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Fitting Shower Filters In Tight Spots

shower headOne of the most common questions we get asked by our customers is, "How can I fit a Shower filter if I don't have much room around my faucet?"

Do not despair dear customer, there are many solutions to this common problem!

In this article we'll look at a range of situations which might cause Shower Filter fitting issues due to lack of space. We'll also discuss the appropriate solutions to ensure that even in a shower which doesn't have a lot of space, you can still fit your shower filter.

Water Outlet Pipe Too Close To Wall

In some showers, especially those which have an existing metal shower hose with a hand held shower head attached to it, the water outlet Pipe can be very close to the wall. In some instances leaving only an inch or so between the shower tiles and the water outlet pipe itself.

This is because a standard shower hose does not require a large amount of space between the pipe and the wall and easily screws onto the pipe.  Whereas an in-line shower water filter requires a bit more space to fit onto the end of a water outlets pipe due to the fact that inside the shower filter unit there is a water filter cartridge.

Shower Filter Angle PipeIn these situations a small angle pipe can be fitted onto the end of the shower water outlet pipe before fitting the shower filter. This pipe acts to extend the shower water outlet pipe and also angle it away from the wall, therefore creating more of a gap between the wall and pipe thus allowing the shower filter to be fitted in that additional space.

Here at we actually can provide these pipes for free to our customers who are purchasing a new shower filter. So if you believe that your shower pipe is too close to the tiles in your shower and you won't have enough room to fit the shower filter, then you can easily request for the free angle pipe during the checkout process.

Just pop into the shipping notes that you need an angle pipe and we'll get one out to you at no additional cost.

Shower Filter With Angled Inlet Pipe

 8 Stage Shower Filter

Another solution to this problem is to install a shower filter that has an angled Inlet pipe. The 8 Stage Shower Filter is designed for situations just like this. It has a water inlet pipe which can be angled to around 45 degrees. Therefore eliminating the need for a separate angle pipe and creating the space required to fit onto pipes that are very close to the wall.

To angle the 8 Stage Shower Filter inlet pipe, just use these instructions:

1. Loosen the collar which attaches the inlet pipe to the body of the shower filter.

2. Once loosened you'll notice that the inlet pipe is on a ball joint so it can be easily moved and angled.

3. Put the female portion of the shower filter inlet pipe onto the male portion of the shower water outlet pipe and tighten the inlet pipe onto the shower pipe.

4. Once the two pipes are securely attached, tighten the collar of the 8 Stage Shower Filter.

Voila! The 8 Stage Shower Filter is now attached to your shower pipe at an angle.

In both of the above situations, whether you're using an angle pipe or the 8 Stage Shower Filter - you will just need to then attach the shower hose to the end of the shower filter as normal.

We hope this blog post has provided you with some useful information about how to fit your shower filter in tricky and tight situations.

If you need any further help please do not hesitate to ask us.

Also you can always send us a picture of your shower set-up! Then we can see what you are seeing and be able to give you much more detailed instructions tailored to your individual needs.

The Team

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Fitting Shower Filters In Tight Spots


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