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Got Spices!!... Now what do I do with them??

I just found this helpful information by Carrie Nixon McCallum on the facebook group "Carrie's Epicure Recipes".

Use is different foods for that extra special zing of a taste.


Perfect for apple pies, use 1 ¼ tsp. per pie (or to taste)
Use in sweet bread dough, cookies, muffins, pancakes
Great in dripped/brewed coffee


Use as a rub on chicken, pork, steaks, before grilling
Turn ordinary ketchup into instant BBQ sauce
Sprinkle on oven roasted potatoes
Add to baked beans and marinades

Add to ground meats for meatloaf or meatballs
Rub seasoning on beef and veal before roasting
Add to sauces and gravies for meat dishes
Add to stews of any kind


Spicy, sweet Ethiopian blend that is hot & pungent
Can be used in the same way as the VE Madras Curry
Use as rub on meat before frying
Use in braising and stewing beef, chicken or lamb
Add to simple BBQ sauce for a deep, rich, spicy sauce
Amount used depends on personal taste

Lightly toasted sesame seeds. Great flavor

From green cardamom pods - highest quality available
Third most expensive spice in world, after saffron & vanilla
Distinct warm, citrus & aromatic flavor
Enhances both sweet and savory tastes
Essential to Middle East, Indian, Asian & Scandinavian cooking
In India, cardamom used in meat & vegetable dishes
In Middle East, often added to coffee before it’s brewed
In Northern Europe & Scandinavia, added to seasoned baked goods
Use in sweet dough’s, such as breads, muffins, cookies & spice cakes of any kind; add a pinch to apple or pumpkin pies or to egg mixture for French toast
Use to season carrots, pumpkin, squash, sweet potatoes
Whole cardamom retains flavor much longer than ground. Grind only what you need.


Spicy, Southern Blend;
Use in Southern food such a jambalaya, gumbo, and shrimp Creole; use as a rub on chicken/fish for Cajun blackened specialties; can be used in “bean cuisine”, chilies, bean salads or baked bean dishes

Zesty blend to use when making chili or bean dishes
Add 1 ½ tsp. to 4 cups chili
Add to beef, burgers, meat loaf, pot roast
Add to tamales, refried beans, bean dip, guacamole


Blend of 5 spices characteristic of Chinese cooking
Use sparingly as it is strongly flavored
Use in Asian sauces using Soya, for making roast chicken, duck, Chinese-style chicken wings; use in stir-fried vegetables, fried rice, noodle dishes; use in marinades for meat, fish or tofu


Chipotle Chili’s are slowly smoked jalapeno peppers. When Ground to a powder they have a rich and smoky taste.
Try on chili, burritos, enchiladas, and quesadillas. SPICY!


Pure seasoning. Is Tung Ling Cassia - very sweet and has high oil content
Widely used in sweet dishes, but adds an intriguing flavor to stews & curries
Use in baking; good with apples, pumpkin, carrot cakes, sprinkle on eggnog, hot chocolate, add a pinch when brewing coffee.
Mix 1 part cinnamon to 4 parts of sugar for cinnamon sugar - sprinkle on hot cereals, pancakes, waffles, toast
Sprinkle on unbaked muffins & rolls

Sprinkle in your favorite baking desserts

Mildly fragrant & has a flavor that is a combination of lemon, sage, with a slight taste of caraway
Sometimes described as spicy, but with a flowery, fruity undertone
Used whole in pickling and when making chutney
Use to season foods that cook for longer than an hour such as roasts, or use crushed on items that are cooked at a high temperature such as pan-fried, broiled or grilled.
Ground seeds are used in curries, pate’s, soups, and stews


Has both sweet & spicy characteristics
Use with rice, beans, stews and chilies
Moisten with lemon or lime juice to create a lively rub for fish, chicken and cobs of grilled corn

Dried fruit of plant in the parsley family
Distinctly strong flavor that is sharp, warm, smoky, and slightly bitter
Slightly toast whole cumin in a dry fry pan to intensify the flavor
Traditional spice used in cuisine of the Middle East, North Africa, Latin America, Mexico and India
Used in various cheeses
Try 1 tsp. ground cumin in yogurt dressing that accompany Middle Eastern dishes and curries
May be used whole in stew, chili, pea soup, lentil soup and braising cabbage

Use in Fajita’s for that zippidy flavor.

