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Get Best Protein Supplement at Highly Affordable Rates

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Ask the guy about Protein powder who goes to gym in his day-to-day life. He can better tell you the importance of Protein supplements. Not only muscular guys take protein shakes, but also the girls. If you visit the nearest gym once, you would probably see the guys as well as the girls talking about the protein shakes they use to drink after their hard and heavy work out. Protein shakes work like a supplement for those who go gym in a regular manner. Before we can discuss on protein powders, let’s first talk about protein and its importance.

ProteinWe all know that protein is essential for each and every one of us. But do you really know what exactly protein is? Protein is considered a highly critical food group which contains molecules. In human body, proteins are made up of smaller chemical compounds, called amino acids. The primary functions of proteins are many, such as: creation of hormones like insulin and progesterone, produce hemoglobin which is used to carry oxygen to the cells, etc.

There are many types of proteins which have different bodily functions, such as:

  • Transport proteins like transferrin, metallothionine and ceruloplasmin hold the essential minerals and other nutrients, and carry them throughout our body.
  • Muscle protein like myoglobin is highly essential for the movement in our body.
  • Proteins like heat shock are helpful in cellular repair by rebuilding the cells after stress.
  • Proteins like RNA (ribonucleic acid) and DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), present in the nuclei of our cells, are highly responsible for holding the genetic information.
  • Structural proteins are highly essential for body structure. Protein like matrix containing calcium and other minerals is required for bones. Collagen, cartilage, elastin and keratin are few other structural proteins which are used to form skin and other structures.
  • The enzymes, which are proteins too, are useful for every chemical reaction in our body.
  • Sometimes proteins are converted into sugar or fat, so they can be used as a fuel for our body.

Sources of Proteins

Our regular diet is considered the main source of proteins. Proteins can be obtained from natural sources like plants and animals. Though few amino acids are developed by our body, but still we need to get many of them are obtained from our diet. The process of breaking down the proteins obtained from plants and animals, into the simpler components of amino acids is called protein digestion.


There are three different groups in which the protein-containing foods are divided:

  • Fish, poultry, red meat, eggs, cheese, nuts, seeds, yoghurt and beans are high-protein foods which contain around 20% or more protein.
  • Grains such as rice, wheat, barley, oats and millet are medium-protein foods which contain around 6 to 14% protein, hence considered incomplete protein.
  • Fruits, vegetables and juices are low-protein food items which contain very less protein, i.e. less than 5%.

Just like protein, its digestion is also very important. Make sure the proteins you are taking through your diet, must be broken down into amino acids in order to be used in different bodily functions. If this is not done, the proteins become harmful for our body. Protein-digesting enzymes like pepsin and hydrochloric acid should be enough in our body, so we can easily digest the amount of protein we take regularly. But if your body doesn’t have enough of these enzymes, you must look for a supplement to meet the actual requirement of protein.

Note: Doctors and professional dietitians always recommend the habit of eating slowly and chewing thoroughly. Also, make sure your body is relaxed enough while taking meal.

How Much Protein Should I Take?

Eating too much protein or eating too little protein, both are harmful for our body. People, who take too much protein in their regular diet, are suffered with gas, bloating, bad-smelling stools, and many other diseases. On the other hand, some common health issues like weight gain, low thyroid, adrenal gland, etc. are seen in those people who take too little protein. Now you must be wondering how much protein you should take, so you can avoid these deficiencies.

It is reported that the amount of protein an individual daily consumes in America, is almost double the amount his/her body actually needs. The main source of protein is now tending to be animal products, which have high amount of fat nutrients. Would you be surprised by learning this fact that the actual need of protein is much less than the amount you consume daily? According to the RDA aka Recommended Dietary Allowance, an average adult needs 0.8 grams protein per kilograms of his/her total body weight. To know what amount of protein you exactly need, you can simply do a calculation in this way:

Your total body weight (in pounds) x 0.36 = recommended protein intake (in grams)

During pregnancy and lactation period, the protein needs for women are increased. Also, if you are an active person, your protein need is also higher. To meet this additional need of protein for your body, you must include high-protein food sources in your daily diet, such as: legumes, tofu, meat substitutes, etc.

How to Fulfill Protein Need?

If you are having any protein deficiency, this means your body is not getting sufficient amount of proteins from your diet. The very first thing you can do here is include the high-protein foods in your diet. But still if the result is same, the reason is pretty simple that your body is not able to obtain the proteins. In such situation, you must consult your doctor or expert dietitian. He/she will surely recommend you a protein supplement, so that your body can get enough protein.


Protein Supplements

In these days, protein supplements are highly popular among various age groups. Generally they are available in different forms, such as: protein powders, protein bars, meal replacements, hydrolyzed or pre-digested protein, and amino acid supplements. Protein powders and other supplements contain variety of food items obtained from both plants and animals. The most popular and commonly used form of protein supplement is powder, and is available in three types: whey, soy and casein proteins.

Being a water-soluble milk protein, whey is commonly used in these days. It is considered complete protein as it contains all nine of the amino acids which are highly essential for our dietary needs. To get protein supplements like whey protein at affordable prices, redeem the coupons for discounts.

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Get Best Protein Supplement at Highly Affordable Rates


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