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Best Sunscreen for Acne Prone Skin – Top 10 Picks of 2016

20 best sunscreens for acne prone skin - by

Why was there a need to spend weeks in preparing this ultimate list of the best sunscreens for acne prone skin? Why did I bother hand-picking these not 3 or 4, but 10 best ‘acne sunscreens’? Aren’t all sun-blocks made the same?

The problem is that conventional sun-blocks or sunscreens that aren’t designed to suit acne prone skin can trigger breakouts in no time. As an acne sufferer, a little diligence while choosing a face wash, moisturizer, and other routine products like sunscreen can save you a ton of time and effort.

But why even wear a sunscreen in the first place? (I hear some of you asking this.)

Well, if you want to age faster and increase the risk of skin cancer, spend more and more time under the sun with bare skin. And when you already have those pesky pimples on your skin, it can’t get any worse.

But isn’t sunlight essential for our well being? How in the world can we live in total darkness? You might ask.

There’s no denying to the fact that UV rays from the sun cause our body to produces vitamin D. In fact, the benefits of sun exposure are actually well beyond just vitamin D production. The key is to not prolong this exposure and avoid getting a sunburn.

But let’s face it. It’s hard to tell when you’re getting just enough sun exposure and when you’re crossing the limits. That’s where the use of an effective sunscreen for acne comes into play. It lets you take advantage of the sunlight while keeping those harmful UVA and UVB rays at bay.

And because I’ve cherry-picked only non-oily, non comedogenic formulations in this ultimate list, it is certain that these are the best sunscreens for acne prone skin you can ever find.

So, without any delays, let’s discover these 10 best sunscreens for acne prone skin.

10 Best Sunscreens For Acne Prone Skin

1. EltaMD UV Clear SPF-46 Acne Sunscreen

eltaMD sunscreen for sensitive acne prone skinAcne sufferers looking for a product designed specifically for them would do well to take a gander at the EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46. This product has been designed to not only protect the skin from harmful sun damage, but to also revitalize it.

Suitable for: All skin types.

Active ingredient: Zinc Oxide (9.0%) and Octinoxate (7.5%). Also contains pure form Niacin Amide (5%).


  • Specially formulated for sensitive acne-prone skins.
  • Can also work under makeup.
  • Helps rejuvenate the skin damaged by acne.
  • Provides protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays.
  • Helps maintain clean and smooth skin.


  • Touch on the expensive side.
  • Don’t consider it a standalone treatment for acne. You may need to use it in conjunction with other products if you have a particularly severe breakout.


  • Shake the bottle before use.
  • Apply 20 minutes prior to going outdoors.

2. Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense Sunscreen

Skinceuticals Physical Fusion anti acne sunscreenThis Skinceuticals Physical Foundation UV Defense sunscreen provides SPF50 protection from the harmful rays of the skin. It provides a nice little tint to your skin, whilst also using a combination of natural ingredients to boost your skin’s defenses. Ideal if you are in the midst of recovering from acne.

Active ingredient: Numerous, although this is one of only a few products on the market to contain zinc oxide.

Suitable for: All skin types and tones.


  • Non comedogenic.
  • Lasts up to three hours, one of the longer lasting products on the market.
  • Helps to repair skin using a combination of various ingredients, many of them being natural.
  • Can deal with heat stress of the skin.


  • One of the more expensive sunscreens on the market.
  • Will not prevent acne, but it will help to minimize the effects.


  • Apply 15-20 minutes before sun exposure.
  • This non comedogenic sunscreen from Skinceuticals is pretty thin. So, you might need to apply a double coat for ultimate protection (first, check results with a single coat).
  • For best results, reapply after every 2 hours.

3. Shiseido Sun Urban Environment Oil-Free Sunscreen for Acne

Shiseido oil free sunscreen for acne prone oily skinThis lightweight moisturizer will help to prevent dehydration in the skin, whilst at the same time providing a high level of protection from damaging UVB and UVA rays. It has SPF 42.

Suitable for: Dry skin, although all skin types can benefit.


  • One of only a few sunscreens on the market which also acts as a moisturizer.
  • Lightweight, suitable for daily use.
  • Perfect to wear under makeup/foundation as it sinks into your skin and is virtually invisible.
  • Provides a decent amount of protection from harmful rays in just about every environment.


  • Bottle is fairly small and expensive, particularly if you buy this with the intention of using it every single day.
  • Because it’s thin, you’ll need to apply quite a bit of it to cover up your whole face (or other parts of body).