Traditional blend of French herbs that bring an aromatic bouquet to the original flavor of foods
Delicate blend of fine herbs that loses flavor quick and should be added to dishes just before serving
Often added to broths, delicate soups right before serving
Use in the batter for dumplings
Terrific addition to egg dishes, especially omelet’s
Add to poaching liquid for chicken & fish
Sprinkle on cooked carrots and other steamed veggies

Blend of dry roasted, ground spices from the cooler areas of Northern India and are blended to add a “sense of warmth to both the palate and spirit”
Usually added towards the end of cooking and often is sprinkled on a dish right before serving
Use 1 tsp. on dishes that already use our Madras Curry, Tandoori or Malay blends

Our pure ginger comes from ginger root imported from China
Light in color, high in lemonine, which gives a citrus characteristic
Peppery & slightly sweet while aroma is pungent & spicy
Generally used in baking sweets, however, in other cultures ginger is used in savory dishes, specially in Asian, Indian and Middle Eastern cooking

A versatile blend that works well with fish, lamb and vegetables
Use in marinades for skewered meats
Use in dressings for salads; use the same dressing when making Greek-style roasted potatoes
Use in ground meat when making moussaka, Greek meatballs, roasting or stewing lamb

Make into a paste by adding olive oil and lemon juice
A fiery condiment popular in North Africa and the Middle East
Often added to couscous, lentils and rice
Adds spark & depth of flavor to broths & stews
Used as a very spicy rub for fish & meat
Add 1 tsp. to 1-cup ketchup for a hot BBQ sauce
A unique and exotic blend

A flavorful combination of herbs with a touch of lavender. French cuisine favorites!

The perfect savory addition to your favorite stuffing for turkey, chicken veal or lamb.
An ideal seasoning to pot pies

“Jerk” is the term for BBQing Jamaican style, and is most often used with grilled meat & fish
Highly aromatic & pungent blend often used as a dry rub for all meats

Aroma flavors of juniper berries and herbaceous oils that make them perfect for lamb, pork, game, and pates.

Sprinkle on Lamb and in soups.

Fragrant & spicy blend
Delicious with rice, satay, fish, poultry, meat & vegetables
Defining tastes of Malaysian cuisine are chili, lemon grass & ginger


Sprinkle on chicken, eggs, salads, vegetables, fish.
Add to stews & soups.

Companion herb to the strong & pungent flavors of the Middle East, North Africa, India & Asia
Often added to yogurt as a cooling accompaniment to spicy dishes
Used equally with sweet & savory dishes
Sprinkle on fresh fruit, fresh green peas, carrots, new potatoes and cucumbers

Blend of spices to use when preparing dishes from North Africa & the Middle East
Ideal in couscous, vegetable stews, in lamb, chicken & beef stews


Exotic, sweet & spicy flavors
Delicious with seafood, fish, poultry, noodles, rice & stir-fries; add to chicken broth and pour over thinly sliced green onions & mushrooms for an instant clear soup

Imported from India
Delicate warm, spicy & sweet flavor
Use in cream or milk based dishes, e.g. quiche, custard, rice and bread pudding
Use when making white sauces, cream soups when using carrots, spinach or squash
Try nutmeg when braising or roasting onions or leeks
Usually teamed with cinnamon & ginger for baking, dough’s & French toast

A blend of ginger, garlic, toasted sesame seeds & other herbs & spices essential to Cantonese cuisine
Add an instant Asian flair to soups, noodles, and steamed & fried rice and to stir-fried vegetables
Add to Oriental dressing for quick noodle salads
Add to sweet & sour sauces for vegetables, chicken & shrimp


Ideal for any meat that you roast
Try it on chicken pieces, or as a dry rub for ribs
May also be used liberally as a seasoning for stews and other slowly braised dishes of meat and root vegetables
Use in soups, casseroles & baked beans

