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A Natural Solution To Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation? Here's a Natural Solution

It can happen to anyone. Lying on a bed and Sleep simply evades your eyes even though you have retired at a decent hour. You keep staring at your room’s ceiling and sleep seems to be a far-fetched dream as the clock ticks by. If you are nervous that only you are one of those rare people who are suffering from insomnia, you cannot be more wrong.

About 40 percent of the total number of adult population is known to suffer from insomnia or sleeplessness. The data has been shared by the National Sleep Foundation. What is worrying is between ten to fifteen percent of the population suffer from a chronic form of insomnia and find it tough to get sleep for at least some nights in a week.

Over a prolonged period of time, your inability to sleep may damage your health as it can lower your immunity, increase chances of heart disease and diabetes, and can even result in gaining body weight.

But what is preventing you from falling asleep?

At times certain health related issues like depression and certain drugs can cause sleeplessness or insomnia but the most commonly known causes are diet, stress, and anxiety level. In case you are a frequent victim of insomnia, you may have already tried out the fundamentals such as reducing your intake of caffeine, alcohol and shifting the television set from your bedroom. Perhaps you are turning to drugs, white noise machines, luxury pillows and mattresses, and other sleeping aids. In the United States alone, about 23 billion dollars were spent on purchasing various types of sleeping aids, according to a report of 2008. However, thankfully, sleep experts have mentioned that there is an array of natural and low-cost remedies for preventing insomnia.

Here are some of the natural ways to counter sleep deprivation during nights.

Work out in the early morning

When you regularly exercise early in the morning, you can sleep much better than if you are doing your workouts in the evenings or afternoons. It is widely believed that people who get up early in the mornings for their workouts are at an advantage as the stress hormones that are maximum in the mornings decrease and results in improved sleep quality during the nights.

Try out some gentle forms of yoga

Practicing just fifteen minutes of some simple yoga-like exercises such as back and arm stretches, shoulder rolls, and neck rolls will do wonders for your tired muscles. Your muscles are unwound before you hit the roads. However, the trick for success is to go slowly and steadily. The aim of doing yoga is to make your muscles loose so that your body is prepared for some quality sleep at night and not increase the heat beats.

Do some complicated counting

When you mind starts wondering while your head hits your pillow, you need to distract your mind properly from echoing the events of the entire day. Many people will give you the advice to start counting from three hundred and in multiples of 3. Since it is a difficult mental task to perform in your head, it makes your brain concentrate on something else, so that your mind is diverted from the worries you had, and you can Fall Asleep.

Sit in a rocking chair and relax

It is a known fact that babies fall asleep very soon when they are rocked gently in the arms of their mothers or in a carriage. Incidentally, the same trick can work wonders with the adults according to many researchers. A study has proved that when the participants lied down on a hammock-like cot they were asleep mush faster than when they tried to sleep on their regular beds. It appears that the hammock-like beds caused a sensation of gentle swinging in brains’ prime areas that led to a deep slumber. While it may not be possible or practical to use a hammock for dozing off every night, you can try doing the same in your rocking chair just before going to bed, so that the motion can be mimicked, and help your body to feel sleepy fast.

Listen to some soft music

In case you are having trouble to fall asleep, you can listen to some soft and calm music to help you in dozing off. Studies have proved that people who are older, listening to soft numbers just before hitting their beds enjoy better sleep quality at night time compared to those who do not.

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A Natural Solution To Sleep Deprivation


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