  • No fancy directions. Just apply 15 minutes prior to going outside. For maximum impact, reapply after 2 hours of application.

4. La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra Light Face Sunscreen for Acne

La Roche Posay Anthelios best sunscreen for acne prone skinThis La Roche-Posay sunscreen is readily absorbed by the skin. It provides a matte finish and it is practically invisible. This means that it is suitable for wearing on a day to day basis. La Roche-Posay is one of the biggest names in the world of skin care, and this sunscreen advocates why.

Suitable for: All skin types, including sensitive (even rosacea prone) skin.

Active ingredient: None.


  • Water resistant up to eighty minutes.
  • One of the lightest sunscreens on the market. You will barely feel it on your skin.
  • Works well under makeup.
  • Provides the best protection against UVB and UVA rays


  • To get the most benefit, you have to reapply once every 2 hours, this can be quite cumbersome.
  • Because it’s readily absorbed, it may leave your skin dried.


  • Apply before 15 minutes of going outdoors after shaking it well.
  • You’ll need to reapply it after every 2 hours at least. If you’ve sweat too much, reapply it after 80 minutes.

5. MDSolarSciences Mineral Crème SPF 50 Acne Sunscreen

MDSolarSciences best face sunscreen for acne prone skinThis is one of the lightest sunscreens on the market. You will barely be able to tell it is there, however, you can still be sure of the highest levels of protection. It is designed especially for those with acne and rosacea prone skin.

Suitable for: All skin types, but more geared towards dry and sensitive skins.

Active Ingredients: Titanium dioxide (2%), Zinc Oxide (17%).


  • Lightweight and not excessively oily. This ensures that your pores are not blocked.
  • Full of antioxidants, including green tea, Vitamin C, and pomegranate extract. This helps to protect the skin from bouts of acne, as well as provide quick healing for the skin.
  • Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide combine well to provide protection from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Good fit for dwellers of organic formulations.


  • It is a silicone based product. This means it will not work well when used in conjunction with water-based moisturizers.
  • It has some reported complaints of allergic reactions. So, make sure you’re not sensitive to its active ingredients. Moreover, start off by applying it only once a day to be super safe. If it all goes good, start using it as per directions.


  • Liberally apply all over your face 15 minutes before exposure to the sun.
  • In case of swimming or excessive sweating, reapply after 40 minutes. Otherwise, you will only need to reapply it after every 2 hours.

6. Rejuvelle Sunscreen for Sensitive,  Acne Prone Skin

Rejuvelle best sunscreen for acneThis sunscreen is not just about protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, although it does that pretty well. Instead, the Rejuvelle sunscreen for the face is a combination product. It acts as a moisturizer too.

Suitable for: All skin types. Specially formulated for sensitive, acne prone skin.


  • Best choice if you’re after a more natural product.
  • Acts as a moisturizer, but is non-greasy at the same time.
  • SPF-45 ensures a solid skin protection.
  • Loaded with antioxidants which can help repair your skin after a bad bout of acne.
  • Can be worn under makeup.


  • Contains octyl methoxycinnamate, which doesn’t suite everyone and can lead to adverse side effects. So, it’s better to check whether or not you’re sensitive towards this ingredient.

Read the text on the packaging for specific directions.

7. Obagi Nu-Derm Healthy Skin Protection SPF35

OBAGI Nu-Derm best sunblock for acne prone skinIf you are after younger looking skin which is well-protected from harmful sun rays, then you are going to want to take a little look at the Nu-Derm Healthy Skin Protection. It is designed to be utilized in conjunction with other products in their range, but you could certainly use it on its own.

Ingredients: Zinc oxide. Also contains natural ingredients such as aloe and cucumber.

Suitable for: All skin types.


  • Designed for those who are dealing with acne.
  • Has a fresh cucumber-ish smell.
  • It effectively reduces and prevents the signs of inflammation.
  • Shields your skin from harmful rays.
  • Reduces the signs of ageing and helps rejuvenate your skin.


  • Leaves your skin a bit oily immediately after application. But it sinks in after a while and keeps your skin moisturized.


  • Apply evenly on your skin 15 minutes prior to sun exposure. Reapply after every 2 hours.

8. Murad Mattifier For Oily, Acne Prone Skin With SPF 15

Murad Oil control Mattifier for acne prone skinThis clinically proven sunscreen has been designed for those with oily skin. If you are suffering from acne due to excessive oil build up on your skin, then this may be just the solution that you need.

Active Ingredients: Octinoxate (7.5%) , Zinc Oxide (3%), Ensulizole (1%).

