around the penguin.  If you do not have foam snowflakes, then use paper snowflakes, cotton or anything else that you wish to use for decoration.

11.  Feel free to color any decorations with crayons/markers onto and around the penguin!

Enjoy the portraits of penguins below created by the children at the library!

Wow, I see some pretty snow globes in the store windows!  Let's browse through them and see what kinds of stories snow globes convey!

Paper Snow Globes

 Supplies Used:  One paper plate, green construction paper, brown construction paper, cotton or white paper, glue/tape, glitter, crayons/markers, scissors, blue tissue paper and cutouts of a snowman and a child dressed in winter clothes.


1.  Cover a paper plate in blue tissue paper.  This will be the blue round ball of the snow globe.

2.  Cut out a trapezoid shape from green construction paper (any color of your choice is fine) and attach the shape onto the bottom of the plate.  Make sure the longer part of the trapezoid is facing the bottom and the shorter top part is attached to the plate.  This will be the base of the snow globe.

3.  Cut out 2 pine tree shapes from green paper and 2 small stumps from brown paper.  Attach each paper stump onto the bottom of each green tree shape.  Attach the tree shapes onto the paper plate (on the side covered in tissue paper).

4.  Cut out a snowman outline.  Draw a face on the snowman and any accessories such a buttons, scarf, etc. You may attach stickers or fabric on the snowman too if you wish.

5.  Cut out a picture of a child dressed for the winter.  The picture can be downloaded from online or from an old magazine or catalog.  Color in the picture if you wish.

6. Attach the snowman and the child onto the plate around or in between the pine trees.

7.  Use glue to draw a design onto the paper snow globe.  For example, you can glue dots around for snowflakes and snow on the trees.

8.  Sprinkle glitter onto the glue designs.  Wait one moment and then shake the glitter off.  Now you have sparkly designs on the snow globe.

9.  If you wish to create a more snowy effect, then use cotton balls or white paper for snow.

Enjoy the paper snow globes below created by the children at the library!

Snow Globe Story!

Supplies Used:  One paper plate, white construction paper, light blue construction paper (or any other color of your preference), cotton, card stock, glitter foam sheet stickers, crayons/markers, glue/tape and scissors.  


1.  Using scissors, cut out 4-5 large circles from construction paper of any color.  Staple or tape the circles together on one side to make a book.  

2.  Glue/tape the circle book onto the center of the paper plate. 

3.  Cut out a shape from construction paper of a base of a snow globe (you can just cut a rectangle or trapezoid if you wish) and attach the base onto the bottom of the plate.  

4.  Using scissors, cut out shapes from card stock, white construction paper and glitter foam sheets to adorn the pages of your book.  

5.  Attach all of the shapes on the pages of your book.  Using crayons or markers, write words to your story or draw pictures if you wish.  

6.  You may further adorn the book with glitter foam stickers, cotton, string and anything else you would like to use.  

Enjoy the snow globe stories below created by the children at the library!

Let's see the window displays in front of the stores!  Cool, I see a snowman on skis!

Skiing Snowman Craft!

Supplies Used: One paper plate (folded with one side sticking up vertically), white card stock, one small cardboard tube, white tissue paper, blue tissue paper, small pieces of fabric, cotton balls, small pieces of card stock in other colors, pipe cleaners, glue/tape and crayons/markers.


1. Cut out 3 small circles from white card stock.  Glue/tape the white circles together to create the snowman.

2.  Cut out 4 small strips of paper from card stock of any color and attach 2 of them on each upper side of the snowman for the arms and 2 of them on the bottom for the feet.

3. Cut out a hat and scarf out of pieces of fabric and attach them to the head and neck.

4. Draw a face on the snowman.  If you wish, you may attach some cotton onto the snowman to make it soft.

5. Attach a piece of pipe cleaner to the end of each arm to make it look as if the snowman is holding ski poles.

6.  Cut out 2 more small strips of paper from card stock of any color and bend both pieces at one end.

7.  Attach the 2 bent strips of card stock to the feet using glue or tape and that'll be the skis.

8.  Wrap a small cardboard tube in white tissue paper and glue/tape the tube onto the bottom part of the plate. Make sure the tube is positioned horizontally.

9. Attach the skiing snowman on top of the tube to make it seem as if the snowman is skiing down the slope.

10.  Decorate the top vertical part of the plate with blue tissue paper and paper snowflakes for a snowy, blue-sky background.  (You may use more paper white circles and draw snowflake designs on them to create snowflakes if you wish.)

Enjoy the skiing snowmen below created by the children at the library!

Let's visit the gingerbread house store!  Perhaps we can make one too with lots of candy!

Paper Bag Gingerbread House!

Supplies Used: One paper bag, card stock or construction paper of different colors, crayons/markers, glue/tape, scissors and glittery foam sheet stickers.


1. Using scissors, cut out different shapes of candy (candy canes, peppermints, gum drops, etc.) from construction paper/card stock and color them as you wish.

2. Cut out a door, windows and a tree from card stock/construction paper as well.

3. Using scissors and brown paper, cut out a ginger bread man shape too.  You may cut out more than one ginger bread figure if you wish.

4. Using scissors, cut out candy shapes or any other shapes of your preference from glittery foam sheets to create some sparkling decorations as well.

5. Attach all of the shapes onto the paper bag, front and back.  You may color in other designs on the bag too, such as lines for bricks or shingles.

6. If you wish, you may use cotton or white paper to attach to the bag as well to create the effect of snow.

7.  Close and seal up your bag once you are all done decorating your paper bag gingerbread house!

Enjoy the paper bag gingerbread houses created by the children at the library pictured below!

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Delightful December Crafts!


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