man showeringThe majority of us all Shower every single day. It pretty much is embedded into our western society that if we do not shower every day then we are dirty and will probably put off such an offensive stench that people sitting next to us on the tube will turn their noses and politely vacate their seats.

Though this modern convention of showering every single day, isn't actually something that has been around for a very long time. In fact not long ago, just in the 60s people were showering just once a week and it didn't seem to cause all that much trouble.

Maybe it's something we all should consider again? Perhaps missing a shower here and there might be actually more beneficial than actually showering every single day? Here's 7 reasons why it might be a good idea:

1. Showering using a lot of water, so fewer showers is better for the environment. On average showers take around 10 minutes, in that 10 minutes we use around 60 litres of water. So for a family of four who shower every single day, every week that family is using 240 litres of water. In a month that would amount to 6,720 litres of water and in a year that would be around 80,000 litres of water. Which is more than enough water to fill an average sized swimming pool!

2. Showering uses a lot of energy to produce hot water, so it's bad for the environment and also your wallet. When looking at the average cost of the same 10 minute shower in terms of heating hot water. For the same family of four it costs £8 per week, so that adds up to an annual cost of £416 just for the hot water itself. By just showering every second day, we could halve that cost and save £208 per year.

3. Using too much soap every day is bad for skin. Washing and using soap every single day washes off the natural oils that our skin produces to protect itself. Also harsh chemicals such as chlorine put into tap water will strip off these natural oils. So it's important to remove these chemicals from shower water as well, using a shower filter. Doctors have said that these natural oils are actually good for us and protect us from things such as dermatitis and other skin conditions.

4. Generally odours are only produced by armpits, feet and private parts. We can easily wash these parts daily without having a full shower and still get away with the 'smell test' and happily sit next to folk on the tube without being embarrassed about strange odours.

5. Frequent showers don't actually protect you from illnesses. An article in Time asked a doctor who specialises in infectious diseases whether or not bathing every day actually makes us cleaner. Dr. Elaine Larson replied that by washing your hands regularly, that is probably more adequate at protecting you from illness than showering every single day.

Obviously if you have had a sweaty workout at the gym, have been out and about all day in a dusty or unclean environment. It probably is a good idea to take a shower to remove sweat and grime. Or if you intend to get intimate with someone, it probably is a good idea to freshen up with a shower! Though in normal situations this gives us all a bit of a pause to think, maybe it would be better for us to not shower every day?