Suitable for: Oily skin.


  • Can reduce the build-up of oil on the skin for eight hours.
  • Willow bark extract in this sunscreen helps to manage breakouts.
  • Clears your skin of impurities.
  • Helps to smooth out your skin and give it a younger looking appearance.


  • Not suitable for those with dry skin as it will dry it out even further.
  • Comparatively, it has a low SPF. So, if you’re not after controlling oil on your skin, there are other products that offer better sun protection.


  • Apply evenly on your face, neck, and chest.

9. Skin Laundry Advanced Protection Moisturizer and Sunscreen

Skin Laundry Moisturizer with spf for acne prone skinThis product has been designed as a moisturizer first and a sunscreen second. It provides SPF 35 protection, so you should be easily protected from both UVB and UVA rays.

Suitable for: Dry skin, although all skin types can benefit.

Active Ingredients: Avobenzone (1.0%), Oxybenzone (6.0%), Octinoxate (7.5%), Octisalate (5.0%).


  • One of the best moisturizers on the market for morning use. A single application in the morning should keep you going throughout the day.
  • Non-greasy.
  • Various ingredients help to repair your skin. Many people report this product providing them with healthier looking skin in just a few weeks.


  • Not ideal if you are only after a sunscreen.


  • Cleanse your face with a good quality face wash/cleanser.
  • Apply liberally on your skin 15 before going outdoors.
  • Avoid contact with the T-area of your face.

10. Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid Lotion Sun Screen for Acne

Neutrogena Clear Face Lotion acne SunscreenThis is one of the first products on the market to provide protection from the sun whilst at the same time ensuring that your skin remains clear. Neutrogena is, of course, one of the biggest names in the world of skin care.

Suitable for: Acne sufferers with oily skin.

Active Ingredient: Many, including avobenzone 2.7%, homosalate 4%, octisalate 4.5%, octocrylene 6%, oxybenzone 4.5%.


  • Ultra-light and non-oily. Means it is suitable for wearing on a day to day basis.
  • SPF-55, provides the highest level of protection.
  • Not only protects you from the sun, but also works to ensure that your skin remains free of acne.


  • Again, any specialized sunscreen like this is not intended as a standalone acne treatment. You will need to use this in combination with other products to eradicate acne.
  • It can sting very bad if it runs in your eyes while sweating.


  • Apply whenever going outdoors. One application should work for the whole day if you don’t cleanse it off.

SPF in Sunscreens Explained

You will see labels such as “SPF 15,” “SPF 30” or even “SPF 50” in almost all acne sunscreens. What does it mean?

SPF is the abbreviation of the phrase “Sun Protection Factor.” Just as the name suggests, it is the calculation of a sunscreen’s ability to fight UVB radiations from the sun that damage your skin.

Following table explains the efficiency of a sunblock or sunscreen indicated by its SPF number:

SPF Protection from UVB rays
15 93%
30 97%
50 ~98%

Source –

There can be some more numbers between these three, but you get the idea.

In general, a higher SPF number means more protection from skin damaging UVB rays of the sun.

But there is a little loop hole in this calculation. Skin damage is caused by both UVA and UVB rays of the sun. And SPF is the calculation of only UVB protection.

So, it is misleading? Perhaps not. Although they are both part of the problem, UVB rays do considerably more damage than UVA rays alone. So, SPF can still be considered a good factor for determining the effectiveness of a sunscreen.

Additionally, as the hand-picked list of best sunscreens for acne prone skin in this post reveals, there are products that offer both UVA and UVB protection. They are generally labaled as “Multi Spectrum” or “Broad Spectrum” sunscreens. The presence of UVA fighting ingredients such as zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, avobenzone, ecamsule, and oxybenzone in Broad Spectrum Sunscreens enables them to offer protection from both UVA and UVB rays. This leads us to emphasize on the fact that greater SPF does not mean complete protection of your acne prone skin from sun damage.

Conclusion – The Real “Broad Spectrum” Sun Protection

Wearing a sunscreen may not encourage you to neglect other essential photo-protective behaviors such as avoiding excessive sun exposure (specially between 10 AM to 2 PM), seeking shade, and wearing sun protective clothing. And this is what I call “broad spectrum” sun protection.

Do not take it for granted. Finding the perfect SPF for your skin can be a hard task. And you will need to try out a few products to figure which works best for you.

Let me know your experiences in the comments below.

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Best Sunscreen for Acne Prone Skin – Top 10 Picks of 2016


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