Blend of herbs, spices, garlic & onion
Add to any tomato sauce or salad dressing
Add to olive oil and toss with hot pasta and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese
Use in dressing for marinated vegetables
Use in dressing for quick pasta salad by adding 2 tsp. Pasta Seasoning to any basic oil & vinegar dressing

Sprinkle on pizza before baking
Add to tomato sauce in recipes for pasta, lasagna or chicken cacciatore
Add to ground meat when making Italian-style meatballs, classic meat sauce, or when stuffing cannelloni

A great blend for adding to one-pot dinner
Use in any dish cooked over a long period of time, an ideal addition to stews & braised dishes
Excellent for making chicken/turkey potpies
Use in vegetable soups, hearty barley & bean soups


14th century French blend that we have duplicated
Try instead of cinnamon sugar (1 part Poudre Douce to 5 parts sugar) for sprinkling on hot cereal, French toast, or on fruit dessert
Use to flavor whipped cream
Sprinkle a little over root vegetables when roasting
Use on cappuccino, hot chocolate, frothed milk
Use instead of nutmeg in eggnog


Use as a rub on chicken for grilling/barbecuing
Sprinkle over poultry before roasting
Combine with olive oil and a splash of wine as a marinate for boneless breasts, then pan fry or bake. Serve with pan juices.

Use for any pumpkin pie recipe
Use in any recipe using pumpkin, e.g. muffins, loaves, etc.
Use in gingerbread or gingersnap cookie recipes
Use for roasted root vegetables or sprinkle on squash before baking

Use on anything you want to garlic up!
Lightly roasted garlic flakes.

Gentle blend of herbs, spices, lemon & onion
Use for poaching, sautéing, grilling fish & seafood
Sprinkle entire fish cavity when baking; add sliced lemon and onion
For poaching fish/seafood, add 2-3 tsp. to water, 1 sliced lemon, 1 sliced onion, let simmer 10 min. before adding fish
Use when preparing fish soups & stews

Greek Specialty seasoning.
Season skewers of lamb, chicken or pork.

Gives a warm color & aromatic flavor
Great for Spanish, Portuguese Argentine & Mediterranean cooking
Terrific with rice, soups, sautéed peppers & onions, casseroles & fish stews
Add to bread crumbs/seasoned flour for dredging chicken, pork, or fish before frying

Imported from Thailand
Not related to the anise (parsley) family. From magnolia family
Works well with ginger & cinnamon in Asian cooking
Used in Asian cooking the way we use bay leaves
Used primarily in long-simmered soups & stews
Used in dishes using soy sauce
Perfumes stir-fried dishes
Use in curries, lamb stew
Put 2/3 Star Anise in the cavity of a chicken/duck before roasting
Try 1 Star Anise when cooking carrots or beets
Use in poaching liquid for fruit, especially pears
Use for braising leeks and cabbage
Try 1 Star Anise in a pot of Chinese Tea


A spicy, earthy blend well suited for most Mexican dishes
Use liberally when seasoning ground meat mixtures for tacos, burritos & enchiladas
Use for Mexican rice and bean dishes
Great for refried beans
Use to spice potatoes or bean salads
Use a s rub for meats prior to grilling, use in marinades

Simple & traditional Indian method of cooking food
Characteristically has red color. We have not added red food dyes to our product. Does not affect flavor.
Classic marinade for meat & fish when added to yogurt
When used with yogurt, tenderizes surface of meat (if using boneless chicken, don’t marinate over 2 hours)
Moisten with a little lemon juice for a rub

Spicy, sweet & citrus
Use to flavor simple soups & rice
Adds robust flavor to Thai noodle dishes
Sprinkle on fish, seafood & poultry before cooking
Add to a dressing made of oil, rice wine vinegar & light soy sauce for a simple dressing for cold Thai noodle salads
Use when making satay peanut sauce

Unique blend of herbs, spices, zest & sesame seeds
Will add zing to steamed veggies, salads, salad dressing
Use in stir-fries and omelet’s
Try when stir-frying shrimp

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Got Spices!!... Now what do I do with them??


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