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Benefits and Uses of Lavender Essential Oil


Latin Name: Lavandula angustifolia

Aroma: Floral, sweet and herbal

Physical Appearance: Pale yellow, yellow-green to colorless

Overall Summary: Lavender Essential oil is obtained from Lavandula angustifolia. This is a spiky bush that is native to the Mediterranean region. The plant grows mainly in Australia, the United States, and the British Isles and in Europe. The oil is extracted from the flower spikes by straight steam distillation.

It is pale yellow, yellow-green to clear as far as physical appearance is concerned and it has a floral, sweet, herbal fragrance. Lavandula angustifolia is considered as the most adaptable of all the natural oils in the market. It is highly versatile because of its characteristic appealing aroma that provides an imposing fragrance. Its therapeutic properties also make it unique natural oil, due to the fact that they provide calming, relaxing and balancing effects.

Primary Benefits

  • Highly resourceful as an antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.
  • Good for cell regeneration and hair growth.

Emotional Benefits

  • Mentally calming
  • Nervous tension relief
  • Stress management

Complimentary Oils

Well-known complimentary oils include: bergamot; cedarwood; black pepper; clary sage; chamomile; eucalyptus; cypress; clove; grapefruit; geranium; lemongrass; lemon; juniper; palmarosa; marjoram; and mandarin Essential Oil. Other blending oils are: patchouli; rosemary; vetiver; peppermint; Ravensara; and thyme Essential Oils.

How to Use This Essential Oil

Precautionshow to use essentials oils

Only use essential oils on your baby or child if directed by a specialist. If you must use lavender on your child, then dilute heavily with carrier oil before application. It is advisable to carry out a patch test, to ensure that lavender oil has no adverse effects on your skin. Keep out of rich of the eyes, ears and nose.

Use in Adults:

Lavender Essential Oil is relatively safe to use except for its sensitization potential, especially if you are susceptible. The incidence of sensitization to lavender oil is increasing; therefore, it is wise to use the oil cautiously. Lavender oil is one of the most versatile essential oils; however, you need to take all and any precaution to avoid negative effects.

Use in Children/ Babies:

As a general rule, essential oils should not be used on the delicate skin of babies and young children. In addition, installation of essential oils in close proximity to a baby’s nose is ill-advised. This is a significant precaution due to the possibility of sensitization. Children and babies MUST not ingest lavender oil. There is no need to take chances with your baby or child; only use lavender oil on your baby or child if directed and administered by aromatherapy specialist.

Use in Pregnancy:

Lavender oil must be used with caution because of its sensitization. Research on the uterus in vitro suggests decrease in the intensity of contractions. Nonetheless, its use both in a massage and as a fragrance could be beneficial; provided the source of the essential oil is known and unadulterated.

Lavender Essential Oil Uses

  • Applied to the skin to soothe burns, sores, sunburns, inflammations, acne, psoriasis and dandruff
  • In massage it alleviates rheumatism, sprains, pains and muscular aches.
  • Alleviate insomnia, headaches, stress, tension and nervous conditions.
  • Help the skin heal faster and with less scarring.
  • Promotes hair growth and is used for thinning hair and hair loss conditions
  • Can be used for athlete’s foot and fungal infection and stimulate blood flow in the pelvic area.

Lavender Oil for Skin Recipe

The recipe requires you to have the following ingredients:

  • Six drops of lavender aromatic oil
  • Two drops of patchouli essential oil
  • Four drops of chamomile essential oil
  • Five drops of helichrysum essential oil
  • Two ounces of sesame oil

Preparation and usage: Add the essential oils to the carrier oil in a clean glass bottle. Gently turn the bottle upside down a number of times to properly mix the oils. Apply the blend a number of times to the affected areas to experience lavender oil benefits.

Stress-Reducing Bath Recipe

The recipe requires you to have the following ingredients:

  • Two drops of lavender oil
  • One drop of cypress essential oil
  • One drop of geranium essential oil
  • One drop of pine oil
  • One drop of vetiver essential oil

Preparation and Usage: Disperse the young living oils in a bathtub filled with warm water. Then go ahead and enjoy a leisurely lavender essential oil blend soak for twenty to thirty minutes. Stress reducing bath will not only help you relieve stress, but also alleviate other conditions as well.

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Benefits and Uses of Lavender Essential Oil


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